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  1. Anobymous

    They do not really make 25% more when the union nabs cash out of every paycheck they get.

    • semichorus

      The union earns every penny of their dues because they WORK for the employee to GET that better pay.

      Try doing it on your own, moron. “Oh Mr. Bossman, please give me a raise!”


      I despise you Republican assholes, and deeply resent your destructive stupidity. You’re also hypocrites, because Burbank was BUILT on union jobs.

  2. chad

    Okay Anon, union workers make 20% more than non-union workers and are represented in negotiations, are given due process and enjoy a far better benefits package than non-union workers. Is that clear now?

  3. Anonymous

    Excuse me but unions have never stood up to trade deals that outsource their members jobs but they sure take their money in dues and donate to campaigns of politicians that work hard to our source their jobs,

  4. Anonymous

    A government union. No private institutions give out anywhere near the deal they get. Retirement age most cases 50 private 62 cut in benefits if you don’t wait till 65.

    • semichorus

      Not so, lots of private sector jobs pay more than govt; private sector unions have been decimated, when they exist they pay better; and only cops and firemen can retire at 50 now. Not all do.

      It’s part of their deal. YOU want their jobs?

      The solution is not to get rid of GOVT unions. It’s to unionize more private sector workers. Like they used to be.

  5. DixieFlyer

    No value in arguing over Unionized Govmint Workers.for me.

    I’m excited about the Brand New advertiser on MY BURBANK!!!!!

    Fronnie is peddling Sweet Stuff on MY BURBANK.

    Too busy “baggin, it” to allow “comments” anymore on her Blog.

    Plenty of time for City Press Releases.

  6. Citizen Cane

    Unions are good overall. However, there are unions that have abused the public. The union representing the Department of Corrections have the greatest contract ever because they contribute to Democrats in California. These types of contracts are not sustainable as reaping excessive pensions hurts the taxpayers. Burbank has fair pension plans as both the city and the 3 city unions have negotiated fairly over the years. Compromise on both sides works. The state unions have become abusive in benefit packages.

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