You can’t serve two masters

Someone might want to ask our council members this week why it is that they won’t allow their own board and commission members to serve in dual roles by virtue of an express ordinance, but the same prohibition doesn’t apply to  them. Even ethically.

Rogers wants to explore the idea of appointing council members to the airport commission. Since commission members have a legal, ethical, and fiduciary responsibility to oversee the operations of the airport, what happens when the needs of that institution conflict with those of the City of Burbank?

Which one wins out? 

Here’s an idea for this week’s Charter Commission meeting. Instead of allowing staff to spoon feed you their own laundry list of amendments and wishlist goodies, why don’t you come up with one that bans council members from being on the airport commission? Put it to a vote.



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4 responses to “You can’t serve two masters

  1. Anonymous

    Hogwash. The members of the AA have a fiduciary duty to represent the interests of the residents of the cities that appoint them. The AA has a staff that represents the interests of the AA.

    Glendale did not see a problem when they appointed one of their own, the recently elected to the Assembly Laura Freedman.

    There is no conflict.

    • semichorus

      The Airport’s not in Glendale, moron. Big difference. When property interests collide, who and what then gives?

      And you’re wrong about the Authority members. They have a duty to oversee the operation of the Airport. That’s their job. They’re not some kind of informational liaisons to their separate cities.

      There’s a reason why Burbank hasn’t done this in almost 30 years. Interests can conflict. And this is all about extra pocket money and goodies for the retirees on the dais anyway.

      By ordinance, Burbank bans dual membership on its boards and commissions. Same ethics and practical considerations apply. You can’t serve two masters.

      There’s also a serious problem with collusion and serial meetings/agreements going directly into city policymaking, with no buffers. Why encourage that possibility? I also suspect that having three council members on it (is that a REAL idea for the future?) would run into Brown Act problems. Like, how would they all get together in one place for airport business work and not enter into discussions about city ramifications?

      It’s going to be fun btw to watch Rogers at the meeting try to act like it was GORDON’S wacky idea to avoid for almost 30 years dual membership for Burbank City Council members. Like Gordon’s just making up some kind of nutty concern again.

      Watch him try. When Gordon expresses outrage and concern about this awful idea, Rogers is going to act like he’s a pandering and paranoid nutcase. When, this has been express Burbank policy for years!

      The others will try the same as well. Just watch.

      • Anonymous

        Gordon IS a pandering nutcase. That is all he is.

        There is no conflict. And why not appoint Gordon to the AA? Would that not ease your mind considerably?

        • semichorus

          Burbank council members should not be on the Airport Commission. This has been a strict council policy since the mid-90s. It didn’t come out of nowhere.

          For Gordon to defend it makes perfect sense. Because of the policy’s longevity, it’s dishonest for anyone to try to ridicule him about this position. As well as inane.

          What’s so important to you guys about this hoped-for change? The airport boosters are obviously running amuck in their new-found glory and acceptance.

          What a vicious and dishonest element this town contains. Everyone on the outside knows it, too.

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