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  1. Al in SoCal

    As for the 2nd post re: white working class – Trump’s new tax laws that benefit everyone BUT them are called a consequence. Enjoy your votes middle of America.

    As for the first post re: popular vote totals – Republicans could care less about the popular vote.Trump and his “anything / everything he says and does is GREAT” followers don’t care about a mandate – they don’t care about the majority of the population – they, just like Trump, care about themselves .. and themselves alone.

    The formula is simple: get ‘news’ sources to become propaganda centers – any and all stories that are in any way critical of the new President are marked as MSM noise … ensure you have your “thought centers” like Fox News to further defend your new and powerful leader and immediately dismiss any critical noise. History shows this works time and time again.

    • semichorus

      The importance of the popular vote — and thus Fleick’s point — is that the Dems aren’t weak and did nothing wrong. They already appeal to people. But tell that to this criminally stupid and dishonest (and complicit) corporate media.

    • Sam

      Take a look at Trumps tax plan, the middle class get cuts. Try reading it and stop listening to the dishonest media

      • semichorus

        Too funny. Sops for the saps.

        • Al in SoCal

          Yes – by eliminating the Head of Household option for single parents Trump and the GOP are doing a GREAT service to families. Those are real family values – right? Also collapsing 7 rates into 3 inevitably raises some people’s taxes – let me just give you a hint: it is *not* the rich whose taxes will be going up.

  2. chad

    It’s looking more and more like Hillary will have won the popular vote vote by almost 2 million. I don’t like to say this but there probably was some tampering in certain states. Diebold, the company that makes the computerized voting machines, has been a long standing supporter of the Republican party. The former CEO joked in 2004 about how they could easily steal the election. Just think of the last three elections Republicans have won. 2000 Gore won popular vote. Republican-led Supreme Court decided election. 2004 Kerry lost but did so through a last minute Swift Boat campaign that was outright lies.

    Hillary will win the popular vote by a significant margin. She did this despite the FBI, Russians and probably Diebold messing with the election. If this was any other time, the Republicans would be clamoring with outrage that a foreign country, especially Russia, tried to influence the outcome of a national election.

  3. chad

    Of course, the US has been “influencing” national elections for a hundred years.

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