Personal, or political?


We suspect politics, with anything else being used as pretext.

News that the band teacher at BHS was suddenly suspended this week has got us to looking at his academic background. Classically trained and qualified, he’s way too good for Burbank and the kind of crap they shove out of their “acclaimed” vocal music program.


Mr. Stanley earned his BA in Music Summa cum Laude from UCLA in 1995, majoring in French Horn with Richard Todd. He received his Master of Music in Orchestral Conducting from California State University, Long Beach in 2007, where he studied under Dr. Richard Rintoul. He has also studied conducting with Kenneth Kiesler, Marin Alsop, Donald Neuen, and Keith Brion.

In addition to directing the Instrumental Music program at Burbank High School, Mr. Stanley currently serves as Assistant Conductor of both the Burbank Philharmonic Orchestra and the New Valley Symphony. He will conduct Beethoven’s Eroica Symphony with the Burbank Phil in November 2016. Previously, he was Conductor of the Pipe Dream Flute Ensemble, a Los Angeles-based flute choir. He has also been Assistant Conductor with numerous groups, including orchestras at Idyllwild Arts, the Colburn School, and Cal State Long Beach.


So is it problems, big problems, or pedagogy? That whole damn school and its music department was in the middle of a huge copyright infringement lawsuit, with the principal sitting at center stage. They’re out for vengeance and scapegoating.





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21 responses to “Personal, or political?

  1. Mom

    Perhaps he refused to teach using common core or refused to teach music and band with an ipad.

  2. BHA insider

    Burbank High is a deep dark pit of favoritism and stupidity. So much wrong there this blog would max out on space if people started to let it all come out.

    • semichorus

      So I’ve heard. It was never the same after that Village Christian asshole took over in the late 90s.

      I suspect personal reprisal and retaliation here. Right before the Xmas program? What happened- not enough religious-themed music? Too much highbrow?

      “Insubordination” over curriculum differences? Something on that level?

      Tresona settled their lawsuit. I wonder what was in the preliminary BHS depositions. This teacher better have done something REAL to warrant such an adverse and public action.

      I suspect if it’s a police issue we’d already know about it. Any ideas, BHS people?

  3. Edwin

    I heard the teacher helped the Russians pick the songs the band played. Those Russians picked copyrighted songs just to get the teacher out of there. The Russians are eveeywhere now.

  4. D.L. Ramirez

    ****M E R R Y ^^^^ C H R I S T M A S****

  5. chad

    It’s business, Semi. Strictly business.

  6. Carlos A

    What happened to the American Latino vote in the election ? #Latinos4Trump answers the question. We do not want to be divided, we want the American Dream protected and preserved and it is our time to stand up for our country. #LATINOS4TRUMP

    • Jose



      • DixieFlyer

        Carlos & Jose, thank you for your hard work.

        YOU have already made a difference.

        Your ongoing efforts to present your views of our Nation and past efforts to insure the circulation of essential news are welcome.

        This blog also has an essential role to play here in Burbank.

        While not Official, this blog oft times covers news and topics that are
        generally ignored by our local community news–the “follower”.

        We had a Joint Police Commission-City Council Meeting last night.

        ZERO in today’s “paper”.

        Please keep us posted.

    • RJ

      The truth about the election that these self proclaimed progressives don’t get is that what they consider progressive is regressive when it comes to personal freedom. Regressive liberals have tried to kill Americanism and replace it with gliobalism and safe spaces. America has awakened and we are angry about being told what to do all the time. We are saying knock it off and we mean it.

      • semichorus

        Yes– like the Oklahoma GOP Legislature now requiring anti-abortion signs in RESTROOMS. After they already tried to ban them illegally.


        You people are all fucking morons. Stay the hell away from the rest of us.

  7. Alpha Dog

    I could not be happier that Hillary lost, but the Trump cabinet is a mixed bag. There are some actual conservatives that have been selected, however the rest are establishment creeps like the Goldman Treasury guy. He’s a George Soros buddy. Now Tillerson is a climatechange globalwarmer. Trump campaigned against this crap. I’m not sure how this is all going to play out, but you MAGA people need to temper your enthusiasm. Trump just may break your hearts.

    I love watching on FOX News (which I watch) how they are saying “this cabinet is more conservative than Reagan’s in 1980”. Don’t you believe it for one second. If you do than you don’t know the history.

    God bless and Merry Christmas.

  8. Tim

    I am watching the council show and these guys don’t know what they are talking about with police and police problems. I think the police have never stopped these guys that are talking. When police have stopped you and they have stopped me before you know by how they talk to you and stuff if they are being racist or not. Ok so if they stop me and I know I was soeeding I know they are not doing it because they are racist but sometimes they could stop you and it’s like they don’t know why and they just start looking to invent something and get mad if they don’t find anything. These guys need to have that happen and then they would know what they are talking about. I had that happen a couple of times and it is not right when police do that.

    • semichorus

      They’re called pretextual stops. And they’re illegal– which could be easily discovered if the BPD had CAMERAS.

      This council — and Burbank in general — is horribly credulous and clueless.

  9. Jay

    Listening to The Luggage Emily reply to the public and what a condescending witch. She may say she watches her words but she really watches to keep them shady and snide.

    • BURBANK Bukkake

      She has always been haughty like that. Always trying to act like the smartest in the room.. next year will be a nightmare with Rogers as mayor and her as vice. Oy.

      • DixieFlyer

        Let us not jump to a conclusion on next year.

        Wee Little Rogers has no “lock” on the Chair.

        Even though the poor excuse for a Community Newspaper is still printing there is an Election coming up.

        Sound minds may still prevail.

        Health concerns also have a roll to play.

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