Really? According to whom?


This isn’t what we’ve been hearing.



Our idea of the holidays isn’t standing around on pavement in the middle of a street. Nor is it snacking on overpriced truck food from out-of-towners on the make.

The old MP gatherings were small affairs where friends, neighbors, and strangers would cram the sidewalks and then necessarily venture inside funky stores they’d never been before. Some times you’d even see people go into the used bookstores they used to have down there (the horror), or a used clothing store that had nothing to do with the studios. Acquaintances you hadn’t seen in years would show up.

One year we actually some guy walking around with a timber wolf. Even the Scientologists caroling on the corner of Hollywood Way didn’t spoil the scene because they were easy to avoid if you crossed over to the other side, which everyone did. You could see them coming because they all tried to look like Tiny Tim. They actually stood on real theatrical risers when they sang to make themselves appear completely organized, which somehow figured.

You can have this new Burbank. It’s no fun any more. The stores are mostly commercialized crap. And whose bright idea was it to block Magnolia Blvd?

Ten thousand people they say? That too is ridiculous.





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88 responses to “Really? According to whom?

  1. Irwin Fletcher

    I have to say, opening the street was a good idea in terms of safety- ever since the Ficus trees were given 1/2 the width of the sidewalks, it has become dangerous to walk at night on the crowded sliver of sidewalk. That said, they should have condensed the whole thing to about 1/2 the street length and brought the food trucks closer to Magnolia.

    • semichorus

      The ficus are on their way out. Staff five years ago was directed to remove them without waiting for the trees to deteriorate, and they’ve been waffling on it.

  2. Cordelia

    Food Trucks are not promoting Burbank Merchants.
    Or Burbank food establishments.
    They actually BLOCK Burbank storefronts.

    The Mag Park “feel” was missing-in-action.
    This group loves Romancing-the-Bean.
    Bye,Bye shopping in Mag Park.

    • Mortified California Street Dweller

      Food trucks are out of control. I went to truck night in Chatsworth. Lots of closed stores and only a couple seemed to be profiting. Not very enticing to the neighborhood. It’s hard to believe that Magnolia Park has let this situation go so far.

  3. CornFused

    My kid wanted to go to meet a few of his friends. After about 30 minutes we all had enough. If you can’t keep a young kids attention around Christmas time, you’re really doing something wrong.

    It was almost as bad the “Burbank Parade/car show/food truck” debacle they put together this year on Olive.

    • semichorus

      Burbank Parade Car Show police exhibition.

    • Cheryl

      Magnolia Park ? Not enough soap in the world to make that area less disgusting. It does not even have wifi for the area and that ain’t cool. Face it no crowd there means people ain’t traveling even from Burbank to biy crap that belongs in a thrift shop oh wait it has thrift shops how mich more disgusting can it get.

      • Brandon

        I think your brain is a hydroponic mass of gristle?
        Located somewhere between your ears?
        The film industry loves “Burbank’s Antique Row.
        They’re not buying comic books you fool !
        There’s always a need for filming props.Why should they go
        out of town, when they have a treasure trove assortment
        on Magnolia Blvd.?
        So, go get your weed , supplies and Latte somewhere else
        you Moron!

      • Mortified California Street Dweller

        Thrift shop is filthy! Sidewalks filthy! Most of the stores maintain and have lots of great stuff. The rent down there is very expensive so they are doing something right.

      • Penelope

        Hey Cheryl,
        You’re right about the filthy sidewalks on Magnolia Blvd.
        They are so disgusting thanks to Ashley Eriksons
        FOOD TRUCKS from spillages, Gum and food trash !
        From Buena Vista Blvd. to Hollywood Way there’s only
        a handful of stores that are filthy and need to be cleaned up.
        You are right about the worst offender ‘American Way Thrift Store.’
        They should close that eyesore down and turn it into a Starbuck’s
        with plenty of parking ? It would be an immediate success!!! Also , Starbucks has Wi-Fi, to go with Excellent Coffee and Lattes !!!!
        What a Great Idea??? It would be the new Yuppie Heaven.

      • Pastor Phillips

        Sounds like they just lost a good customer!
        Biy is buy.

  4. Anonymous

    Yea the report was closed the street too early. Food trucks took away patrons from local eateries. Target was there.

  5. Goldie

    The stores there are trashy the only reason to go to Magnolia Park is for the exceptional variety of food from the food trucks. Target will be a great addition to the area and hopefully just be the start of the current businesses leaving and making way for some modern stores that people will want to shop in. They should close the street on a permanent basis so that people could sit on tables out doors and walk getting coffee and other goodies.

