A question for Adam Schiff

Now that both it and you are in the news, does this CIA report as mentioned last week in WAPO contain any specific details about how the Russians went about trying to sway the election in favor of Trump, besides the obvious infiltration of DNC and Democratic figures’ email accounts?

How about the classified intelligence briefings that the Gang of Eight have received on this topic?

We haven’t seen anyone yet ask this direct question. The press instead just nibbles around the edges. The official report obviously contains more than just a generalized suspicion about Russian influence. The CIA must have actually found something to back up their reported observations.

To the point … for one, did they try to also hack any voting machines or voting software?

(Schiff can’t hand out any specifics of course. But he can tell us if there’s anything else besides the months-old suspicion about the email/Wikileaks connection. Is there more? Harry Reid has implied as much. But for some reason the MSM won’t ask.)



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19 responses to “A question for Adam Schiff

  1. Anonymous

    Luckily Burbank elections are bought the old fashion way. 50k from a BID is much easier than a hack.

  2. Anonymous

    Surely you jest.

    The CIA must have actually found something out?

    “Meddling in elections?”

    “Fake news?”

    “Secret report?”

    Jeff Bezos?

    Forget Schiff. Call Jayson Blair–he will sort it out,

    • semichorus

      Nice how the Right uses their “fake news” crap to try to impugn this real story.

      Won’t work.

      Is this what you guys do on their other side of the dial? Jack off to each other about psychotic nonsense on Breitbart?

      The Truth Will Out. Eventually. Trump doesn’t stand a chance in the court of historical opinion. Nor do his supporters.

  3. DixieFlyer

    maybe…just maybe. the Fearless Follower will follow-up on your questions?????

    Here is a LOCAL angle for Tmes Community News

    Do they DARE???

    • semichorus

      I know. It’s perfect for them.

      Schiff won’t say anything too juicy right now, but at least they could get an interview.

  4. chad

    I do know Schiff and his staff are extremely upset over Trump’s election. Perversely, I’ll say the US had been trying to sway elections in other countries for a very long time through dubious means.

    • semichorus

      Can you imagine how much work they’re going to have trying to keep the ship afloat. The GOPs going to throw everything they have into the works to gum it up.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t know. Looks like a few of them, important voices, are on the track.

        I have started to wonder if McCain and a few others are plotting to force Trump’s resignation if favor of Pence?

  5. Don

    Russian vote tampering is nothing new on every level. The Russians put Todd Campbell into office in Burbank for those who don’t know or are too blind to see that fact.

  6. Robert

    The truth is that the problem is not where the emails all came from but that they were being written to begin with. Everyone needs to look at the whole picture here and get that we have very real threats and if we do not take them seriously we will see that Trump is not the threat to our way of life. The real threat are these people who want to take freedom away.

    • Steve

      Knife attack ? See we should ban guns. Proof right there that guns and not terrorists are the problem. We never had terrorism before Trump win righr ? WRONG

      • Norm

        This guy makes good points. The middle east Muslims do not even get along with each other. Like he says there would be no islamophobia if they stopped killing people.

        • Anonymous

          Hillary was all about getting millions from these fkd up middle east countries that radicalize these terrorists. We don’t need more gun laws on Americans or knife laws we just need to keep these radical muslim terrorists out of our country.

  7. Citizen Cane

    Since the election, the Democrats have used a new ” narrative” several times to try and overturn the election. From the recounts, electoral college intimidation, the Russians, angry white males, and who knows what the next round will include. Hillary ended up losing delegates and Trump lost 2. Today some liberals wanting Trump certified as nuts making him ineligible.

    • semichorus

      That “narrative” is also known as the truth.

      I can only IMAGINE what would be happening right now if Hillary had “won” the presidency with 3 million fewer popular votes than Trump, and with the help of the Russian spy network, a partisan FBI director, and a haplessly stupid press.

      All HELL would be breaking out. The ENTIRE news media would be demanding that Hillary resign.

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