They also need to take this opportunity to revamp the curriculum

While no one’s trying to get the guy fired, this is completely appropriate:

A high school show choir director is on paid administrative leave following a complaint filed by a man who had obtained some of his text messages during a copyright lawsuit, the Burbank Unified School District confirmed this week.

Brett Carroll, who directs the Burbank High School Vocal Music Assn., was placed on leave earlier this month, Burbank Unified spokeswoman Kimberly Clark said.

Citing personnel matters, Clark could not provide specifics about why Carroll was placed on leave or the exact date.

If Carroll had been just mouthing off to his friends in these messages that would be one thing. But when he does it to and with his own program assistant, it immediately enters into the direction of the program itself. That’s the legal predicament the district now finds itself in.

This is also an excellent time to entirely redo the vocal music curriculum at BHS. The whole thing over there has obviously gotten completely out of hand when you start talking about which kid is the best stripper type, and from what we’ve been seeing (as well as periodically hearing about for years) the academic component is sorely missing.

Pop is one thing, but it’s not everything, and the BUSD needs to get back to the basics with its music programs.



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4 responses to “They also need to take this opportunity to revamp the curriculum

  1. chad

    Okay, I finally see the point. He was communicating with another BUSD employee. I was having trouble wrapping my head around this one. I don’t like “gotcha” journalism but since this could be considered BUSD intra-communication I see your point much better now.

  2. Dottie

    I agree Chad and it is abhorrent that the school board does not seem to get this fact. What else goes on in their schools ? I have little confidence in their ability to run schools properly and Tabot really needs to lose in this election.

  3. Anonymous

    The “other guy” wasn’t a BUSD employee. He was an independent contractor (musical arranger) paid by the Boosters Club to arrange the songs.

    • semichorus

      He’s an agent of the district under the direct supervision of the teacher. They were both caught discussing curriculum and program details and decisions that involved the use of derogatory sexist and hostile discriminatory language.

      You know what sunk them both? The ball licking comments and the stripper decision.

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