Without any redeeming qualities



You’ve been warned. And whose fault will it be?



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14 responses to “Without any redeeming qualities

  1. Anonymous

    “Enemies”? Sounds Nixonian. MAGA indeed.

  2. chad

    He isn’t very smart is he.

  3. Anonymous

    Well for those who have worked hard to destroy America it is a somber time but for the rest of us it is MAGA

  4. Al in SoCal

    I see he’s really trying to unify us!! Right? Maybe one day ..

  5. DixieFlyer

    Meanwhile, what did Amy Albano lie about on Friday?

    What did Gina O lie about last week?

    What will the Council do about it?

    Cops DO get fired for lying, what about Attorney’s that do it?

    • Anonymous

      Attorneys lie for a living. Where have you been?

      • Dina

        Dixie has quite a point.
        The CA had her evaluation on Friday. Hush hush.
        She never answered Mike Nolan’s question about LIES.
        Which Council Members will speak up next meeting?
        Does the Mayor dare to push for a responce?
        The question is still hanging.
        Amy said she’d answer. She failed to do so.
        Another lie.

        • semichorus

          She had an actual employee review on Friday, basically New Year’s Eve? What an odd time to bring everyone in.

        • Jennifer Jean

          Nobody ever answered Mike Nolan about the
          merchant who supposedly pooped at
          Romancing The Bean.
          Can you imagine all those slobs not clearing
          the guy falsely accused?
          What a bunch of losers!
          Shame on them leaving that guy hanging.
          “Bunch of weirdos!”

  6. Anony Miss

    Trump says the craziest things. Socially inappropriate is his middle name.
    People are so desperate for change that they are forced to ignore his comments.

  7. Citizen Cane

    Go Trump!

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