There’s more to local history than the standard cast of characters


Yvon Chouinard in his Burbank workshop. Early 60s.




His first one was in his parents’ backyard. He grew up in Burbank after moving with his family from France in the mid-1940s.




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6 responses to “There’s more to local history than the standard cast of characters

  1. Peter

    Great post, semi. He is another along those lines. You can find the inventors around the 23-minute mark of this 59-minute video of LOST BURBANK:

  2. Slim

    eric rosoff
    This is my next installment of why you should ask anyone running for council to define their position on the current status of BPD
    You’re being told by the Chief (as supported by the Council) that BPD was (and apparently still is) besieged by a long standing culture of what OIR refers to as “cowboy” cops. However, the facts clearly suggest otherwise.
    Consider that the force piece of the scandal was exposed INTERNALLY by a rank and file culture of officers willing to step over “the thin blue line” to clearly say, “this behavior is not ok at BPD”
    Now consider that of the 10 officers who were eventually fired by this Chief, four were overturned on appeal or litigation. (Two of these cases cost taxpayers over $2 million dollars in wrongful termination suits.)
    Last consider that after exhaustive investigations by the FBI and LASD, there were no criminal charges or additional allegations. There were no press conferences parading more victims of police abuse, no picketing the station.. nothing that would support the “cowboy culture” the Chief and Council are still asking you to believe as part of the “reform narrative.”
    The BPD scandal was tragic. That said, the force allegations all boil down to an isolated series of events that were internally exposed and resulted in those culpable being fired. These allegations also clearly revealed the need for meaningful outside audits of critical systems such as the use of force. Regardless of what you’re being told, we still don’t have that.

    • semichorus

      Not sure how much was “internally exposed.” It was publicity over the Portos debacle that got this going, added to by a couple of informants who were mad about being dicked around for reasons not related to discrimination/brutality accusations.

      Burbank got ahead of the FBI by beginning to address the problems first. The stories had also gotten so convoluted that no one could figure out who had done what. The city’s outside attorneys also did a good job in clouding the issue by recommending that management discredit potential witnesses through pre-emptive disciplinary actions. That’s actually standard practice — you make someone look bad by telling people they’re a bad employee, and then their word suddenly means little or nothing.

      As to the cowboys, who then stole my car right after I started blogging about the BPD? They dumped it five blocks away over on Spazier. A totally professional job btw– no scratch marks anywhere. Someone knew what they were doing there, and if it been your regular sort of thief it would have ended up in a chop shop instead (a Honda Accord.)

    • Anonymous

      The federal Justice Department dropped their investigation of BPD because there were “no credible witnesses.” I understand that all these witnesses who lack credibility are Burbank cops. Just because they pulled off a successful cover up does not mean there are no “cowboys” or much worse,

      • semichorus

        I’m not aware of them citing a specific reason. They just closed it and made no recommendation to prosecute. Their letter to the CA was only about 20 words long.

        The city’s outside attorneys did a good job in completely confusing the story. I’d love to see the full report.

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