How come not Chicano Studies? Or a real academic class?


Some offering.


High school students in Glendale and parts of LA by the way have access to many other college classes than this. Their districts have consortium agreements with the various JCs.

Burbank hems and haws on this obvious student need, and has always been jonny-come-lately about it. Glendale’s been letting their kids go to college part-time for years. We long ago questioned Burbank about this discrepancy in policy, and were only met with silence.

Burbank’s offerings are inadequate, and have long been so.





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4 responses to “How come not Chicano Studies? Or a real academic class?

  1. D.K.

    What the hell is story boarding ? A degree in storyboarding just sounds so usefull now doesn’t it ? Armenian Language classes ? A lot of job potential in that one. The classes are worthless.

    • semichorus

      About 99.999 percent of the students who take Armenian at GCC already speak Armenian at home. They take it for the easy grade.

      Meanwhile, French and German classes get cut. A couple of teachers brought this up over there about 20 years ago, and the response they got was, “How DARE you!”

      As to storyboarding, it’s another mick class. Too bad they don’t have ones in story IDEAS.

    • Disagree and have first hand knowledge of at least one success. It’s storyboarding for animation, not a degree – but a class. My oldest took this and the next level class the following semester. He learned a tremendous amount from his instructor. The story ideas do come from the kids. Seeing as though we are in the animation capital of North America, it makes sense to me to have this available here. Animation is mostly done overseas but the story departments are RIGHT HERE. So no it is a useful class. This was a great opportunity and my son could literally find an entry level job in animation from what he learned in the class. Also, the class activated him unlike anything I have seen before. It sparked desire to learn more and he is now providing animation for the school’s “news” program. So no not an academic program, but in this town it makes sense to me. Who the hell makes a living in Chicano studies?

  2. Al in SoCal

    yawn …

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