21st-Century Technology; 19th-Century Plan


We figured that high-speed rail thing would be hopelessly FUBAR before it even left the station.

This wacky proposal for just Glendale alone proves it.

As the train passes through Glendale, the authority is proposing there be new grade separations — probably running the tracks over streets — at four locations: Sonora, Grandview and Goodwin avenues and Sperry Street. An alternative to Sperry would be Doran Street, De La Peña said.

“We’re working with the cities and local stakeholders to identify the configurations of the grade separations, but there will be no at-grade crossings remaining in this [Burbank-to-Los Angeles] section,” she said.

If they mean grade crossings — not separations — which they apparently do, then it should be all a non-starter. What are these people thinking about when it comes to HSR?

The current Metrorail set up over there is bad enough!

So what are they? Surface crossings “over streets”? Or under or elevated grade separations? The article makes no sense. This HSR would be crossing over lots of streets on its way. Or maybe it’s the plan that makes no sense.

While we’re at it, get this Leader headline:

Proposed high-speed rail station would travel from Burbank to L.A. Union Station



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2 responses to “21st-Century Technology; 19th-Century Plan

  1. Anonymous

    I read it also and could not make sense. Either all crossing are separated or it’s not going to work. Its the same track they want to put the new Burbank station on.

  2. queenie

    It will probably not work at weekend or evenings so who the hell is going to use it other than commuters?

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