    • semichorus


      Is the city behind this “vision”? If so, they should all be fired.

      Was there a Halal truck at this wonderful get-together? I’ll bet there wasn’t.

      If not, why not?

      • Mr. BurBUNK

        Goldie, why don’t you hang around the empire center if Magnolia doesn’t have your vibe? Trashy stores but food trucks are exceptional? Oops! Tell the truth. Do you own a food truck or an infamous coffee shop on Magnolia? Good try. Stir the pot!
        The 2016 Christmas party was shameful. Just have a regular truck night and be done with it. The city should hand out vouchers to spend in the stores rather than the exorbitant amount they spent on that evening in the middle of November!
        The trucks please many but have alienated just as many people. It’s gone on so long that it will be hard to lure the “turned off” people back. If it’s unreasonable to request that trucks stop coming, I know hundreds of people who would be happy if the amount of trucks were reduced.

    • Penelope

      Hey Goldie,
      Wake up and smell the coffee.
      But in your case, pull your head
      Out of your Ass , and smell the stench!
      F. Y. I. Romancing the Bean has the
      Worst Latte in town according to
      Irwin Fletcher’s critique of RTB .
      He wondered what their water source
      Is? And says YUCK!!!
      Those two or three short blocks on
      Magnolia Blvd. are the crown jewel
      Of Magnolia Park!
      Which is known as ‘Antique Row!’
      Which has a long and successful history
      over 60 Years! People come from all over
      The world to experience old town
      Burbank Antique & vintage Row!!!
      You can just about go anywhere and find
      A coffee house or telephone store!
      So if you have no respect for the
      Vintage and Antique stores ?
      Get on your bicycle and pedal East!!

    • Mel Goldberg

      Goldie, I won’t be surprised to see people sitting ON tables. It’s a free for all. Tell people trying to get around Burbank that Goldie thinks that Magnolia Blvd. should be closed on a permanent basis so she can get some coffee and walk around. Please tell me that you were high when you wrote that. You probably bought some good pot at the new Magnolia Park Christmas Party.
      Very disrespectful and inappropriate event for that location.
      Burglaries and shoplifting are up in Magnolia Park. Shhhh! It’s a secret!

    • Goldie,
      Are you Kevin Harrop???

  6. Burbank Bill

    these TargetExpress stores actually are small, Could work at that site

  7. Anonymous

    It’s so funny when they served construction sites they were roach coaches. Now with fancy paint It’s food truck.

    • Izzie

      Antique stores lol who needs that anyway. Get with the times and bring in a hydroponics store at least it is something we need and why no marijuana disoensary on Magnolia ? Antiques and comics belong on eBay and not on Magnolia.

    • Rozlyn

      There really are not customers in Magnolia Park. What they should do is tear it down and build mixed use with stores and housing above the stores so there are customers living there so they could walk diwnstairs and shop. That area is old and filthy now but could be like NOHo with lofts and everything.

      • Sami

        NoHo is way more chill and your right people live and shop there so I think a good idea for the stores is people have lofts on top of them and walk down to the food trucks and get some cool stores and maybe an internet cafe and a place with all kinds of Play Stations and stuff.

      • Mortified California Street Dweller

        The landlords have been remodeling buildings left and right. I do agree that the Thrift Shop on California and Magnolia is more than filthy. If you’re walking, check it out. The sidewalks in Magnolia Park are also worse than I have ever seen them. Part of that is from trees that shed and no clean up after Ladies Night Out as people spill food and drinks all over. The area has huge potential if preserved properly. As each building sells, land holders are investing in upgrades. My relatives were shocked when they hadn’t been in town for four years. They could not believe the improvements in so many buildings.
        These comments about trashy Magnolia Park are only made worse by allowing food trucks to plow in and take over.

      • It’s looking better all the time. You’re not paying attention.

      • Pastor Phillips

        Once again, you pushed the “i” instead of the “o”.
        You are saying filthy too often in your different comments.

  8. Rebecca

    I won’t tell you what I saw a man doing in one of the food trucks. It was a year ago and I’m still not over it.
    Magnolia Park Merchants have a huge rift going on and a lot of it is centered around Ladies and Gent’s Night Out. Encore Nouveau started it and then took off . “Out of Business” like one third of their neighbors in close proximity. Even they told a bunch of us that it was not so lucrative after awhile and felt it was out of control.
    Under twenty shops are controlling Magnolia Park. There are 400 businesses in the district. Does anyone see any inequities?

