Viva Fidel!


And fuck the corrupt Batista-ites, who are being given free rein by the American news media when it comes to the opinion making. It’s appalling.






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11 responses to “Viva Fidel!

  1. chad

    Salud! Salud! Salud!

  2. Al

    Fidel dies and one less vacancy in Hell. God rewards those who declare God dead and order all churches closed with an especially hot room.

    • semichorus

      You know of course that that sketch was sympathetic, don’t you? And who got the most votes again?

      Staying in a bubble will be the only way to survive this impending insanity.

      • Tony

        Sorry Semichorus but the lunacy began some years ago and in Burbank the lunacy is so far off the charts that they don’t make charts big enough to record it. None of that daily insanity in life has anything to do with President Trump but it is advanced by a whole lot of people who are oh so afraid of President Trump. So ironic to live in a state and city filled with insanity fearing someone else as insane.

  3. DixieFlyer

    “Fidel Castro is dead!”

  4. DixieFlyer

    After President John Kennedy gave the Green Light to the Bay of Pigs
    Invasion and the lives were at risk, what happened to cause the debacle?

    Hs brother, Bobby Kennedy, entered the Oval Office and commenced to
    plead for John to CALL OFF the already underway SUPPORT.

    Our President capitulated to Bobby’s entreaties.

    Many, MANY Cubans lost their lives.

    Many, MANY Cubans made their new homes in the USA.

    Many, MANY Cubans became quite LOYAL to the USA and eventual

  5. chad

    Ah, Dixie, I lived in Miami for four very long years. It’s much more complicated than that.

  6. DixieFlyer

    Pray tell, did the support arrive two weeks later, after all the deaths?

    JFK listened to RFK.

    My Cuban friends, for lots more than 4 years, are MORE loyal than many
    who graduated from Berkley, UCLA etc and donated blood to the
    North Vietnamese thru the good graces(?) of Jane Fonda.

    I’m proud of my Cuban friends.

    Their loyalty is beyond question, despite the Kennedy Betrayal.

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