Clean the swamp!



From now on it’s just lectures and cantatas. Fuck politics and fuck people.



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4 responses to “Clean the swamp!

  1. DixieFlyer

    Meanwhile, our Shitty Council is considering replacing our Airport Commissioners with THEMSELVES!!!!!

    No rumor or fake news—It’s on the Tuesday Agenda.

    Our City has been down this road before.

    Millions of Dollars have been spent on litigation.

    Maybe Tellamoron wants MORE MONEY?

    Who thinks representation would improve?

    • semichorus

      You’ve GOT to be kidding. Which means– if true — that they’ll have a personal investment in airport activities. Some distance/objectivity/corrective impulse there, eh?

      What a nightmare that’ll turn into.

      And after documenting Glendale and Pasadena’s old experiences with such a move, Rogers thinks it’s ok?

      What’s he want– a travel budget for the wife? Now that you’re older, yeah, why let the other guy get all the goodies.

      • Will Roger’s has been gunning for this since BEFORE the vote. He called to have this added the week after the election, Talamantes seconded. You bet your ass he wants on that commission. It feels like that was his plan all along. Compensation is $200 a meeting. Can’t be the money.

        • semichorus

          Yeah, I was gonna ask that. Those retired guys on the council want the extra money.

          After the election eh? Council members on the Authority = no objectivity. It’s also stupid, because problems with the Airport also = the city council.

          But think of all those trips!

          Council members can’t serve two masters, and commission members have a legal, ethical, and fiduciary responsibility to represent the interests of the airport. It’ll be fun to watch this pan out.

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