Do any of these bring value to Burbank?



In whose world?

MyBurbank today has a list of all the good change we can expect in the next couple of years. It’s straight from recent the “State of the City” address, accurately (and hilariously) described as delivered to “a crowd made up of the top business leaders…”

There is also proposed changes to the development landscape. Besides the new Ikea and the Talaria projects that are in progress and will be completed soon, there are several more developments on the horizon which include:

The Burbank Town Center Renovation. This already approved renovation will be completed by late 2017.

The former Ikea site. The City Council will decide in early 2018 on a proposed 15-story building that will feature 70 residential units, three 7-story buildings that will host retail and restaurant spaces as well as 259 apartments and a 200 room hotel as well as an outdoor plaza.

A new development at 103 E. Verdugo that may feature 154 residential units with a hotel or office option which will go in front of the council in mid 2017.

The Avion Burbank, which will be located across from the new terminal being built at the airport and will feature six 2-story industrial/warehouse buildings, nine 2-story creative office buildings, two 1-stort restaurants and a 150 room hotel on the 61.5 acre area.

First Street Village, located at Magnolia and First, will be considered by the Council early in 2017 and will have three 5-story buildings for 283 apartments and includes amenities such as a dog park.

A new, mixed unit project on the 100 block of Screenland that will be 13-stories high holding 40 apartments. The Planning Board will take this up next month in December.

There are also new proposed airport hotels that are in discussion at 2500 Hollywood Way that would be 8-stories and in phase 2, one of the options includes a 9-story hotel.

Another long range development is the AC Hotel at 550 N. Third St. that will be a 6-story hotel with 198 rooms.

What’s the deal with all the hotel building?

It’s a clearly bleak vision for the future of Burbank, brought to you by the latest pack of grifters and plug-ugly incompetents. The fact that staff is actively pushing this crap only justifies the fear of many Magnolia Park people that there is an organized element in this town that wants to clear cut those great old cottage-industry businesses to make room for their kind of “growth.”

The old-time merchants down there have good reason to be worried when the City of Burbank will financially support the importation of several dozen food trucks to dot their landscape during a supposedly celebratory “neighborhood” event, and yet won’t spring for Xmas decorations.




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31 responses to “Do any of these bring value to Burbank?

  1. Hotels collect the lucrative TOT “Transient Occupancy Tax.” Huge money maker for the city according to prior council comments.

  2. I think when people start seeing the scale of these projects they are going to freak out. The crack team of journalists at MyBurbank left out the specifics of one of the three 7 story buildings:

    “7-story mixed use building with 765 residential units and 37,420 sq. ft. of retail/restaurant space;”

    So their post makes it seem like only 259 apartments. When it’s 1024 units total for this development.

    See details here:

  3. Mark

    Oh all of that will certainly make things worse. My Burbank is a joke.

  4. Al in SoCal

    Can I just add that I’m glad the almost bankrupt town center is up for refurbishment … hopefully they will open it up a little.

    Maybe another entrance so if you’re walking from theaters along first it would be easy to enter rather than walking up to SF for the main entrance or around Sears through the back way.

    Other than that – I would agree the projects are larger and larger. There can always be balance – and along those lines – what is a compromise for some of them? Hint: “Fallow field” is not a compromise

  5. E.L.

    And whatever became of the Ted McConkey statue Gordon wanted to have built in the Rancho? No support from any other council member ever.

  6. Anonymous

    With over 1,000 acres, the underutilized and unprofitable DeBell Golf Course property would be ideal for development. A couple hundred high end homes and a couple thousand condos would be perfect.

    • Anonymous

      Oh yes absolutely, cuz shit flows down hill, right!

    • Jeff

      That golf course is perfect for affordable low cost housing. They could place thousands of affordable apartments there and they should it would be a better use for that land

      • semichorus

        I agree. A couple of Starbucks and a charter school or two and it would be complete.

        We can call it the Debell Charter Academy of Real Estate.

    • Al in SoCal

      I was under the impression that Da Bell left that land only to be used as a golf course? Is that incorrect? I’m no fan of it, but if that is all it can be …

      Unsure if that is correct or not.

      • semichorus

        Ostensibly, yes. But restrictive covenants only last for so long. You can’t rule from the grave forever.

        Henry Huntington gave his house and grounds to San Marino on the condition that the public be admitted for free. Fifty years later the courts invalidated the requirement. San Marino then spun it off to a “charitable” foundation which now charges $30 a head. Not including parking.

        No indication that DeBell is in trouble. But who knows these days.

  7. chad

    I’d rather see the land at DeBell just go wild if the course has to close. We need open land. That’s an important habitat for birds, animals, like bobcats, deer, coyotes, mountain lions. Snakes live there as well and there’s a significant tree population. We don’t need to develop every damn inch of land.

    • semichorus

      It’d make a wonderful gated community. And the golf course is already there! We can even put condos on the pitch and putt.

      (I shouldn’t give these clowns any ideas…)

      • Burbank Bill

        Don’t sweat it Semi.. Puffer was the one who bailed out that underused course to begin with. Drove by there today, just a handful of Golfers. No doubt we will be forgiving the remaining debt on that dud soon enough

  8. DixieFlyer

    Some of you are OLD enough to know better!!!

    The land was DONATED to our City.

    Cool your jets.

    DeBell is doing better without City Staff interference.

  9. chad

    The par 3 course is just a matter of time. Sick.

  10. DixieFlyer

    What did you think of today’s Times Community News?
    Loonngg front page article bitching about city staff taking time to respond to concerns of homeowners in R-1 neighborhoods.
    Lengthy front page story about restoring pin-ball machines in Glendale.

    Absolutely nothing about Burbank’s Municipal Election……………..
    Zero, nada not ONE word.

    Are they waiting for a Press Release?

  11. Burbank Bill

    But Semi got a mention on the Burbank Facebook page. This about comments for the dumb tree lighting downtown..”.identify that Semichorus dipsh*t and post a pic. No doubt he’s lurking…”posted by Matthew Kime

  12. chad

    The state of “Community News” is pathetic. It’s lazy and condescending to its readership. It has devolved into a bizarre mix of Welcome Wagon and Chamber of Commerce puff pieces.

  13. Reliable Plumbing

    We need to plug up the assholes of Puffer, Luddy, Rogers and Frutos
    before their OVERBUILDING continues to contaminate Burbank.

  14. Roger

    The golf course sucks and the restaurant is even worse. Not even worth the drive up there anymore and I agree a better use for that land, it is time


      My husband and I had lunch there ages ago. The washed up waitress hated us on sight. As soon as she saw one of the regulars from the City she was all over him. We left her zero tip and she followed us out to ask why. We said we didn’t reward ignorance or discrimination. She was stunned!

    • Irwin Fletcher

      I’ve always enjoyed a getaway lunch at the club house. I actually like the remodel- not cramped or crowded like it used to be. The menu is better than Castaways.

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