This push for “mixed use” really is the biggest development racket ever to hit Burbank


Gordon has some good things to say in this video excerpt:



Gordon btw was the only council member who a few years ago voted against staff’s idea to allow Burbank’s many commercial and manufacturing neighborhoods to be subject to quick and easy spot-zoning conversion into mixed-use residential.

They later enthusiastically enshrined this scheme into their “Burbank2035” plan, which they now like to cite as a planning mandate whenever these shady projects come up.

Always keep two things in mind:

–Staff works in secret to help expedite projects that no one ever hears about until they hit the Planning Board agenda.Anyone who scoffs at this idea or tries to claim the opposite is lying. The video shows that this town now has the reputation among development interests of being one big sap for “mixed use.” They’re salivating over the prospect, and already lining up at the trough.

–Burbank has no moral, legal, financial, cultural, or humanistic responsibility to build more apartments “for the people,” as one of the more credulous of our council members tried to put it last year. Burbank already has more than 50 percent of its population living in multi-residential housing. If this were San Marino, South Pasadena, or even Alhambra the story might be different, but it’s not.

Pious, sentimental advocacy of “Mixed Use” is nothing more than 21st-century pretext for allowing big developers to turn Burbank into another profit center. Mixed use is just being used as modern day selling point, one that is embroidered with a phony sense of social concern and responsibility.

The same goes for official concerns about “affordable” housing. None of this will be affordable to many people, if not most, and the sudden intrusion of hundreds or (especially) thousands of expensive new apartments will only push rents on the current Burbank stock even higher.



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16 responses to “This push for “mixed use” really is the biggest development racket ever to hit Burbank

  1. Anonymous

    Gordon is the only councilman who really tries to protect Burbank from the overcrowding that has destroyed Glendale. Frutos on the other hand has never met an overdevelopment he does not love. Frutos talks about protecting neighborhoods but uses every opportunity to destroy neighborhoods.

  2. JAY T

    True Luddy, Telamonty, Feutose, and Rogers have done serious harm to Burbank that will do harm for generations.

  3. Anonymous

    Gordon is a saint. All the rest of them are doo doo heads. Especially the traitor Frutos. Got it.

    • semichorus

      Not sure about that. But he is the only one who cares about these kind of issues.

      The others I can’t figure out. Are they just insensitive, stubborn, naive, or boosters at heart? Or simply on the take?

    • Faux Fuddy Luddy

      No one is calling him a saint, Will . hardly,. There have been things Gordon has voted for/against that I don’t always agree with. But he is the ONLY one who is curious enough to ask tough,probing questions,often ones that members of the public are too afraid to ask at meetings. The way you and Talamonte berate the public, it is no wonder meetings are sparsely attended

  4. BurbankBuddy

    Frutos will always play the card that he REALLY cares, then goes and votes YES on damaging develpment, then comes back and with that phony pained look on his face, ” it was a really tough decision” etc . what a dope

    • semichorus

      These aren’t tough decisions. You’re either slow-growth or you’re not.

    • Barbara

      Burbank Buddy to me we are the dopes for ever trusting Frutoz. The real ignorant people continue to trust Frutoz. They will get burned by Frutoz just like the rest of us in time.

  5. cs

    All of you have ruined what was the best city in So. California.
    Shame on all of you for allowing this to happen. You can barely breathe anymore. Burbank was the best. I stress WAS.
    Not one of you could possibly care about anything in your life but money.

  6. Anonymous

    I drove down Brand/Central today off the 134 in Glendale. If y’all wanna peek of things to come, that’s it. Just a ton of modern condo buildings , just a ton. And they are still building more. Semi is right.. this crap sneaks in, goes before a planning board on a Monday night. New Board member loves ina McMansion herself, so what does she care about development. This is what they have planned for downtown Burbank, etc. more condos and mixed use. Meanwhile, the roads are all in terrible shape

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