So where are all the new kids gonna go to school?

At the new Cusumano Charter Academy of Real Estate and Finance, that’s where!**

Notice a problem here in the first paragraph of the story?

The owners of the Burbank Town Center are looking to add several hundred apartment units and a small hotel near the struggling mall.

In April, CAPREF Manager LLC announced its plans to revamp the mall with an updated interior design and new facade on the Magnolia Boulevard entrance, which includes an outdoor escalator and public space to create a more open feel.

Additionally, the real estate operator will be working with Crown Realty and Development Inc. to build a seven-story, mixed-use development with 765 apartments where the outgoing IKEA store is located, along with 35,000 square feet of retail space at ground level.

Several hundred means two or three, maybe four. Not 765. Their subhead also talks about this plan being “ideas,” like it’s just a suggestion folks. Maybe we’ll put a carousel in there too!


** To be fair, the Cusumanos probably aren’t too happy about this IKEA project, if only because they’ve got one of their own being planned for the other side of Olive.



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20 responses to “So where are all the new kids gonna go to school?

  1. Anonymous

    Here’s the overall current stats of what the developers want to build on and around the “old ikea”:

    “I HEART BURBANK” : Town Center Project, 600 N. San Fernando
    Two 7-story bldgs w/1024 apartments (745 + 279)
    One -15 story bldg w/70 for sale units
    One -7 story hotel w/200 rooms

    • semichorus

      And that doesn’t include the Cusumano mega-project on the other side.

      Which is completely reasonable compared to Crown’s.

      It’s all of course just a bargaining chip. When staff “negotiates them down” to “just” 600 units, everyone’s going to call it a triumph.

      See people — they were willing to compromise!

  2. Jess’s Facebook page is on fire with opposition. It’s beautiful. People are flipping out in droves. I hope this is the tipping point. 1000+ apartments across from the high school. Great idea.

    • damn – it’s late that’s Jess’ Facebook

    • semichorus

      I heard about that, and with Denise leading the way.

      Again, they have no intention of putting in this many of course. They’re using the threat of 1500+ to get in 400 — and then everyone will be telling us what a great “compromise” they made and what a good job staff did to “protect” our residents. What a relief, huh “People”?

      And then — their Cusumano friends’ project won’t look so bad now in comparison, will it? See how reasonable Burbank’s first family (via Sherman Oaks, Beverly Hills, and Malibu) is being!

  3. Matilda

    BUSD has no plan. They are so shortsighted as to the consequences. Talaria will not generate any new students as per Larry…right? It becomes a ruse on all sides.

    • semichorus

      They’ll be so happy that these developers are so “wonderfully willing” to scale down the projects that they’ll give them anything.

      And what a great job staff did in reducing the size of these projects! Right, Mayor Rogers? There’ll be a wonderful awards ceremony at the new Nickelodeon.

      Anyone with half a brain can see this coming down Fifth Avenue.

      • Tony

        Burbank School Board will more than likely cheerlead the project in their typical short sighted way and after it’s built they will tell us little people we need to pay more and pass yet another bond to provide for these poor kids the developers brought in with these projects. Meanwhile again we will pay and the developers will profit. Frutos will more than likely want to give the developers some extta cash and property at our expense because he loves developers and does zip for residents .

        • Another anonymous

          Take a look at Councilman Frutos’s campaign contributions — available for public viewing on the city’s website — and it’s easy to see why he likes developers and real estate folks.

          • Anonymous

            Fruto got all pissy at the meeting last week when during orals a speaker pointed that out. Bobby said thanks for mentioning my donations in public.. well duh Bobby, it IS public info after all. Or maybe you are too busy rubber stamping Burbank to hell..

      • Carl

        Mayor Rogers is a nightmare thought the man is disgusting as a council man

        • Sadam

          Please don’t forget we have an Election coming up.
          tHREE seats are OPEN.
          conclusions are not here yet.
          What will Hussein say?

  4. Judie

    Each unit of each project is tabulated.
    Money is sent to the Burbank Unified School District for same.
    How many students do you expect.
    There is also lead time from permit to occupancy.
    The sky is not falling in, yet.

  5. CornFused

    They’ll just pack the extra students into more of those “double wides” they use now. The ones that look like storage containers. Can’t say they’re not prepping the kids for the future.

  6. BURBANK Bukkake

    A few observations:

    Yet another dark meeting this upcoming week. Council has only met once in January. Funny how other cities manage to get their agenda in order for a Tuesday meeting, even if the Monday is a holiday, like MLK day. Yet for our
    Clearly overburdened staff (not) they can never mange to get it together.

    I love how a concerned member of the community films what we call the B camera st the council meetings. This shot gets the reaction of Luddy, Rogers etc when Gordon’s talking or a member of the public.. the community member knows who he/she is, keep it up!

    Of all the council re-election signs I have seen around, Gordon’s is the most prevalent, and. And just not in the usual areas. .. lots in new blocks, followed by flip flopping fruits. Have seen only 1 for tellamoron. Good, maybe we can give him time for his ever increasing grandchildren, whose future he is screwing with all this development

    • Peter

      Fritos signs are in inappropriate locations. Many on business sites where owners do not even live in Burbank. Fritos is the chamber of commerce candidate because Fritos is in their pocket.

      • semichorus

        It’s so obvious now, isn’t it. The booster class is awfully, awfully sure of him.

        Of course, what do you expect? Is anyone really surprised by it? He’s cop management. The real cops on the street hate
        these guys.

  7. chad

    Meanwhile, Stevenson people with kids in the Stevenson District can’t get their kids into Stevenson. It’s full. There’s a wait list. Talaria’s going to hell with that.

    • semichorus

      Really? It’s impacted THAT much?

      I 100 percent GUARANTEE people that there are at least 30 or 40 out-of-area and out-of-district transfers going to Stevenson by special (and secret) permit.

      I guarantee it. They’re studio and big business LA kids whose parents work nearby. The impacted parents should thus SCREAM about this blatant favoritism.

      (Where are those new Stevenson kids being sent to? Let me guess. McKinley and Disney.

      Right? I knew it. Providencia too, no doubt.)

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