Where are my kumquats!





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7 responses to “Where are my kumquats!

  1. Roy Simison

    And here I thought you were talking about the 2017 Burbank float. I believe that is taken care of.

  2. BurbankBuddy

    ugly float this year, really? Angry Birds is the best they can come up woth? although Jess and Rogers looks like an angry birds at most Council meetings

  3. Anonymous

    I see a few Frutoes signs look like all are on property of developers, chamber members and at the homes of colaborators who also want to deatroy neighborhoods. Funny how the destructive crooks all ban together for their own gain with Fruitoes.

    • Anonymous 91505

      Every time I see one of those Fruitos signs I take note of who has that obscenity in front of their house or business. To me they fall into the book of the ignorant or the on the take.

      • Ann

        Councilman Frutos is a complete disappointment and while I voted for him before I will NOT vote for him again. In my home we call him Frutos the empty promise man. Don’t think he will learn how to pronounce names in another 4 years so don’t vote for him again.

  4. Burbank Person

    Get ’em Greg…

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