Sorry staff, but property managers are indeed “landlords.”

Big council meeting this week.

One of the items of interest tomorrow night is the selection of a new Landlord-Tenant Commission member. Staff says in their report that of the four current LTC members, only one is a “landlord.” The others they say are “renters” who are not, they claim, landlords.

Not true. Several of those same “renters” work in property management:

Their day job is to represent the interests of landlords. To maintain balance, the council thus needs to appoint a true tenant advocate to this position. Those others are not.

Renter status does not automatically deem one a tenant advocate. Why does staff play such evasive games with the council? You’d think they were on the landlord’s side. 

They also claim that the LTC membership rules haven’t been changed since the mid-1980s ordinance, but they were. There used to be a membership balance requirement and a mandatory written report on each questionnaire/complaint to be filed by the individual commission member chosen to handle it.


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