But Burbank went out of its way to CREATE cut-through traffic by extending Empire


Hilarious. What else did they expect? We were against the extension from the beginning, and knew what would happen.

By extending Empire up onto the Hill, the City of Burbank deliberately sought to funnel Flatland traffic into the once-quiet Hillside/North Glenoaks neighborhood.

So what are they complaining about? They’re actually trying to blame Caltrans for their own intentional act. The big problem is Burbank’s inane (and Flatland-favoritism) decision to run Empire onto the Hill.

The old original late-50s freeway/surface street design brilliantly kept Lockheed traffic away from everyone else. Grismer congestion would not be an upcoming problem but for this new reality. Hillside people always got on/off near there anyway.

Only the oldtimers remember the horrors of what we used to call “Lockheed traffic.” That’s too bad. But at least now we’ve got “Change”!



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33 responses to “But Burbank went out of its way to CREATE cut-through traffic by extending Empire

  1. Anonymous

    They just figured that out? How long have the plans been on the books.

    • semichorus

      They’ll just refuse to admit it.

      Extending Empire under the freeway and up to SF Blvd. was an accident waiting to happen. This bullshit claim in the Leader today too by staff that the new Caltrans on-ramp thing is what’s problematical for Grismer is ridiculous, because Hill people always got on and off the freeway in that area. No, any future Grismer problems will be caused by the EMPIRE extension!

      In the old days Burbank went out of its way to keep Lockheed traffic near Lockheed and away from the Hill. That explains the old and quite functional set-up. The freeway was seen as a now convenient blockade.

      Btw– when’s Burbank going to finally install the Verdugo Ave R/R crossing? We’ve been promised it for what– like about 50 years now? It would sure drain off some of that new IKEA hassle, let alone the wacky and limited access to downtown from the west.

  2. BURBANK Bukkake

    All this mess stems from the obsession with carpool lanes..ever see that stammering Asian dude from Caltrans try to explain it all st s Council meeting. Sorta reminds me of Rogers. Speaking of, there is great video of Will on that Burbank Facebook page. Hurry , before talamantes son takes it down. It is what we call in the biz the reversal shot. The A camera is i the public speaker , i this case David spell addressing the theft of 50,000 of Burbank money. The B camera, in this case shot by cellphone , shows Will and Luddy on their own phones, texting away, ignoring the concerns of a voter ..the video shot i cellphone was Emmy worthy compared to the piece of crap Citizen Will played a few year ago at a meeting attacking Gordon. Now Will, we know you read this blog. Just remember, you were the default candidate, the anti Rizzotti choice. You boast you walked to 100s of homes to get votes. Be of the the overweight ,chainsmoker you are, I doubt that.

    • semichorus

      The Spell incident is proof that the critics might have been right about the whole Operation itself — which is quite the problem for Rogers to handle adequately, especially if he’d thought it was ok to do, and/or also knew about it at the time. So he resorts to his customary arrogance.

      Does he smoke? If so didn’t know that.

    • Anonymous

      Rogers printed and distributed over 20,000 pieces of campaign literature. He started in Oct and did not take a break except for a few days around Christmas and New Years, right up to election day. He and his campaign team knocked on over 20,000 doors.

      If you don’t like the truth of the matter, tough fucking luck.

      • semichorus

        That’s what it took for him to win, eh? Yes, and this mass love affair swept him into office.

        Gordon didn’t need such promotional effort.

        • Anonymous

          Saint Gordon has the NIMBYs and those who fear change voting for him. That whole Dr. No schtick suits him.

          Meanwhile, you used to credit Kramer with the whole walk the entire city concept, as if it were something to be envied.

          Doesn’t count when Rogers does it? Hypocrite.

          Rogers came in first because he used to write a very popular column in the local newspaper and he is thus trusted by a large number of Burbank voters.

          And your endorsement had nothing to do with it.

          • semichorus

            I never envied him. It’s just that Bob did it first (along with Ted and Mike N. and Howard and several others earlier, for ROAR. Or Stavropoulos for “Measure C.”)

            My push on the “Young Life” story helped Rogers beyond belief. And he knows it. I’m the one who brought it forward– no one else.

          • BURBANK Bukkake

            Easy Will, most voters don’t recall your column from that flaccid shell of a once great paper . You won by default.. no one liked Rizzotti, Sharon Springer was/is too progressive for Burbank and Juan Guillen is just not literate enough to win over voters. So, yes , you won by default. And as I recall, DR “No” endorsed YOU to be vice mayor, ass, even after your smeared him with that dumb video …

            • semichorus

              Good points I think, yes. I like Springer for that reason.

              • Anonymous

                Daniel Yadon just tore Will a new one (on the Pufferfish’s private fb City of Burbank group page) over the council’s inaction on the Angel email fiasco. It’s gonna get hot over there!!

                • semichorus

                  I’m sure the copfuckers over there will garland that stupid statue on Third Street with more of their ribbons and bows. The situation’s particularly offensive when you consider how many other BPD employees were disciplined for less.

                  Rogers don’t care. And he thinks those that do are fools and stiffs.

                  • DixieFlyer

                    And……….the follower thought so much of the gaff that they used up
                    valuable (?) front page space with a large photo.

              • Anonymous

                Juan Guillen is not literate enough to win over voters? Possibly, he is not vociferous enough but, not being literate enough is a huge misjudgement in my opinion. Don’t underestimate the guy. There are major brains between those ears. I heard him speak once and I was blown away.
                He would actually be a very interesting council person. He would, oh so kindly, expose the misdeeds of the cut throats members on the panel. Personally, I’d love to watch.

        • Al in SoCal

          Please … Dr. Gordon won because of a split. Yes he won .. like Trump did – without a majority (the 1st time).

          As you’ve duly noted – once you’re in – you don’t have to do so much to stay in.

  3. The Empire extension will probably be used more by hill people to get to the Empire Center than flatland people to get to the hillside.

  4. Citizen Cane

    It’s all about tax revenue for the city. Who cares that the Empire Center was built in a bottle neck, it is about revenue screw the quality of life in Burbank. It is like the police departments use of motor cycle cops and meter maids. The motor cycle cops write tickets for revenue. Meter maids bring in revenue too for writing parking violations that are minor.

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