Tresona’s going after Brett Carroll and BHS for sexual improprieties and various etcs.


We’re not taking a position on this, but man, these guys play hardball:

Wonder where they initially picked up the allegations. And what was going on with the sudden departure of the instrumental guy?


Re: Complaint against Brett Alan Carroll, Show Choir Director at Burbank High School

Dear Dr. Hill, Dr. Bertram, Ms. Schackmann, Ms. Kamm, and Disciplinary Staff of the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing:

This is a formal complaint against Brett Alan Carroll, a show choir director at Burbank High School. You may have heard that he is involved in copyright litigation with Tresóna Multimedia, where I am the company president, but this letter is not about that. This letter is to bring your attention to some shocking actions that Mr. Carroll has taken as a teacher—things that disqualify him from teaching high school students.

This letter contains Mr. Carroll’s own statements in text messages. His own lawyer requested those text messages from the music arranger for Burbank’s Show Choirs, Josh Greene. In the text messages, Mr. Carroll says many things that ought to prevent him from being a teacher, such as…


It includes 400 pages of text messages.




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65 responses to “Tresona’s going after Brett Carroll and BHS for sexual improprieties and various etcs.

  1. I just read two or three pages and stopped. Offensive, yes obviously, but just utterly stupid. Are people that clueless about digital media? You are leaving a trail behind you everytime you touch your phone.

    • semichorus

      I know. Stupid.

      Stupid to say and stupid to think.

    • Anonymous 40

      I just learned about this today. My student was in the Civil War show back in 2013. She is African American and I am the single parent referred to in the text message. I felt something was wrong based on comments kids made. They seemed to know a lot about his personal sex life. I kept a close eye on my daughter. Since choir was her passion I couldn’t take her out of the program, but I became the choir mom attending all shows and camps. My concerns were never taken seriously by other parents or staff.

      • semichorus

        The Civil War show, eh. I’m afraid to ask what part they thought in secret she was best for.

        None of this surprises me, really. I never liked the tone of those shows.

  2. Bob

    Larry Applebaum has protected this guy for years so that his daughter could be in the VMA. there’s a reason I took my kid out of the program. This guy is a creep and people like Applebaum and the Principal protect him. First the band teacher now this Burbank High has a terrible administration.

    • semichorus

      I hope Applebaum gets his ass roasted over this.

      There is no way they can NOT be forced to deal with this guy.

      What’s the deal with the band teacher btw?


        Sources tell me that that the district was informed that this complaint has also been filed with the Federal Government as a Title IX Complaint, so I think that the likelihood that they will be able to sweep this under the rug is very small, if that is true.

        • 'semichorus

          Excellent. I was going to suggest it. Anyone btw can file such a complaint with OCR in San Francisco against a school district.

          Also, the Ed. Code allows anyone to demand placement of a school-related issue onto the formal board agenda. The board is then REQUIRED to hear it in public. This includes any personnel complaints, or program concerns. Not just discrimination.

          The district also has forms available for complaints against employees, and if the petitioner demands it be placed on the agenda, the district MUST comply.

          This is a great but little-used right that I wish we had for city council meetings. It forces the addressing of concerns.

      • Maggie

        Officials say Michael Nolan embarrassed the city by running up $75,000 in unsubstantiated traveling expenses.

        • semichorus

          Ha ha ha ha ha.

          Old story, and disproved. He used to cover expenses for other people on the board, and certain parties wanted him off politically. Case closed

          You guys getting desperate again I see.

    • Anonymous 20

      I need to know why you would think to trash Larry Applebaum like that. He has done a great amount for this school district and continues to do so. I want everyone to know that I will be voting for Mr. Applebaum for re-election.

      • semichorus

        Then you’re quite foolish. He’s one of the many people who allowed this sleazy music program to get totally out of hand.

        • Parent

          APPLE-BUM been behind so much that is bad in the school district I will NOT be voting for apple-Bum. Fritner is who we need

          • semichorus

            You know by the way that Applebaum’s almost single-handedly responsible for that superintendent suicide a few years ago. He personally told the guy he’d been hired in to play corrective ass-kicking hardball against the teachers and principals, and then when he did what he was told to do by Applebaum, the board members immediately stabbed him in the back when all hell started to break loose.

            All of the principals knew about this at the time. Gail Copeland from Miller told me the whole story. Applebaum even admitted to people that he might have had something to do with it.

            The guy was distraught about how he’d been treated and where he’d ended up, and then jumped from that bridge in Humboldt two months later knowing that the huge BUSD life insurance policy in his name was still in effect throughout that summer.

