Millennials. They’re our greatest generation!


Or so the media is always telling us.

Think they’ll care?





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18 responses to “Millennials. They’re our greatest generation!

  1. Anonymous

    Ah, another screed against an anti-gay institution. Like Young Life.

    But not like Chick-fil-a. Hypocrite.

    • semichorus

      Screed? Where?

      I don’t like Chick-Fil-A . But I’m not about to discriminate against them because they’re Chuck-Fil-A.

      Young Life “elders” help an outfit that actively discriminates against gays by policy. But I’m not trying to keep them out of business for it. I’m also not aware of Chick-Fil-A being as bad about it as Young Life.

  2. DixieFlyer

    Now Mr. semi can clap with glee.

    Hussein Constantine has announced his support for “21st Century Rent Control”.

    After studying the “issue” in Brentwood he comes to Burbank.

    This is the same fellow who advocated a Residency Requirement for our Burbank Police Officers—even though the State outlawed Residency Requirements YEARS AGO.

    BTW, he’s also going to solve the Homeless Problem.

    • semichorus

      With that name, he sounds like the kind of guy that the enemies of rent control in Burbank would pay to come in and try to ruin it. Let him stay where he is.

  3. chad

    So, Dixie, where do you think Constantine was born? Need to find out.

    • Cee C

      Konstantine Hussien makes Bob Frutos look like a normal person, no wait they should run together as Bob and Hussien the duo with a solution to nothing.

    • Karen

      Maybe konstantine was hatched from an egg.

    • DixieFlyer

      He just showed-up at Council one night and said:

      I’m a candidate.

      “Just dropped in to see what condition my condidition is in.”

      • Jeff

        Maybe Mr Huessiam can save us all with rent control, but with a name like Hissian he just might be working for the Cusamanos, no doubt he is close to Robert Hussien Frutoes.

        • semichorus

          We don’t need him in Burbank.

          Discrediting the critics in order to discredit the criticism has a long tradition in Burbank. Rogers specialized in it, so nothing would surprise me about who or what’s suddenly responsible for this guy. It’s obvious he’ll just hurt the cause– so whoever’s bringing him in is not doing it any favors.

          I wonder what’s gonna be next. Is some well-connected player going to get the bright idea to import Emzy Veezy back into town to rail against “mixed use”?

          People have spent a lot of time and money to fuck up the message here in Burbank. Lawyers specialize in such tactics. Just here alone I’ve noticed that every time I talk about rent control or anti-development the hostility level and personal attacks immediately skyrocket.

          So do all the nutty misspelled and incoherent comments. It’s no coincidence — it’s a clearly engineered attempt to discredit the criticism here by trying to make this blog and its “fans” look like Nutcase Central.

          Same thing happened during the police mess.

          • DixieFlyer

            Mr. semi, my comment was sent to you with Love.

            Wasn’t sure when and if the follower would get around to publishing any of the candidates positions.

            Please note the “cutting edge” of his “21st Century” handle.

      • WHO'S in CHARGE?

        I heard Mr. Hussein was at a Magnolia Park meeting and wants to close down two lanes on Magnolia to accomodate bicycles. Please tell me the lady who told me that has wax in her ears!!!
        Also, the residents on the Avon block (just north of Magnolia) are trying to get permit parking only instead of the current two hour parking. The city allowed an extremely busy Morphe makeup store to move in with only a few parking spaces on the south corner and two restaurants on the north corner without parking also. To double down on that, the city does not give out citations. They only come around on street cleaning days. Even the employees have returned to the side streets to park. Why not? There are posted signs but they are not enforced. So now, the Avon residents want to keep cars off of their street and push congestion back to Magnolia (where parking is at a breaking point). Try doing business with no parking for your customers. This wouldn’t be necessary if the City of Burbank had enforced parking and kept some parking opening up in front of these homes.

        • Correction

          Oops! The 900 block is south of Magnolia by the Morphe makeup store.

        • semichorus

          Who is this guy? He sounds like something out of Mark Twain Nathaniel Hawthorne (better example). What, he goes from town to town to help tame their troubles?? Or maybe the Twilight Zone.

          I’m not a big fan of permit parking though. If people are violating the 2-hour rule, the street’s residents should video the evidence and take it down to a council meeting.

  4. chad

    There’s no other reason for developers to “develop” than to make money. That’s their number one motivation. Now, most on CC and Staff and many citizens will say, “What’s wrong with that? It’s the American Way!!!” The response is to say that Los Angeles is strewn with failed developments that have made the quality of life here next to impossible. For decades LA has been a place for developers to run amuck and we live with the crappy consequences of these decisions every damn day. Currently, our CC is comprised of three retirees, 1/2 retiree, and a small businessman. The majority of the CC see their “legacy” as standing at the ribbon cutting ceremonies wearing construction hats for the photo op. Change is good!!!! A lot of staff are young and careerists. Do you honestly think that when they are looking for another job they’r going to put on their resume, “Worked with neighborhood groups to stop Talaria development?” No. They will list all the projects that were in fact “developed.” That’s how they get ahead. Meanwhile, we are left with the mess of congestion, littered landscapes, oppressive architecture big on ego short on humanity. Money and careers. That’s always the default.

    • semichorus

      Yep. And they can’t even do these projects right. That’s the worst part of it.

      Look at all the great architecture that goes into West Hollywood or Culver City now. And then look at what Burbank gets.

      Someone with brains and imagination for instance could build a fantastic looking airport terminal that they all worked to get in by hook or by crook. But you know that will never happen. And why is that?

  5. Marcos M.

    The Mike and Roy SHOW from Burbank

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