Republicans are the flakes of the world


And the media insists on treating them like they’re the adults in the room.

Always have.



Remember when they actually were sometimes?

Btw, it’s been almost a week now, and each of the institutional news sources in Burbank is still completely ignoring the BHS abusive text messages story.

We’ve heard that the Talamantes-run “City of Burbank!” Facebook site is actually going out of its way to censor and remove any mention of it.

Protecting the protected. What are they going to do when the BUSD gets hit with a federal or state (or both) consent order about it? Ignore that action as well?




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23 responses to “Republicans are the flakes of the world

  1. anon

    ‘John Lewis wants to oppress black America’. In this explosive interview on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’. Former Black Panther party member Mason Weaver does not mince his words by saying that John Lewis is an illegitimate Congressman who keeps getting richer while black people in his district and in the US get poorer. Mr Weaver describes Congressman John Lewis as a democratic puppet working for

  2. Kyle

    Semichorus let’s get honest here. Talamantes and Luddy are both Democrats. The only Republican is Frutos, and Frutos is endorsed by the democrats like Shiff and Portantino. The news media protects bad behavior as we can see in the case of the high school choir program. The largest number of voters in Burbank are, you got it, Democrats and they soak in the non news from the Burbank Leader and My Burbank like it is a drug. The Burbank Facebook page is run and administered b the the Talamantes and the Talamantes are, you got it, Democrats.

    Now I know you will tell me ” go fuck yourself’ but when you really start thinking about it all the Democrats in Burbank do all they can to hide the news, distract with no news and cover up the bad behavior of those in power right here in Burbank.

    The schools, who is the rulling party at the schools ? Who is it that runs the schools and covers up the bad behavior ? I believe it is a majority Democrat body that again and again engages in cover up rather than clean up.

    Go for it tell me go fuck yourself as usual but the truth is the truth and the clean up never happens when you , or we continue to miss the realities behind our complaints.

    Both parties have alliances, like Shiff supporting Frutos, hmmm I wonder why he would be endorsing a Republican when he is so outspoken about Republicans, like we don’t all know.

    • semichorus

      These are not progressive Democrats you’re talking about. They’re what we call “Republican lite.”

    • Al in SoCal

      Local politics typically trump national platforms. Typically a party line voter, I’m voting for Frutos, but I know there are LOTS of Republicans on this board who are supporting Gordon who I believe is a Democrat – but seems more GOP-ish in his local views … IMO anyway.

  3. Anonymous

    Rossie O’Donnel wants marshal law. What an idiot she is

  4. the Riddler

    Riddle me this batman?
    What is more dangerous to our American system;
    1) The Russians and Wikileaks exposing the truth to the American public, or…
    2) CNN slipping questions to the DNC and HRC before the debate?
    …Honesty vs. collusion…

    • semichorus

      The Russians are better for America than Hillary Clinton?

      You people are truly crazy.

    • Al in SoCal

      I would agree with this IF they had released Trump’s emails as well. All Hillary’s emails exposed is that she works hard at getting elected – if she were man that would be acceptable. We all know the type of SLEAZE that Trump’s emails would have exposed … what kind of showers does he take again??? LOL

  5. Roy Simison

    All of this outrage from the left is simply bubbling of the swamp about to be drained exposing their true corruption and waste at the bottom.

    • Todd

      The outrage is faux. Face it, the Dems have more than their share of self inflated and self serving hypocrites. We have many problems and much division in the country but it did not begin with Trump. The problems are inherited from prior years and the flames of division are being fanned by the very people who created them now with their false outrage.

    • Al in SoCal

      by “waste at the bottom” you mean people who are poor – is that right? We have no doubt you will gladly step over their dying uninsured bodies as you gleefully make your next deposit. I know it makes you smile – you’re exactly the type at the core of Trump’s election …

      • Roy Simison

        Al tell it to the poor in Obama’s home town Chicago the murder rate and poverty is testament to eight years of his good deeds.I really like the way he shit on Israel , does that make you happy Al ? Do you think he said one word about Hezbollah and Hamas firing Katyusha rockets ? Not likely he is so proud of his muslim roots. As to your insurance Obama left me behind! Medical won’t pay for HIFU and Blue Cross won’t if they won’t so I have to fly to Germany because it is $5,000 more here so don’t give me your crap about health care, the waste at the bottom is a $40 hospital charge for an off the shelf pain reliever or Hillary taking money for access to our government and both of them sending plane loads of money to Iran so they can use it to kill us. If there is a basket of deplorables it is the democrat owned by the radical left.

        • semichorus

          That’s quite a sentence tying everything together.

          Germany has national health care. But as long as Republicans can blame Blue Cross billing on the Democrats, it doesn’t matter. Nothing matters.

        • Al in SoCal

          If you are pro-Israel, methinks you haven’t seen the views of the alt-right 95% who voted and are celebrating Trump’s election.

          I can at least admit that Obama didn’t do all he could but he’s no Muslim. That was simply a racist lie propagated by the worst type of people in our society.

          It’s unbelievable to me that your can overlook all of Trump’s baggage without so much of a sigh… Scary how programmed you all are to avoid the bad in your party and candidates.

  6. Anonymous

    A consent order? About a teacher writing text messages about his personal life and about performance shows? I wouldn’t put money on that happening.