  3. Anonymous

    That document contains minors’ personally identifiable information. It should not be being published. You should strongly consider taking it down (or redacting it). Also your headline is misleading — Mr. Carroll is not being accused of sexual misconduct.
    I would prefer that this comment not be published on your blog.

    • semichorus

      Tough shit.

      People need to see his defenders out there. I hope this news seriously harms this corrupt and bloated BUSD program. I’ve always hated its phony slickness and vulgarity.

      • Maggie

        Nothing worse than a cheater right Mike?

        Officials say Michael Nolan embarrassed the city by running up $75,000 in unsubstantiated traveling expenses.

        • semichorus

          You people are so fucking sleazy. I only leave this on here as evidence.

          • Anonymous

            Not nice when people post things about you is it??

          • Anonymous

            Did you say “you people are so f$&@$& sleazy ? This coming from the potty mouth who tries people in the court of public opinion rather than the court of law? This from someone who hides behind a screen name so he can trash the city he has leached off for all these years? Well you definitely know how to dish it out but when it heads your way you cuss like an 8th grader with no self control and act like an overgrown baby. Change your screen name to panty waste Mr mike. It suits you better.

            • semichorus

              You’re really stupid, aren’t you? And whose interests are you representing?

              Burbank High’s? The regular band of community shills and boosters?

              • Anonymous

                I represent common decency which apparently you lack. Do you even work or just sit in your basement all day attacking people on your computer until mommy brings you a plate for lunch?

  4. Anonymous2

    The document to which you have linked includes minors’ personally identifiable information. You should not be publishing it. At a minimum, such information should be redacted.
    Also, the headline is misleading: Mr. Carroll is not being accused of sexual improprieties. This headline makes it sound like he has engaged in some improper sexual conduct, which is not what the letter says.

    • semichorus

      Get lost.

      Talking and fantasizing to your friends about a minor charge of yours licking their balls is a sexual impropriety. Only a moron would defend this obvious clown.

      • Marge

        What is going on in Burbank Schools ? Why don’t they just get back to teaching basics and learning ??

        • semichorus

          Because about 80 percent of teachers and administrators nowadays simply aren’t learned. Their idea of “basics” is plugging in a machine.

          The most explosive thing about these discovered text messages is how much commercialized crap they try to foist on these kids.

          Which girl would make the best “Stripper” character? This whole bloated and sleazy “Glee” program should be tossed.

          Instead, they’ll probably give the guy a round of applause at the next school board meeting.

  5. Mrs. Rachel

    I have three kids that were in this program and I volunteered for may years too.
    I don’t have a close friendship with the director of the program, but what I have is good experience looking my kids performing and growing through the program.
    They learned a lot of great skills that have impacted their lives for good, and have helped and contributed to their successes as an adults now.
    I personally never heard my kids saying anything negative or not having a good experience with the director or the program itself, and I know as a parent there are many more who share my good experience.
    Everybody knows how successful the program has been all these years.
    I know that a Judge ruled against “Tresona and they lost their lawsuit”, and that to me says a LOT. To me it sounds like they are acting like sore losers trying to ruin the reputation of the director and the program because they are the ones who are giving the interpretation to all those text and they want people to believe it?. Why would I believe what they have to say?.
    People with kids in the program know for a fact that is very successful and what is said doesn’t reflect the character of the director. I know this for a fact.

    • semichorus

      The judge removed Carroll from the defense and threw out several of the songs for lack of standing. Tresona’s case against the group remains.

      What you’re hearing about Tresona “losing” is wrong. I also suspect that Carroll’s immunity granting “fair use” defense will be reversed on appeal. So he could get pulled back into the case.

      A question. Were any of your daughters “stripper types” in his shows?

      And did you read his text messages? Tresona doesn’t have to “say” anything. There’s nothing for them to interpret.

      • Mrs. Rachel

        I just talked about my experience and I think I did it respectfully.
        And you just called my kids strippers without knowing them.
        You are talking about somebody’s reputation when apparently you have NONE.
        I know you hate lots of people in burbank and you trash them everyday, that is easy to do it behind a blog using a nick name. Why you don’t use your real name?
        Where is the moral authority you think you have to talk about people.
        This is how you talk to a lady and her kids ?
        How you comments about my kids make you as a person ?

      • Mrs. Rachel

        I just talked about my experience in the program and I think I did it respectfully.
        And you just called my kids strippers without you knowing them.
        This is how you talk to a lady and her kids?
        what do you think your comments have to say about you as a person of integrity?
        What credibility your blog has when you are insulting my innocent kids, So if people leave comments on your blog and don’t agree with you, then you just go ahead and insult them?

        • semichorus

          I asked you if they ever played that role in the shows, and if you were happy about it.