  9. Harry Warner

    Goldie is misinformed. The major motion Picture Studios patronize these Vintage stores , Prop Departments, Designers, celebrities, It is much in demand by those in the know. You can get coffee at Simply coffee and sit outside, the street does not have to be closed off .

  10. Karen Newman

    It seems the only people who think food trucks on Magnolia are a good thing are the ones who put the events on.

  11. Mitch

    Magnolia Park is like going back to 1960 or something like that. The buildings are old, what they sell there is old and the people look creepy. It is not a place for children or families. It needs a total make over that brings it into this century. If they brought in an apple store and a starbucks and some pub with out door seating it would be crackin there but right now the place is like a cemetary and I think it has tons of roaches so fumigate it like with a big tent over the whole thing.

    • semichorus

      Chain stores!

      That’s what the Americana is for.

    • Anonymous

      All of burbank has roaches. And lots.

      But magnolia park is (barely) the last remnant of what burbank used to feel like and that’s changing rapidly. The last thing that area needs are chain stores, corny pubs, and vape bars.

      People keep forgetting that nobody goes to burbank to experience the same boring chain-based consuming and dining they can get all over the parts of LA they’ve actually heard of and like. Burbank is for IKEA and a quaint timewarp experience to anyone who didn’t grow up here or isn’t working here.

    • You really hate small businesses don’t you? We have downtown for all that corporate “race to the bottom, shareholders above all” garbage.

      • Kara

        No I want some family owned pubs, coffee shops, hydroponics shops and food trucks. I don’t care how Burbank used to look in the 1800’s or to buy old stuff they dig out of the trash, slap a price tag and call an antique. If studio people want that crap they sell there then they could build their own wherehouse and let the rest of us have a cool experience there. And nobody brought up the rat infestation in those old buildings there yet and there is I seen it

        • Pastor Phillips

          Dumpsters, dig out of the trash, junk, etc. These phrases are sounding very familiar.

        • Belinda Lee

          All the talk about dirty Magnolia Park
          Is stupid. Yes , that Thrift Shop should
          be bull dozed.
          The only other building that I have
          been in is a middle eastern market
          next to Romancing The Bean.
          talk about dirty. It is so dirty outside that
          I wandered in one day for a look.
          It was very bad.
          Romancing The Bean seems clean
          but I did see a dead Rat lying right in
          the parking lot.
          probably from thegarbage cans.

    • Pastor Phillips

      Hmmm. Interesting.

  12. Rudy V.

    This years “Holiday in the Park
    Was indeed Food Truck Night!
    I live on Niagra st. several doors
    down from Magnolia Blvd.
    I finally decided to try a food truck.
    I picked the truck with gourmet Cajun
    French Fries. I stood in line and waited
    My turn. I ordered the Cajun Fries.
    They looked real good!
    After getting my Fries I was walking
    home. Being almost home I couldn’t
    Wait l had one then another.
    When I pulled out the third one out
    From the cardboard holder and started
    Eating it I realized it had a six inch battered
    Black hair coming out from underneath
    The batter! I almost gagged me , then I thru
    The rest of the Fries in the trash can !!
    I realized that there is no sanitary control.
    Who knows what your eating in the dark!
    I’ll never eat on a food truck again!
    This was my first and last time.
    No wonder they used to call these glorified
    food trucks—-ROACH COACH’s

  13. Jerome T.

    Who ever publishes Burbank News?
    Needs to get their facts straight.
    And not exaggerate on the failed
    Holiday in the Park event!!!
    It was a bad idea with food trucks! ‘A TOTALLY DISASTROUS EVENT!’
    Ashley should be ashamed of herself!

    • Tema

      You people are just out of date. We don’t need or want all this old stuff we want new things like food trucks. You are right your old stuff is disappearing and it is because we don’t want to shop like our grandparents did when they were young. You people are sad and old and your stores are going out of business because they are so not 2016.

      • Karen N.

        Tema, boy are you out of touch! Magnolia Park stores and the eateries are full of young people. Maybe some young people don’t enjoy retro but, millions do.
        In fact, when I am in Magnolia Park, I think the stores have mostly young people shopping and they are very into the old stuff.
        You can enjoy food trucks but you are definitely wrong about young people shopping and buying vintage items.

        • Tema

          Karen so then those stores are just doing great with so many customers and lots if cash right ? Then admit it the fiod trucks bring the crowd and people buy old used stuff that diesn’t work. So shut up about the food trucks because the stores do great because of them

      • Pastor Phillips

        Sounds like you have a good hold on what’s going on. Keep trying to convince yourself that young people don’t flock to Magnolia Park to get vintage clothes, accessories, etc.

