When Gordon tonight defends a decades-long prohibition on dual membership, will the rest of the council treat him like a crank?

They usually do whenever he tries to explain the obvious. The guy could talk about what a great fire department Burbank has and they’d all immediately start rolling their eyes and muttering to themselves.

Can you believe this guy, this “Dr Gordon”? There he goes again!

Retiree Rogers tonight apparently wants to get the rest of the council to agree to the idea of appointing its own membership to the two open Authority slots. Why he thinks that introducing cross-allegiances into an already contentious mix of competing interests will do anything to help things around here we can’t figure out.

It must be the prospect of the extra income and free trips for the wives, because having Burbank members serve dual-governing roles within the same geographical territory is such an obviously bad idea that this city has avoided even thinking about doing it for the last several decades.

So when Gordon speaks out against the idea of the Burbank City Council self-appointing its own membership into another local governing authority — which he likely will do — watch him get treated like a paranoid nutcase. He never can win with the rest of them up there, and they’re all hoping that this carries over into the spring with everyone else .

Notice how the city attorney tries to frame the immediacy of the issue. This is the first paragraph of her November staff report on the topic:




Yeah, like people for years have been just clamoring for council membership. They’re always asking! (And how would she know anyway?)

Why is staff obviously pushing this terrible idea? Watch too who gets quickly co-opted if it goes through.



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13 responses to “When Gordon tonight defends a decades-long prohibition on dual membership, will the rest of the council treat him like a crank?

  1. Also watch for Jess to state “he’s heard it from the people” that they are “concerned” and this seems like a good idea to protect the will of the people. Although it won’t be as eloquently as I just typed. This idea has been making the rounds since long before the Measure B vote. It’s a scam. I just wish I knew how and why. Our airport commissioners should be elected but not for two offices at once.

    • semichorus

      Oh yeah, the, “We can be better and more protective stewards of the facility that lies within our borders” crap.

      The Authority maintains a large factory like industrial institution within the city that is always going to be a political and legal antagonist. Twas ever thus.

      When you go back and look at the previous council-authority members, they were ALL major airport boosters. Even the more cool and progressive council members from Pasadena turned into total and complete assholes after they got on the Authority.

      The history’s there.

      • Jeff

        You know the more I hear about this 50,000 the more I think the majority of the council are CORRUPT. What is wrong with Frutos, the man was a cop but he allows corruption ? He must have been a dirty cop.

        • Jeff, if you’d like to get involved shoot them an email and tell them to “hold the hearing.” They don’t need to wait for the FPPC ruling or the LADA Integrity Division because they are legally required to hold a hearing if they find any misappropriation of funds — which is what Rogers, Gordon and the City Attorney have already stated! Everyone should email them. CityCouncil@burbankca.gov

  2. chad

    Well we could vote out a commissioner if that happened…..

  3. Al in SoCal

    I’d have to agree that this is a bad idea. Let’s see what happens before condemning the others.

    • DixieFlyer

      OK al.

      The votes are in, have been for two days.

      We are awaiting your “verdict:”.

      • Al in SoCal

        Well – they voted for it. Bad decision – yes. Please continue bashing the decision – fine by me.

        Just hope you are as quick with your “verdict” when they do something you agree with ….

        • Just Another Informed Voter

          But,….but……but…..you just agreed with Dr. Gordon!!!!!
          Call the Paramedics.
          Make a Good Act of Contrition, quick.
          Now,three Hail Mary’s and one Our Father.
          Light two candles.

          • Al in SoCal

            It’s not the first time – just not most of the time.

            More than agreeing with Dr. Gordon on this decision, I’m pretty disappointed in the other 4 for not seeing the bad in this decision. I didn’t watch the meeting, I’m hoping that there was at least some debate.

  4. CR13

    It’s a new day and everything in Burbank just proves to me that we also need to drain the swmp right here in Burbank 🙂

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