Every Wednesday

But, no more.



Here’s the New York Times correcting itself in an old article about the Voice. Hilarious.

Correction: An article yesterday about plans by The Village Voice to begin free distribution in Manhattan misspelled the surname of a longtime contributor. He is Jules Feiffer, not Pfeiffer. It also misspelled the given name of the poet who was among the paper’s early contributors. He is Allen Ginsberg, not Allan. An article on Thursday about plans by The Village Voice to begin free distribution in Manhattan referred imprecisely to another Greenwich Village weekly, The Villager. While it was overshadowed after the founding of The Voice in 1955, it continues to appear; it has not ceased publication.

What’s in a name, eh? Or, not knowing about where you live and work, or what’s been up for the last 40 years.



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2 responses to “Every Wednesday

  1. DixieFlyer

    Where did the City Editor come from?

    He has managed to marginalize the value of the twice a week paper.

    The Public NEVER speaks, according to the follower.

    What happened at the last Police Commission meeting?

    A “reporter” was physically there, but…..

    What happened to the profiles on candidates?

    Has anyone seen this clown at a meeting in Burbank?

    Shitty story on a GLENDALE Councilmember?????

    • Cordelia

      The so-called City Editor is Mark Kellam.
      Has anyone ever met him?
      What Country is he from?
      A friend of Rogers, that would explain it..

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