So why weren’t they all there?


It would figure that Burbank’s biggest goy didn’t show up to the lighting the menorah ceremony downtown.


He often proves his un-soulfulness every Tuesday night, and so no surprise there really. But he and most of the rest of this group could use a lot more of that enlightened influence. When we went to Muir in the late 1960s it was reputed to be about 40 percent Jewish, and we were all the better for it.


Some scuttlebutt this morning about how the Burbank Rose Parade float didn’t get any prizes. Those float people work hard for months and so it’s not very fair of course, but if you’d been noticing the trend with the winners now as we have it’s become pretty obvious that they need to start picking a more mawkish and exploitative subject.

Victimization on display was big this year, and so Burbank needs to get away from all of their normal happy-time stuff. A float that celebrates rescue dogs trained as therapy animals for childhood cancer patients raised by sexual abuse victims would easily sweep the boards. If they can tie it in to a current TV show they might even get it all paid for.

Advertise the whole thing being bolted together by “military grade hardware” and the competition won’t stand a chance. Even Sierra Madre. Bring in those Shriners kids to put on top and they’ll be stopping traffic. No one would make it past Raymond.

Also, anyone else notice La Canada’s bitchiness about JPL? They still haven’t gotten over Pasadena snatching it away from them 40 years ago. The Wikipedia entry on this is inaccurate, btw: LCF used to casually claim possession back when it was unincorporated, and the press always acknowledged the same. But Pasadena asserted its rightful territorial claim when LTC incorporated itself in the mid-1970s. JPL’s in Pasadena.

Anyone else remember how it was that years ago nobody wanted to have much to do with La Canada? Dan Evans could never figure out why part of that town goes to Glendale schools. The reason’s simple: it’s because most of the area was considered to be a dive. When it started to become nice there were territorial squabbles.

There was also a problem seen with La Canada and Flintridge kids having to go to the closest nearby high school district, which back then was (gulp) Pasadena.




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