    • I came from Sun Valley for food truck food with my friends

      The food trucks were all that was great about their party. I ate from two trucks and I am just fine. They need food trucks everyday people today like and want food trucks. If you don’t like food trucks then stay home and microwave your own food.

  14. Magnolia Park resident

    Mitch refers to the roaches on Magnolia Park, Perhaps they come from the food trucks ?? If all the Liberal minded young people want to run the small business owners out of town, Why ? don’t they ban together and buy a large lot and build their own shopping mall.

    • Alvy

      Magnolia park resisent stop hanging out in thrift stores it is making you brain dead. When Target opens it will be like what you described and the food trucks are not going anyplace or we will set up protests against the trashy stores diwn there.

      • Rick K.

        Alvy ,
        Forget the Thrift and Antique stores.
        My Barber who’s paying mega rent
        To be in Magnolia Park says Food
        Truck night is a total loser for him!
        He has asked around and the Print
        Copy store closes at 5pm. Also, the
        Hair snd Nail salons have given up too!
        Dido for the vintage clothing stores!
        I guess it’s just all about Food Trucks!
        Why not set them all up at Johnny
        Carson park in rows next to each
        Other? There’s already picnic
        Tables ! And plenty of parking
        A win win deal .
        Sounds like a potential Food Fest !
        Why not protest for Johnny Carson

      • Pastor Phillips

        Those trashy stores. Dumpsters, junk, filthy. rats, etc. Why would trucks want to serve food right next to them?

  15. Gerry Hammer

    I think Izzie is high on something. It sounds like he needs a hydroponics store.

  16. Father who buys on Magnolia.

    Stores selling comics and Vintage have a following, not everyone has money to spend in high priced malls . Many people are collectors and kids love comics. Who died and appointed you people God.

    • Anonymous

      Kids do not love comics. Comics are out dated and the only people who still like them are fat old white guys in dirty t shirts drinking beer trying to go back to their childhood.

  17. I assume the food trucks are a creature of City Staff to increase revenue. I assume those permits are quite expensive.

  18. Claudio

    From reading some of the comments on this item one could easily get the impression that the Tellamororons dispatched their minions.

  19. Magnolia Merchant

    Now there is talk about being accountable for the money collected. I’ve heard several merchants say something is not right.
    Does anyone see this situation slowly spinning out of control? This has gone on for years and it is taking on legs of it’s own. Food truck attendees are actually insulting the surrounding stores and deciding what is best for the district.
    I feel someone needs to step in and reevaluate the entire event. Possibly it just needs to be revised but then again, a lot of people feel that it needs to be discontinued.
    Look at the list of members for Magnolia Park Merchants Association. I feel most people will be surprised by which businesses are not members. Every business (not contributing) has issues about the direction of Magnolia Park.
    Virtually all of the “opposers” are over it, afraid to speak up or have thrown in the towel. Count me in on all of those.

  20. Irwin Fletcher

    I would hope that whoever puts on this event, builds in a clean-up budget, and requires a clean-up fee from the trucks. Either way, when it was all over, I saw Ross Benson, in yellow vest, picking up trash- so clearly someone is doing something- just not enough I guess. Unfortunately, as much as I love the character of the Ficus trees, they will have to be removed so that the sidewalks can be restored to normal width. It’s a disaster at night. We definitely don’t need more chain stores, but the indie shops can barely make rent, so how do you solve that problem?

  21. Anonymous

    I agree Irwin. My hair cutter told me they wanna tripple the rent at the salon. It nuts. Puns,etc will never be approved because the parking requirements are so strict. In addition to required spaces, you have to provide handicap parking. Not just for grandma and her cane. Spaces for handicapped VANS. As if bus loads of special need kids pull into these stores on a daily basis. I went to the holiday in the park. It was a bust. Too many foodtrucks. And the street was full of folks, but no one going into the stores. Which is the whole point anyway

  22. Read Between The Lines

    Semi, it appears that the food truck patrons have a sense of entitlement in Magnolia Park. They are actually saying that they want many of the stores to leave so that their type of stores can move in.
    Just for the record (in the zone where the trucks park) the tiniest stores (500sq. Ft.) rent for approx. $1,500.00 a month. Two thousand sq ft. stores rent for approx. $4,500.00 a month and up. Some of the large stores rent for $10,000.00 to $14,000.00 a month. Contrary to the comments on this site, there is only one thrift shop in Magnolia Park. Many of the vintage shops have furniture, collectibles, etc. for hundreds of dollars. The district is upgrading constantly to show a sense of pride.
    I personally blame the city of Burbank for not having foresight about this situation. Since when can a third party (who pay rent to a force that is not inclusive) create such chaos and animosity?
    City of Burbank: Read these comments. You may want to reconsider your stance on the direction of Magnolia Park. READ BETWEEN THE LINES!!!