    By the way, Judge Wilson dismissed the case against the parents. So Tresona’s case is now down to one defendant (the Booster Club itself) and one song. Show choirs can’t wait to see the size of the attorney fee award the Court orders Tresona to pay to Brett Carroll and the parents. Mid-six figures probably.

    • semichorus

      Hardly. And the judge will be reversed on the fair use claim, at the very least– teachers and classrooms don’t have automatic fair use rights and it’s not reasonable for an experienced music performance teacher to EVER think so. This will eliminate his qualified immunity.

      The judge was also trying to set a ridiculous precedent that public employees such as teachers have qualified immunity in copyright cases in the first place.

      I can’t see that standing, because copyright’s such a specialized, minefield-laden area that NO mere teacher would have a reasonable belief that they’d ever know what they were doing in it. It’s not like handling a classroom in an emergency.

      If the ruling does stand — and with their automatic qualified immunity in hand, just like Carroll — any teacher could repeatedly infringe upon copyrighted material by saying, “Hey, in good faith I reasonably thought it was fair use. What did I know?” According to the judge, this would allow them to maintain their immunity and avoid lawsuits (!)

      That’s how he got Carroll out of the lawsuit, and it makes no sense. You could never sue teachers for infringement. They’d always have qualified immunity.

      The text messages also actively discriminate against lgbt and female students, and are evidence of a hostile and sexualized classroom environment, much of which entered into their behind-the-scenes treatment. Burbank’s sunk. OCR and state agency will force a consent agreement on the BUSD.

      They also provide evidence of discrimination against individual students based upon their looks, supposed sex appeal, and sexual orientation. The teacher is admitting that it’s how students get their roles, and it’s open-shut illegal.

      Attorney fees are only awarded when there’s no meritable case and the claims are either patently ridiculous or abusive. That won’t happen. It’s not automatically “loser pays.”

      Ask Will Rogers about this in his early 90s LAT case against Burbank. He lost and Burbank still got no award. Attorney fees were reversed on appeal. And your $$ figure is laughable.

      The guy’s also being sued by his assistant– which is where the document dump came from.

      I love how people are trying to soft peddle this. Values check, anyone?

      • Anonymous2

        I disagree with this every step of the way. In show choirs, soloists and featured roles are picked based on lots of things, including singing ability, appearance, charisma, etc. There’s nothing improper or illegal about that. It may be discrimination, but it’s not unlawful discrimination. And the notion that Brett Carroll discriminates against women or LGBT is laughable. None of the texts show anything of the sort.

        I’ve read through the texts, and none of them mention any student’s sexual orientation. There is talk about a professional keyboard player (an adult, not a student) being gay (“Gaysian”), and Brett Carroll’s text is very complimentary about him. What are you referring to? This is a serious allegation you’re making, and if you can’t back it up, shame on you.

        On attorney’s fees, the Supreme Court has made it much easier to get attorney’s fees in copyright cases. All you need to show is that the losing side was objectively unreasonable (like suing on songs where it lacked standing under 9th Circuit law) or was motivated by animosity towards the defendant (and if Greenburg’s letter-complaint doesn’t show animosity towards Brett Carroll, I don’t know what does).

        There’s lots of good reasons why courts make it very hard to sue public employees. You might disagree with it, but it’s settled law. Qualified immunity doesn’t make it impossible to sue teachers. It just means that you can’t sue teachers unless they’re violating a “clearly established right.”

        Finally, Josh Greene isn’t suing Brett Carroll. Brett Carroll and the parents sued Josh Greene for indemnity (basically, if Tresona wins, then Greene and not Carroll should be the one to pay).

        • semichorus

          He says little or nothing about their talent in most of those messages, but a lot about how sexy they are or not. That’s the point.

          And you’re wrong. Basing student choices on sex appeal, stripper-like charisma, or looks, is illegal. This isn’t Branson.

          That’s the whole problem here. You supporters think it IS.

          This is school. SCHOOL.

          Qualified immunity means that you can’t sue teachers (and public employees) unless they breach the rules or someone else’s rights and did so in unreasonable bad faith or judgment or with knowledge and intent. The problem with the judge’s ruling is two-fold:

          a) If teachers have automatic “qualified immunity” in copyright infringement cases, then they can only lose this privilege if they can’t maintain they had a “reasonable” belief that what they were doing was OK.

          b) If teachers with qualified immunity can then claim that — as mere teachers — they thought they had the right to use these protected materials under the fair-use exception to a copyright claim because it was within an exempt educational setting, then they can never be sued for copyright infringement. Why not? Because they have qualified immunity.

          The judge claimed that teachers have qualified immunity in copyright claims, and furthermore, that this one at BHS believed that what he was doing was legally ok. Thus, he’s immune to a copyright infringement action and was removed from the case.

          If an appeals court upholds this decision, it will be well-nigh impossible for anyone to sue public school teachers or administrators for copyright infringement. They’ll always be able to claim that what they thought they were doing was “fair use.”

          • Dianne

            the comments at last night’s School Board meeting referred to a message claiming that information was kept from Parents and the School Board.
            what info was “kept”?

            • semichorus

              I’d love to know.

              I’d also love to know who’s paying their legal fees. If it’s the board, it had to be publicly revealed.

  7. Anonymous

    Speaking of flakes how about Loretta Sanchez. Flake supreme.

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