Hooray for the Millennials


Especially the White racist ones.

We’ve known for years that it’s an exceedingly dumb and limited generation that deserves to lose everything good it could have inherited.



The new technology makes them feel like they’re just so fucking sharp. But they’re not. They have neither an historical sense nor a strong sense of the possibilities of life.

With rare exceptions, all they know is what they see provided on whatever TV screen is in front of them.

You know who hates this crowd the most, don’t you? It’s not us geezers and nostalgists. It’s people in their forties, especially late in the decade. They’re the ones who are really getting fucked over by them. The rest of us have protections.

For now.



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7 responses to “Hooray for the Millennials

  1. I’m 48 and this is hitting home big time.

  2. Al in SoCal

    Really sick of the term “average American” to describe “white” Americans, even worse are people like Sarah Palin who use the term “REAL Americans” to describe people – just like her. Guess anyone not exactly like her do not qualify?

    • Dianne

      Without Not-yet-gonski you couldn’t qualify, either.
      Can’t you extend your absence for a few more months?
      Like head for Middle America with your pal Anon 3 or
      head for that Indian encampment for moral support.

      • Al in SoCal

        No doubt you agree with the likes of Sarah Palin. I wonder what decade it was that you last cracked a smile that wasn’t due to cynicism or making snide comments regarding others that you disagree with?

        That said, while you cheer the mowing down of Native Americans & veterans at the pipeline site, most of us are celebrating the holidays with friends and loved ones. The keyboard and childish name-calling you are so fond of utilizing don’t really count in that regard.

        Please understand that we are no longer bound by the laws of “being PC”. Now let’s continue to enjoy our new President and his reversal of all things civilized.

  3. Scott

    The biggest problem with millennials is that they know nothing but how to demand things and melt to tears when they don’t get ir. No life skills and always looking for a safe space. They are hopeless people who need to grow up.

    • semichorus

      I think the problem with them is that they’re — with rare exception– mock libertarian. Their sense of collectivism and social responsibility revolves around starting a business.

      What can you say? It’s not their fault. Just look at the last 40 years of corporate media. I was watching a Rifleman right now that was positively SOCIALISTIC by comparison.

      A fucking Chuck Connors show. The gun nuts’ icon.

      They’ve also suffered under a weak and careerist, goal- and test-oriented educational system, but that’s another story. And it’s getting worse.

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