And the point of this is what?


The Leader recently published this fun cartoon about the idea of renaming part of 134 after Barack Obama.




Here’s our cartoon about theirs.




Btw, it’s going on four days now, and there’s been not a peep from this newspaper or MyBurbank or Fronnie or anyone else about this BHS text message scandal.

Y’all covering for the crowd over there, eh? No news is good news, yes.

We can only imagine the field day that Paul Hubler and Wendy Madnick and the others would have been having over this same stunt 20 years ago. There’d be an above-the-fold four-parter on it beginning that very day.

Except for Rogers of course. He’d be pooh-poohing the concerns.





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5 responses to “And the point of this is what?

  1. Anonymous

    What BHS text scandal? Do tell.

  2. Anonymous

    BUrbank Leader is FAKE NEWS

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