          You haven’t read those text messages, have you?

          Read them first before you defend the guy.

          • Mrs. Rachel

            I didn’t refer to my kids that way. but you did it.
            you see, you insult kids.
            So, people should know the way you are too.
            by the way, what’s you name ?
            because it’s easy to hide behind a nickname and trash others, isn’t it.

      • Maggie

        Tresona might not have “lost” but it is definitely made up of a bunch of losers who are obviously using the court system to get back at someone where the case didn’t go their way. Courts don’t take kindly to that kind of manipulation. My sources tell me you are in bed with Tresona my friend, and your motives behind all of this are not pure. I hope Applebaum sues you for libel after accusing him of being responsible for another’s suicide. The fact that you are afraid to post your name tells me you have an agenda here.

        • semichorus

          Every administrator in the BUSD knows that Applebaum and the board pulled the rug out from under that superintendent. They hired him in as a ballbuster, and then when he started busting ass they ran for cover.

          I have no connection with Tresona, btw. Your sources are a joke. They should be spending their time helping to revamp the curriculum.

  6. Mrs. Rachel

    He didn’t refer to my kids that way. but you did it.
    you see, you insult kids.
    So, people should know the way you are too.
    by the way, what’s you name ?
    because it’s easy to hide behind a nickname and trash others, isn’t it.

  7. chad

    I watched a joint performance of the BHS’s a number of years ago at the Starlight Bowl. It was a “professional” performance which showcased a number of very talented kids. As a “professional” show put on by high schools it was amazing. I think one of Semi’s point is that the problem with this approach to getting high school kids into performance is that the model, and only model, if the post -“High School Musical 1,2, and 3” musicals which were very popular among high school students when those films came out. What I saw at this live performance were kids trying to conform to one way of doing things- the Hollywood, “professional” way of doing things. There was nothing really innovative, groundbreaking, original, or singular. I saw a production trying to “be-like” the High School Musical films and not finding its own voice. It was a showcase of kids trying to be like Zack Efron and Vanessa Hudgens and not trying to be themselves. That’s a problem anywhere but especially when you live in the shadows of the oppressive entertainment industry that pressures everyone to conform to certain ways of expression, look, gender ideology, etc….

    • semichorus

      Exactly. And I don’t blame the kids.

      I’m not saying BHS should go back to singing Renaissance madrigals a la Regnal Hall (although why not?) It’s that this slick commercial crap is beyond revolting. And deadly.

  8. Miss Marsha

    Mrs. Rachel I have no idea what this teacher may or may not have said about your kids or anyone else’s kids not after reading these texts and nor do you. Stop defending bad behavior and remember Mrs. Rachel no one would be talking about this at all if it were not for the teachers behavior.

  9. Mrs. Rachel

    This is my last reply, I just wanted everybody to know what kind of person you are, well, lot of us in burbank know you actually.
    I glad you expose the way you talked to other people so everybody can read it.
    Actually I feel sorry about you.
    God bless you.
    Have a good day

  10. Mrs. Rachel

    This is my last reply, I just wanted everybody to know what kind of person you are, well, lot of us in burbank know you actually.
    I glad you expose the way you talked to other people so everybody can read it.
    Actually I feel sorry about you.
    God bless you.
    Have a good day

  11. Don

    I suspect that Miss Rachel works for the Burbank Schools and is just trying to distract everyone from the real issues here. So sad that she care so little about kids.

  12. Anonymous

    Mz Rachel sure does seem to have some personal interest/involvement in trying to cover all of this up. Is she a school board member ?

  13. Anonymous

    It’s important for the girls mentioned, the families of the girls mentioned, and the other members of the Burbank High School VMA to realize the true nature of this once trusted teacher and director, Brett Carroll. I don’t believe that the BUSD Board of Education knew about any of this and it’s blindsiding them as well. While I completely disagree with Semi’s stance on teenage and adult relationships in some of his previous posts, and he’s known to write about a topic to rabble rouse, I support his stance on this issue. The community should know this BS is going on. Never mind the Choir Boosters paying $100,000 for choir arrangements, which is most certainly corruption on the part of the aranger and director. Sure, most of the kids in Choir probably had a great experience. But, when their trusted TEACHER and DIRECTOR is openly talking about some of his minor students in this way to anyone, it’s absolutely ridiculous, degrading, and part of a continual problem in the creative arts/performing world, leaking in to the educational world of children. People used to say, toughen up, that’s how it is. But, as a community and a school system, Burbank must say, this is not allowed here. No apologists, or “our children had a great time and we loved him” comments are acceptable. It’s right there in The documentation, folks. Accept the truth and figure out how to move forward.

