If only Burbank had its own moratorium on the ballot


Aside from even suggesting placement of a rent control ordinance on the local ballot, nothing would infuriate the landed gentry around here more than to have Burbank’s own version of the following. This one’s pegged for the LA municipal ballot in March.

From Ballotpedia:

An initiative to restrict General Plan amendments and development, Measure S, will be on the ballot for voters in Los Angeles, California, on March 7, 2017.[1]

This initiative is known as the “Neighborhood Integrity” Initiative. It was originally proposed for inclusion on the ballot during the election on November 8, 2016. But proponents announced that they would seek to put it before voters on March 7, 2017, instead. Some changes were made between the version of the initiative proposed for the November 2016 ballot and the initiative proposed for the March 2017 election.[2]

A “yes” vote is a vote in support of imposing a moratorium on construction that increases development density for up to two years and prohibits project-specific amendments to the city’s General Plan, thereby restricting the size and number of development projects.

A “no” vote is a vote to reject the initiative, leaving the city council and city planning officials with authority to grant changes to the city’s General Plan for proposed development projects.

There was a competing measure in November that was sponsored by the building industry and labor unions and designed to pre-empt what they knew was coming with the above. Its intention was to water down the strictness of this upcoming Measure S and then throw a sop to the voters in the form of incentivizing what they love to call “affordable housing.”

It’ll be fun to see which one prevails. Sentimental concern about “affordable” housing btw is what is being used by the pro-development people to help usher in these horrible mega-projects. It’s a national trend that should be seen for what it truly is: just phony pretext for big growth. So don’t be fooled.

In the good news department, how is Burbank planning to handle the new California law that incentivizes more granny flats? It removes some (but not all, alas) of the various hurdles and legal nonsense that towns like Burbank have been putting up to hinder the expansion of these once-fine additions to the local housing landscape.

Before the churls and intolerants took over Burbank used to be the proud Land of Granny Flats. Hopefully it will soon be again.




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16 responses to “If only Burbank had its own moratorium on the ballot

  1. Anonymous

    Granny flats lead to increased population density. Which some people think is bad. Certainly you have railed against apartment projects on just that reason.

  2. Judy

    There are now Burbank city council terms elections coming up in Burbank city and I wish Ted McKonkey would move back here and run again to win. He was on city council for many years when he was important here and then I heard he retired and moved away. I am retired also as a teacher and so I know better then other people He had more support than all other city council people of now and ever. He should come back and beat any other person by a hundred percent easy. Every person would want him on city council today.

    • semichorus

      Ted died about a dozen years ago, alas. The Berlins retired and moved to Georgia, which still somehow makes them a convenient punching bag for Rogers et al.

      We’re the last of the Mohicans.

      • Anonymous

        This is sad news for Burbank city that he has died. I met him one day and found out He had been a professor and was very honored. Do they have a tribute of honor for him now or something to remember him

  3. Burbank Person

    Lisa Frank an Assistant Planner of the Burbank Community Development Dept. presents how ‘mixed-use’ development is the greatest thing slice sliced bread.

    • semichorus

      Yeah. The greatest thing for the developer class. They get to foist thousands of cheaply built “multi-residential” housing into these credulous towns.

      I’ve said it before. Burbank already has tons of apartments. Well more than 50 percent of its population lives in them. That means Burbank has no moral, social, economic, or ethical requirement to add more. We’re not Bradbury or San Marino.

      Anyone who piously declares the opposite is lying, and in the service of the outside developers.

      • Al in SoCal

        “I’ve said it before. Burbank already has tons of apartments. Well more than 50 percent of its population lives in them.”

        Not disputing this – but are there any stats from the city online about ownership percentages vs renters, etc etc?

        • semichorus

          They may have some rough figures, but the only thing I’m aware of is the last Census– which woefully under-reported the percentage of tenants in Burbank. So many never turned in the form or met with the census taker.

    • This is one of the more important videos Jack has posted in awhile. It’s very important to note Burbank, Magnolia and Olive corridors where we’ll eventually see 8 story mixed-use near affecting thousands of homes. This is one of many fights we need to stay out in front of.

      • BurbankBuddy

        that bimbo couldnt even name those 3 major streets that will be impacted. Wanna bet she, like her boss Prescott, and his predecessor, doesnt even LIVE in Burbank? That mixed use on Verdugo across from CVS seems dead in the water. Partially built,, Wanna bet the developer ran outta $$$. Wanna bet that will happen more and more? I was over at Barnes and Noble on San Fern.. wow , they really want to cram almost 800 units over there??? not including the space across from Flappers too? sure , bikes for everyone!

        • CornFused

          The one across from the new prestigious “Grocery Outlet”? I wasn’t aware that was mix use. I see them working on it from time to time, but it has taken longer than usual to get it opened.

  4. Al in SoCal

    This building moratorium is unrestricted growth in reverse – extremism in the opposite direction.

    We have municipal elections in order for residents to choose which path to take the city. If you want the above – then vote for candidates that will take you there. We have a Planning Commission – have you applied? Complain about the current commission makeup – complain during the selection process. Write letters to the council … This is how to get things done – not wistfully thinking of fallow fields that will never move the dialogue towards reality.

    Thankfully Granny Flat code mitigation is a done deal – completed at the state level. Really nothing municipalities can do.

  5. Jo

    The Burbank Planning Commission is a bunch o no brain wonders who would not find a pencil in broad daylight if their life depended on it. Non one in their right mind would want to sit with that group.

  6. Rawhide

    Dr. Gordon pushes back on mixed use

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