Three months ago, MyBurbank ran a 1,000+ word puff piece about “Carroll’s Cookoff.” But they refuse to cover the news of Carroll’s abusive text messages


It must depend upon whose Burbank you’re talking about when you decide to put a “My” in front of your articles.

Not too long ago this same outfit ran another one of those insipid Joyce Rudolph stories about some singing chili festival that the BHS Vocal Music Association put on for its fans and boosters.

Parents with the Vocal Music Assn. cook up two varieties of chili — meat and vegetarian. Guests pile in shoulder to shoulder at tables in the lunch shelter while students take to the risers and perform Western songs like “Oklahoma”, “Buttons and Bows” and “Don’t Fence Me In”. In between numbers, small groups of students assigned to tables take orders then serve up salad, chili and cornbread along with lemonade or soft drinks. And let’s not forget the brownies and chocolate chips cookies for dessert.

Or the donkeys. Something fun for everyone.

So last week we challenged the founder of MyBurbank to cover this latest blockbuster story about Carroll’s abusive text messages regarding some of those same “kids,” which is now subject to several formal complaints with government agencies.

A tradition for several years, the event affords students several lessons, said choir Director Brett Carroll.

“It’s a good learning opportunity for us because we have been doing some of the pieces every year which is great because the older kids can help mentor the younger kids and it makes it very exciting for the new kids to get to instantly make relationships with the older kids which is awesome,” he said.

Uh-huh. Waiting on tables full of check-writers.

Here’s what we got in response from MyBurbank:

Lastly, I’m sorry that you would rather see me write about something at BHS that affect a few instead of the upcoming elections that will affect all. I guess I came to the wrong place.

It’s nothing but shill-ville here in Burbank, that’s what is is. Both this and the $50,000 illegal bequest to the airport boosters prove that the city and school district lack competent leadership. Who else wouldn’t see that these particular interest groups and local partisans for instance are chock full of problems?

Just one look at those VMA shows and none of this is a surprise. So where are the reporters?





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25 responses to “Three months ago, MyBurbank ran a 1,000+ word puff piece about “Carroll’s Cookoff.” But they refuse to cover the news of Carroll’s abusive text messages

  1. Jay

    Mr Sherwood of My Burbank had his own involvement and issues with Burroughs Baseball. Mr Burbank is nothing but a tool that furthers the dark side of things in Burbank.

  2. Anonymous

    My Burbank had paid advertising from the Yes on Measure B folks and um err after cashing the check began promoting Measure B. My Burbank is FAKE NEWS

  3. As always, I have no problem using my name to comment here or anywhere else. I came here asking if anyone had questions for City Council or School Board candidates and was instead attacked as to why we are not covering a story at Burbank High that is over two years old and at this point has no conclusion either way.

    Yes, I coach at Burroughs and I know if this situation had happened at Burroughs I would be called names because I am trying to protect my school. I have no connection to Burbank High and administrators know what I do.

    All I was looking for was some intelligent questions to ask candidates and I know a lot of people here might have good, constructive questions. I have no problem with you attacking me or our website with our 28,000 unique readers a month or our Twitter with 19,000 followers. Evidently, some people value what our small staff of underpaid people do compared to the resources of the Los Angeles Times who own the Leader.

    If you have a legitimate question for the candidates, leave it here, if you want to attack – this is America and you are welcome to it. Just don’t expect me to respond.

    • semichorus

      You came here to respond as to why you refuse to cover the VMA story, and then you appended the other request. So you’re full of crap.

      The story isn’t “two years old.” The complaint was filed last week, and that’s news. The text messages were discovered just a few months ago in a discovery dump.

      You could easily do a story on this. You just don’t want to because you’re sucking up to the local establishment. You’re all such useless, clueless pieces of shit– but it does explain why these institutional outfits get so out of hand.

      Thank god for outside agencies.

      • Anonymous

        The news about Mr. Carroll is not old news. New information has surfaced and undoubtedly should be plastered on the front page of every newspaper in Los Angeles let alone Burbank. The parents of teens in that program need to make their own decision for the safety of their children.

      • anon

        isnt it weird that Josh Green sat on those messages for years? Maybe it was because he was making quite a lot of money from the Burbank High School Choir Program. And now is being countersued on the grounds of he, as their arranger, being responsible for the copyright clearances- which would mean Tresona was suing a Tresona employee…. One would think there would be contracts to prove that one way or another.

        I suppose Carroll has very bad judgement in choosing collaborators, and I am sure Tresona will suffer with him as an employee as well. Though, it looks like Tresona sent that complaint to the BUHSD because they were ruled against in the court itself- because otherwise, had they been in discovery, this would all be old news. Mark Greenburg specifically said it was unrelated to the copyright case- so I guess he likes having people of questionable character be associated with his company-

        • semichorus

          I don’t think Josh Green is associated with Tresona.

          Anyone asked yet if the BUSD is picking up their attorney bills?

    • Anonymous

      Are you claiming that you did full coverage of this story years ago ? If so please provide the link. otrher wise as Semichorus says you are full of crap

      • semichorus

        There was no “old” story about it. He’s trying to avoid the truth about why he’s ignoring the topic.

        This whole town’s one big protection racket. And look where it gets them.

  4. Karen

    Really shows what phonies these so called champions of the children really are. Children for them are just little people to use and exploit.

    • semichorus

      It’s big business for this crowd, apparently.

      Certainly not good pedagogy. I weep for Reg Hall and his great old programs at BHS. What total and complete assholes these new BUSD people are.

    • Anonymous

      I’m sorry but I’ve stood silent for to long, these kids are not slaves. They work hard for their own show and the absolutely love and respect Mr.Carroll.

      • semichorus

        You’re right. You have stayed quiet for too long.

        Burbank obviously deserves this insincere clown

      • Mom

        The kids are exploited like slaves, some slaves refused to leave their plantation after they were freed. Read the text messages, the kids are exploited for profit.

  5. Anonymous

    my Burbank = FAKE NEWS

  6. Anonymous 2

    Craig Sherwood go back into your house and close the door. You have zero credibility in Burbank.

  7. anon

    the text messages got taken down-

    I wonder why?

  8. anon

    Tresona had their cases thrown out of both venues. Now their damage control begins, because with the fair use ruling, now every other school will be able to avoid the expense of extortion.

    Carroll is back at BHS as well.

    • semichorus

      Teachers don’t even have the fair use right to use copyrighted materials in their classrooms, let alone a paid event. Any such claim is ludicrous, as is the idea that a teacher would have a good faith belief that they did in order to preserve their immunity.

      You know why? Because they know that they DON’T. They’re told it all the time. It’s why schools always have to buy copyrighted materials and get performance licenses.

      How come Burroughs can do it?

      If Carroll’s back in class, then someone should tell the Leader. It would prove that the BUSD isn’t just a pack of hypocrites, they’re also crazy.

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