But is it just “hacked emails”?


Since no one in the corporate media is asking this question, and since the lead Democrat on the issue is from Burbank, we’re going to ask it again:

When reports came out last week that the CIA had determined Russia tried “to influence” the last election, does this mean that they just engaged in going after email accounts? Or is there evidence that they attempted to do something else besides?

The media is herd-like glomming onto the “leaked emails” story because that’s what they do. We also suspect that they’re deliberately avoiding any mention of other more sinister possibilities because — well — that’s what they always do as well. They’re going to avoid going after anything more suggestive, at least if doing so is against the interests of a Republican.

But if this were Hillary of course they’d be demanding her resignation. The Office is compromised!

So what is it. The mass presumption here is that this is just about “emails.” But is that an accurate one?





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7 responses to “But is it just “hacked emails”?

  1. Anonymous

    It’s true that if Putin had intervened in the election to HRC’s benefit, the Rethugs would be demanding her resignation immediately.

  2. Al in SoCal

    What’s even more interesting / disturbing is the conversion from what were conservative hawks on Russia now falling over themselves to send letters of love & appreciation to Putin and his dictatorial regime.

    Let’s remember Iraq War excuse #45 – horrible dictators must be removed .. unless they help their American replicant take office that is.

    I think it’s quite wonderful that in the span of only 3 weeks Trump trashed a 40 year old globally recognized policy regarding China resulting in a fly-by of a nuclear-delivery capable plane and prompted Chinese conservative media (yes they have it too) to go on the warpath.

    I’m taking vegas odds that give Trump 90 days before the first launch.

  3. chad

    Al, the Chinese just pirated a US war ship in international waters…

  4. Citizen Cane

    Hell, Obama gave the Muslim Brotherhood 200 M-1 Abrams tanks and several State of the art jet fighters. How many of those tanks do you think ended up being sold to the Chinese and Russians? In Iraq and Afghanistan, there was a protocol on what to do when an M-1 became disabled or destroyed. It was defended until it could be removed or destroyed so Tech would not be captured. The Muslim Brotherhood, a terrorist organization next to Israel, given all that military hardware. Amazing! A Hillary and Barak finalized diplomatic deal during the Arab Spring. How did that work out?

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