So how come Burbank hasn’t done this?


You know why?

It’s because they don’t want to know.




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5 responses to “So how come Burbank hasn’t done this?

  1. Mark

    The article says 54% of glendale voted yes to legalize marijuana. Do you know what percent voted to legalize marijuana in Burbank, i bet it was higher than 54% in Burbank.

  2. TJ

    I cringed while watching the council meeting last week when Luddy wanted to ask on a Burbank ballot if we want to allow marijuana in Burbank. Mz liberal didn’t get the memo that the people already voted to make recreatuional use of marijuana legal. Luddy you have problems much with the voters when you disagree with them ? Luddy also opposed to the new president like you are to marijuana ?

    • semichorus

      Each city has to determine if they want to allow DISPENSARIES. That’s what this other vote would be for.

      The council turned down the chance to put a proposed TAX on the ballot. If they allow dispensaries, and want to tax the merchandise, state law requires that the voters decide.

  3. Anonymous

    They said 60% Burbank voted Yes more than Yes on B! Assholes why not tax developers for causing strain on services.

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