Why hasn’t the Leader followed up on this atrocious story?


Remember this headline of theirs from last spring? They actually broke the story:




How about this one from later on?




So how come when this same “auditor” comes back with a chortling little whitewash of the City of Burbank it doesn’t get a story? Gennaco’s behavior on Tuesday night only confirmed what the old line cops had always been saying about him. He’s strictly CYA.**

And when you consider that Angel’s behavior was actually worse than what several other BPD employees had gotten punished for by these same two parties of LaChasse and city management, what can you say?


** Or better, how about typical White Guy?



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5 responses to “Why hasn’t the Leader followed up on this atrocious story?

  1. Don

    Why no story ? Maybe a little extra advertising from the city made the Leader lose interest in the story.

  2. Anonymous

    Talamantes has hushed it up. With cash bribes.

    • DixieFlyer

      More stupidity.

      Lately, it seems as if commenters from the City of Burbank blog are lost.

      Meanwhile, the follower didn’t bother to provide reporters for the Joint
      Police/City Council meeting OR the Burbank School Board Meeting.

      They not only miss the impacts of the meetings, they forego the chance
      to speak with the players who attend or speak at the meetings.

      When Citizens attended meetings not that long ago, the Department Heads were present and many problems were solved right then.

      Reporters could actually report outcomes, AND spell names.

      Daily News has it RIGHT–Local News Matters.

      Shouldn’t the follower start following???

  3. Anonymous

    Can you say LaChasse cover up, city manager cover up, city atty cover up

    how can the leader of bpd not be held accountable like he claims he holds others OIR is paid by the city, how independent really are they?

    ask the bpoa for the complete survey … you’ll see the damming evidence of piss poor morale in the department.

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