What’s wrong with this picture (and headline)?




We’ve been saying for years that Glendale is the next big trouble spot. If you can’t automatically see what the problem is here, that means you’re part of it.

Glendale’s never been a town that’s cared much about an issue like this. The new arrivals are apathetic (or worse), and the old line has never thought there’s anything wrong.



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11 responses to “What’s wrong with this picture (and headline)?

  1. Dan

    Texas just put Donald J Trump over the top with electoral votes!!!!!!

    God Bless the USA and MERRY CHRISTMAS to AMERICA !!!

  2. Anonymous

    Let me guess. They are all white?

  3. chad

    It’s outrageous in this day and age that so few women are being hired as firefighters let alone being promoted.

    • Anonymous

      They can’t lift the load or the ladders. Women cops only have their gun to defend themselves. It’s a bad idea for the sake of equality to put a women in harms way. Everybody was outraged in the San Berdino killings that a woman was involved and left her children to die for her cause. So we celebrate women going into combat?

    • Larry

      Chad if anyone will change that it will be Trump. It sure wasn’t changed by Obama and won’t be changed by Jerry Brown.

  4. Anonymous

    Some one should do an email public records request on Burbank Fire similar to what was done to BPD. The good old boys club … I wonder what the results would be …

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