Lock her up!







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11 responses to “Lock her up!

  1. Anonymous

    el motel in trouble with over bloated pensions now, when will this type of corruption hit hard in Burbank ? Nepotism and corruption at its best in Southern California. The size or population of El Monte is about the same as that of Burbank

  2. Anonymous

    It won’t be the last example of irony with this “presidency”.

  3. Mark

    California and California local government if filled with corruption and needs to be cleaned up. California is becoming an entire area of decline and we need ro stop letting these Bell situations occur. Think Burbank is clean ? Think about the fifty thousand that was spent on Measure B.

  4. Joclynn

    The real Councilman Fruitoes stnds up. The man knows so little about Burbank that he needs to google Burbank and check out what Burbank is on Wikepedia. We need councilmen who know and understand Burbank representing us.

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