    • semichorus

      I don’t think we should be going after the older boyfriends of high school girls. If so, let’s get started on all the 50s and 60s folks in Burbank. That’ll be fun. The moral outrage we’ve been hearing about this lately is hilarious. It’s complete hypocrisy.

      That’s my point on that one. But yeah, this guy’s seriously out of line– and cynical as hell.

    • Anonymous

      If the school board knew nothing, that is if, then why didn’t they know. Face it over the past few years it has been more than one thing with this choir.

  14. Anonymous

    I guess Rachel missed the Baez/Appelbaum stuff

  15. Joe

    “Mr. Semichorus”you fought for our country and for that I am grateful. You defended our rights including the laws that govern us and our rights to free speech and privacy. What you are doing now is rewarding an attack on all of these and letting others know we can be bullied to get whatever anyone wants from us.

    You are correct, the lawsuit is still pending against parents who’ve done nothing more than support their child’s music education. Rachel wasn’t defending, she talked about what I wish you were talking about – TRESONA wasn’t able to convince a judge that his suit against a teacher was legal and knows that if other teachers and schools learn they have the same rights, they will stop ignorantly paying his extortion like fees. That threatens his business model so went around the law and is publicly shaming Mr. Carroll so other schools will continue to pay $2500-$5000 for a song not created or copy written by Mr. Greenberg or any person employed by TRESONA.

    You’ve followed the shiny ball and played into Mr. Greenberg’s (TRESONA) shell game. You have changed focus to a citizen’s private text messages instead of the real issue – the unethical, slimey business practices of a desperate man that has no real respect for the law or our children. All the while ruining the personal and professional life of a teacher. Now Mr. Greenberg can continue to troll high school music competitions all over the country. He can name his price and schools will pay for fear of public shaming like this. Or worse- music will become too risky an endeavor for schools to provide instruction to students. This isn’t just about one school or a teacher –

    Defending or condemning the content of text messages – very supermarket tabloid intelligence. No one has talked about the real issue which is that

    Burbank as a community is being challenged to show what we are made of.

    Are we simpletons easily distracted by the actions of a bully and extortionist or an intelligent community that refuses to allow such unscrupulous tactics to detract from the law and our civil liberties?

    • semichorus

      No, Burbank needs to pay all its fees. Especially if they want to play commercialized big boys. They have no fair use right to these materials.

      I could also care less about Tresona’s motives here. What concerns me is the behind-the-scenes attitude of these teachers and program sponsors. Who cares how news of it comes out? It’s a way too slick and un-educational music program and it needs to be cut down to size. I’ve thought this for years.

      Btw, I never fought for this country. That was Mike Nolan!

      • Joe

        Please get better informed. It’s the responsible thing to do.

        • Joe

          Read music copyright law please and the facts before posting your rebuttal. You sometimes do good here – if you are outed for being ignorant only ignorant people will follow you and that would be unfortunate.

          • semichorus

            Teachers don’t have some kind of overriding fair use right to use copyrighted materials in the school setting — regardless of who has standing to sue for the infringement.

            The judge ruled that there was enough evidence to show that infringement had occurred, at least enough to go to trial. The only question was who could sue; and then, who could be sued. He ruled that Tresona could only go after one song, and that the other defendants were exempt.

            But there’s still a case against Burbank, and nothing takes away either those hostile education environment text messages passed between school policymakers. This guy wasn’t just mouthing off to friends.

            All of this complication could have been avoided btw if they hadn’t insisted on using custom arrangements. But they have to be slick and fancy commercial, and that’s the problem.

            • Joe

              Again – educate yourself. Fair Use absolutely applies. Additionally, you cannot teach 160 students from sheet music written for one or a small ensemble. You make many assumptions about burbank as if it is not common for all schools to arrange music to serve as appropriate instructional material. Try not to spin a very limited amount of knowledge as fact. Clearly you are who you are. Not put to change your habits. Just grateful you try to remain anonymous – makes me think you actually personify my point – oh what freedoms we think we have when anonymous. Or do we?

              • semichorus

                You know nothing about fair use. Schools don’t have fair use rights to copyrighted materials but for very, very limited exceptions.

                Get a clue, you defenders of this lost cause. Other schools get by with stock arrangements, and so can BHS.

                Better yet, they can begin to perform better music. That’s really what this all boils down to — too much junky pop.

                • Anonymous

                  Listen semi retarded, you might want to get a clue. I love your junior high lingo though, we are all “defenders of lost causes”. Please. We aren’t defending you, the biggest lost cause I know of. PS. We know who you are Mike. See you on the next board complaining about the next issue at hand.

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