The anti-Kardashians



Such notions of course being anathema to the modern corporate media — which is one reason why you’ll never hear this from them — but Debbie Reynolds and her family deserve a tremendous amount of credit for showing such class and dignity over their recent tragedy.

They knew from the beginning that the medical prospects for Carrie Fisher were bleak, and yet they refused to vulgarize or self-promote themselves or the situation in any way. They also didn’t want to ruin anyone else’s Christmas.

Imagine what the media would have done if they’d chosen otherwise.





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11 responses to “The anti-Kardashians

  1. chad

    I have to Ashby more time…

    • semichorus

      Interesting isn’t it how Shampoo gets forgotten, whereas Star Wars is “iconic”? I’ve heard so much blathering idiocy today from these millennial himbos and bimbos on TV that I could just scream. It was a fucking affectionate parody of a space opera, for chrissakes. By a movie fan.

      Who’d a thought.

      Where are the adults? WHERE ARE THE ADULTS?

      • Norm

        The adults Semichorus voted for Trump while those you talk about roasted marsmallows over twinkies at protests

        • Al in SoCal

          Actually Norm, the adults in the room prefer someone other than a pandered to spoiled 70+ year old man who acts a third his age. I could go down the list again suffice to say. So “adult in the room” – not so much.

          Question for those adults – would you leave him alone with your 18 y/o daughter?? LOL … sure you would (and we’re not talking about Bill – we are talking about who YOU voted for)

  2. chad

    Yeh, and those people roasting marshmallows outnumbered the Trump voters by 3 million. Good luck with that, Norm.

    • DixieFlyer

      Luck isn’t enough these days.

      As most of us learned in school, the Electoral College applies here.

      They already voted for Pres-Elect Donald Trump.

      By counting marshmallows you can keep busy, please do.

      Meanwhile, the rest of us have a Country to run–OURS.

      Should you still feel glum (after you’re done counting) you could go
      to Morning (or mourning) Mass on January 20th.

      We care about you, chad.

      Just a little less since the Election.

    • Norm

      Not certain about your 3 million since most of them came from california where we allow illegals to get drivers liscenses and send everyone of them a voters registration application along with their liscense. Don’t believe it ? It is true I have not only seen it but have talked to some people who not only mailed the card in to register but because it came from the state they believe it is legal for them to vote. So think twice on your 3 million stats Chad.

      • Al in SoCal

        The “Christians” who breathe nothing but hate. Truly doubtful the one they seem to worship would agree with them.

  3. chad

    Let’s talk two years from now.

  4. chad

    Let’s assume Norm is correct for argument’s sake. The number of “illegals” voting is far outweighed by the number of legally registered voters whose votes were systematically suppressed throughout the Southeast. And we all know that it isn’t Republican votes being suppressed.

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