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  1. Al in SoCal

    Trump & the GOP can’t wait to $ellout America, guess they can’t even wait until after he takes office. Well, we can attribute this to a free-market economy – election goes to the highest bidder / contributor and this election the winner is Vladimir Putin.

    Please spare us the rationalizations that Hillary was bad candidate as she has now beaten every candidate in history vote-wise except Obama in 2008. Also – just ACCEPT that Putin was banking on Trump winning which is why he hacked Podesta’s email delivered it to the accused rapist in charge of wikileaks, advertised through misogynistic alt-right “news” channels to the unthinking masses (you).

    Quite brilliant formula (sadly): Target the above to a coalition of racist haters, the uneducated and fringe evangelicals (3 overlapping circles) – and you have “won” middle America.

    • semichorus

      I don’t think it was brilliant. Trump just fell into that “populist” thing AFTER he saw Bernie’s success with it. He didn’t start out that way. He began doing his “average Joe” schtick around April or May. Before that it was build that wall and lock her up.

      This of course violates the media narrative about how the GOP is populist and the Democratic Party is elitist special-interest. Which is quite insane.

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