FPPC to investigate $50,000 city contribution to pro-airport political committee

Burbank Viewpoints is reporting today that the Fair Political Practices Commission has agreed to investigate a formal complaint from earlier in the month that the City of Burbank made an illegal campaign contribution to an Airport political action committee that was intended to help pass the so-called “Measure B” terminal plan.

FPPC will investigate Visit Burbank’s $50k donation to Yes on B

Now about that related Brown Act violation…

(The City of course will lose this one very quickly, and there also won’t be any consequences imposed by the council on the people responsible, especially the city attorney.

Instead, it’ll be 4-1 “attaboys” all around. A job well done. We’ve already seen how smug Rogers has been about it.)



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20 responses to “FPPC to investigate $50,000 city contribution to pro-airport political committee

    • semichorus


      Like they think #4 removes city jurisdiction over a TBID/PBID? There’s no way they can “disestablish” the relationship, especially when the public agency collects the actual money still AND is only recommending this action in order to get out of their legal predicament to make such behavior obviously justifiable in the future.

      Why else then seek to “disestablish” now? It’s in case they want to keep doing it!

      These people just don’t get it. They are so fucking arrogant. And it wasn’t ignorance of “the Brown Act” and lack of “training” that caused this legal debacle. It was deliberate.

      This City needs to learn the hard way that enforced-collection TBID funds are PUBLIC MONIES no matter who they get to slice them up or where. And always will be. Otherwise, if they don’t like it, they can just shut the TBID down and allow the hotels to get together privately and promote. Get Ashley to run it.

      But if the TBID wants to maintain its taxing authority it can’t somehow go more “semi” private, as the staff report recommends. It’ll accomplish nothing.

      So how about some terminations here, eh council majority? You can start with that arrogant and dishonest scapegoater CA of yours.

      Imagine them trying to blame low-level staff for this. Her official report on this to the council is ridiculous, and will only hurt the city if the FPPC sees their thinking and strategizing here about slipping the TBID into private “disestablished” hiding.

      • Anonymous

        Howl away. I know there is no stopping you. But nothing is going to come of this. Including the FPPC.

        If the FPPC decides there is nothing there, will you drop it?

        And HOW is the CA liable for termination in this?

  1. Posting a comment here on Semichorus is seen by a lot of people but if you’d like to let the council know how you feel about this consider using the eComment system. Don’t forget to the council to read your comment out loud at the meeting. Here are instructions: http://webcontent.granicusops.com/content/burbank/ecomments-ug.pdf

  2. Citizen Cane

    Wow! People to be fired or brought up on criminal charges for using public money in a campaign. I can’t think of any instance where this would be acceptable unless in places like Chicago and California.

    • semichorus

      There will be no repercussions here for Burbank.

      Hell, they had an assistant police chief use the city email system to send bigoted political messages and warnings to his friends (and who knows how many of his fellow employees), and the big lesson that came out of it for them was that maybe they should LOOSEN the rules on personal emails at work.

      You can’t make this stuff up. It’s a vile and stupid town.

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