What’s in a name?


This is always hilarious to read about.

Hollywood Burbank Airport will soon be gearing up to take its rebranding efforts to the next level.

David Freedman, the airport’s director of business, property and administrative services, told commissioners in the operations and development committee on Tuesday that he and his staff are finalizing a few key elements for the second phase of the rebranding project.

During their Feb. 6 meeting, committee members will be reviewing the next steps of getting the airport’s new name out to the public. Caltrans, the Los Angeles Department of Transportation and the city of Burbank have all been contacted to change the signage on the freeways and streets to reflect Hollywood Burbank Airport instead of Bob Hope Airport, Freedman said.

Like how in the world does that help anything or anyone?

This past May, the Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena Airport Authority voted to change the airfield’s branding name from Bob Hope Airport to Hollywood Burbank Airport as a way to attract more travelers east of the Colorado Rockies. However, the legal name of the facility remains Bob Hope Airport.

There’s no such things as a “branding name.” So what’s the airport’s name?

Where too is “Hollywood Burbank,” and why the Hollywood reference? Why not Pasadena? It’s closer.



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3 responses to “What’s in a name?

  1. Burbank Community Summit

    It’s tomorrow night Thursday at 7PM:

  2. Anonymous

    The SoCal Project would improve the efficiency of airspace in the Southern California Metroplex by optimizing aircraft arrival and departure procedures at Bob Hope (Burbank) Airport (BUR),
    Someone needs to tell the FAA.

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