The question of the year: Why are outside business interests being allowed to help govern Burbank?

A corollary question also arises. Why is the City of Burbank actively allowing outside business interests to become a part of its local governing process?

One of our big interests next year will be to explore exactly why this has been happening, and then to help do something about it. It’s been the root cause of many if not most of our city’s current problems.

Specifically right now:

— What purpose does this obviously now suspect “Burbank Hospitality Association” serve in the first place, and why are outsiders being allowed to both craft its governing policy and direct its administration? It appears to be built in to the intent of the group.

— Why does City Attorney Albano go out of her way to claim (obviously ludicrously, and with no legal citation as backup) that the Burbank City Charter’s blanket prohibition on non-resident board and commission members only applies to groups that were in existence at the time of the Charter’s adoption or amendation periods, and thus it is perfectly ok for the city council to now authorize non-resident membership and voting rights on newly formed boards and commissions?

— What position will this new so-called “Sustainable Burbank Commission” (which does contain non-resident voting members) play in the promotion of future building projects in Burbank?

— What rough percentage of “Leadership Burbank ” and Burbank Chamber of Commerce members don’t live in Burbank?

Lots on the table for next year. A legal success with the upcoming FPPC complaint should embolden future dissent.



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6 responses to “The question of the year: Why are outside business interests being allowed to help govern Burbank?

  1. Anonymous

    What do Leadership Burbank and the Chamber have to do with your jihad? They are not public entities.

    • semichorus

      Tell that to staff. Or the council majority. Leadership Burbank is the old-boy network in new dress, treated by staff for years like the ideal training ground for new arrivals and other innocents.

      Bottom line is, most of them ain’t Burbankers either. Same with the Chamber. So why are they allowed such oversized influence?

  2. 91505

    It is true Leadership Burbank would vanish if not for Burbank Tax Payer funds pouring into it. They need to cut this cord and spend the money on Burbank infrastructure

  3. DixieFlyer

    Leadership Burbank is a front group for City Mothers and Fathers.

  4. chad

    It is an odd arrangement indeed. I’m going to agree with 91505.

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