Feel that development propaganda brewing…


Keep in mind that this is actually a city run outfit with a long history of buying up cheap rent private sector buildings in the lower-income parts of town and then spending up to $500,000 a unit to “renovate” them. And then they end up with fewer available units than the originals!

Remember too when they tore down a perfectly good apartment building over on Grismer because it was full of, in the words of one old and unlamented council member, “unfortunates”? They deported all but three of those 72+ Hispanic families out of town to as far away as Palmdale and Lancaster and then– after about five or six years of delayed construction — reopened the joint at much higher rents and fewer available units.

For the last five years, the Burbank Housing Corp. has had to tell low-income families from Burbank that none of the properties it manages have openings. However, that will change near the end this month.

From Jan. 26 through Feb. 10, the nonprofit is opening its waiting list for extremely low-income, very low-income and low-income households, allowing individuals and families to apply for a chance to live in one of the housing agency’s 320 apartments. The income categories were established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The affordable units range from about $380 to $760 a month, depending on the gross income of the individual or family…

Fortunately for the Burbank Housing Corp., enough [pending] applications were processed to allow people to sign up again, Arandes said.

The turnover rate for an apartment to open is so low because not many of those who are enrolled in the program leave it. Also, because there is a such a shortage of affordable housing in Burbank, some applicants have waited as long as five years for a chance to be a part of the nonprofit’s housing program, Arandes said.

“If we can’t develop more units, we can’t serve the number of people who need it,” she said.

Arandes said she is excited to open up the waiting lists again.

“There’s a limited amount of spaces, but we’re giving people a chance,” she said.

Yes, if only we could build more apartments units in Burbank. Such a quandary we’re in. What in the world can we do to make it all better?

Don’t know. Anyone have some ideas here?

Wonder too what other criteria is being used to filter out the final applications. Is it a simple chronological waiting list? If so, do the people know where they are on it? Like, what their actual lottery number is?

Unlike Glendale, Burbank abjectly refuses to set up its HUD Section 8 lists this way, and so we don’t have much faith in how they’re going to run this other one. The applicants in Burbank never know who’s in front of them, or how many of them there are, or why.

Such an arbitrary policy of course allows all sorts of managerial hanky-panky to go into the final selections. Don’t think there won’t be such “discretionary” moves. Where do you think you live?



We’re going to link to this old piece again because it gives a good rundown about how much of this town operates.


Interesting note: there used to be a bunch of good comments attached to it from various readers and other interests. But about a year later, soon after the police mess got going, someone got WordPress to take down hundreds of mostly police-related comments and tips off this site. They also hit this particular entry as well, and even (as far as we can tell) went back to the city’s own website and removed their old unflattering 2002 “minutes” from that specific project-related city council meeting.

Those official minutes proved that there was no good reason to get rid of this Grismer apartment house. They also showed that the later celebratory article in the Leader was completely full of lies about its supposed “dilapidated” state.

Someone in the city was obviously pissed about having insiders spill the beans here about potentially culpable matters. Remember that other local blogger who got called in and forced (under subpoena) to give the city’s lawyers a deposition regarding a simple link he’d made to this blog about one of the police mess stories?

The city’s old link to the Grismer project council minutes is right here. Does it work for anyone?



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One response to “Feel that development propaganda brewing…

  1. chad

    Folks, you may agree or disagree with Semi but you can not argue with his method here. This is the way journalists used to write. What’s being exposed here is shameful. This is our local government and staff that is supposed work for a city of 107,000. We’re a small city but we are completely out of balance.

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