    • Gema

      Blah blah if you get a store that people want and like the rent prices don’t matter because they get customers. Only a few old peoplr want to shop in dirty old stores for dirty old stuff and they pribably buy with their food stamps. That area should become a gateway and right now it is a gateway to hell. The only hot spot is Portos and we need more like that. Portos is not complaining about food trucks.

      • Pastor Phillips

        Dirty old stores? By the way, you accidentally hit the “i” key again when you meant to hit the “o”. Maybe just maybe, old people have worked hard and enjoy beautiful things. Resale shops do not accept food stamps.

  23. Discouraged

    I sell clothes. I always think I am going to do
    well when I see all the people at the trucks.
    I hate to close up and go home.
    People do come in but i can’t make any solid
    money. I’m starting to really dislike this night

  24. Reginald Gleason

    Just curious.
    Why are so many of the people who
    are praising the food trucks mentioning
    that they can’t wait for Target to get in?
    I’m told that Ashley is actually turning
    the food trucks against different stores
    in the district and she is behind Target.
    Ashley needs to step down.
    This situation is becoming dangerous
    and she is behind it.

  25. Anonymous 86!

    Remember when Ashley didn’t have
    Two nickels to rub together?
    Now with M. P. M. A.
    The food trucks gig?
    And as a Target lobbyist.
    She now has a six figure income!
    At the cost of many !!!!

  26. John

    Who is this food truck lover
    Saying all the stupid crap?
    Young people don’t buy old stuff?
    One of the reasons I moved to
    Burbank was because of Magnolia
    Blvd. All of the comments about
    Filthy? I can only think of two or
    Three buildings in the blocks that
    Need a maid. Every district has a
    Few of those. That stuff is in dumpsters?
    Where? I’ll sleep next to it !
    What a bunch of idiotic hateful comments.
    BTW, notice the same grammar errors
    And typos in several of the comments?
    GET A LIFE !

    • Anonymous

      John must be the grammar police, self appointed and busy in his quest for perfect grammar and that certainly allows the troll to dismiss comments and thoughts. I really hate these elite grammar people they always lack any substance at all and are generally walking with their nose up some developers ass.

  27. Kitten

    Oh my! This thread is amusing and terrifying!

    Magnolia Blvd. between Hollywood Way and Buena Vista has a great mixture of antique stores, mom-and-pop shops and newer businesses.
    That’s part of the charm!

    Just past Buena Vista is Tony’s Darts Away. Why do you need another pub? Heavy-drinker??!

    And, there’s a Target in Empire Center & in NoHo. Need another one so close? C’mon… Can’t you drive 3 miles for your 24 pack of RedBull?

    To the people who think Food Trucks are new… uh, no. NO! And, looking past the health concerns with eating food that is prepared with limited resources… Have you concerned things like: cost of closing off the street? Parking? How it would impact the existing businesses?

    It sounds like a bunch of 20-somethings commenting who don’t understand anything past what’s cool for the moment. Even though, it’s been around forever!

    And, thrift stores aren’t supposed to be spotless. Also, antique stores always have grit. It’s because the items are pre-loved!! Not new or made overseas while paying the workers unfair wages.

  28. People are on to you.

    Ms. Erikson, you promised to bring money into Burbank and the money trail ends at your front door.

    • semichorus

      Can someone explain how importing dozens of food trucks helps BURBANK?

      And the council gave $20,000 to this group as a subsidy? Is it doing anything to promote Small Business Saturday?

  29. City Council Candidate

    I have a solution .Take these Food
    Trucks and rotate them around the
    City. Since the city council obviously
    feels that this situation is acceptable,
    then it’s only fair that other parts of
    the city participate.There appears to
    be hostility building and it’s not
    Healthy for our city.

    • Burbank Resident

      I love the idea of the Food Trucks moving around the City! Yes. Put them in parks! Along Olive or Alameda. Up on San Fernando Road! No need to clutter up Magnolia when they don’t bring $ to those businesses anyway! Have them all gather in the Home Depot parking lot off of Flower! You might want to bring some portable toilets too! 🙂

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