So it was 1955

Until recently this was one of the more obscure of the Beecham lollipops.



H.B. to TH, who always, always knew it.





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9 responses to “So it was 1955

  1. Burbank Teppista

    Irma Luce past away yesterday. For many years, she did some heavy lifting on behalf of Burbank residents. We owe her much gratitude. She was a survivor of the NAZI occupation during WWII.

    I will never forget her.

    God rest her soul.

    Afraid of nothing. This was classic Irma …

  2. chad

    Burbank Teppista. Where was she from? I never heard anyone use the word “opine” as well as she did. God rest her righteous soul.

  3. chad

    I thought I sent this but it looks like it didn’t get through. Burbank Teppista, do you know where Irma was from? I never knew anyone who could use the word “opine” the way Irma did. Bless her soul.

  4. chad

    Sorry for the odd repetition. I’m off my meds obviously.

    • DixieFlyer

      Careful chad, we don’t want to wish the Tellamoron & Rogers curse upon you.

      Ease your way back onto them, then on Friday head to any Coffee Bean
      and get a 20% discount.

      You’ll feel better in the morning.

  5. I never got a chance to chat with Irma at the few meetings we were at together but I always paid close attention when she spoke. I was amazed at her courage but it all makes sense hearing about her background. Very sad to hear of her passing. Now more than ever we need to pick up where this brave lady left off. Thanks Irma.

  6. Anonymous

    Wonder where her VHS collection ends up.

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