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  1. anyonymous

    So how does everyone like the dollar already gaining strength on the international market ? How about GM opening a new assembly plant ? Things are already beginning to change for the better so put those crying towels back in their closet.

    • Al in SoCal

      LOL … right .. the propaganda flows. Let’s try some UNbiased news for a change rather than the alt-right stormfront crap out of Breitbart: (JOB CUTS + some new investments which were all PRE-Trump decisions)

      Also – note to most – a strong dollar is good news to nobody – that simply means our trade deficit will grow – it’s called Economics 101.

      • Bill

        Nice try Al never knew Motor Trend was such a bastion of news but read on your article says they are shifting product lines due to condumer demand yet investing millions for expansion in two plants, Toledo and Lansing for coming product lines. Hey Al don’t hold your breath for business expansion in California tho the tax it to death liberals here won’t be happy until the only available jobs are at KMart and Walmart oh and the new Target coming to Burbank soon. Don’t think Motor Trend or any of your news sources called it that Trump would win, think they all called it for Clinton. Good record on news reporting right there.

        • Al in SoCal

          How long have you been writing CA’s small & large business obituary? You artfully dodged the “benefits” of a strong dollar … though that will be a thing of the past if Trump gets his $1T in infrastructure spending (which I support FYI).

          I just know all his cheerleaders will LOVINGLY accept that huge amount of gov’t spending. I wonder who will build all that infrastructure … hmm … let’s see … Uh.. Hmm.. could it be … might it be: PUBLIC UNIONS? LOL ..

          If you like that – just WAIT till you see the pricetag of that wall that MEX will never .. ever .. ever pay for – not to mention the millions of acres he will need to use Em Domain on to grab, but none of us really expect him to maintain his nutty proposals – right?

          I picked Motor Trends as to not trigger the “MSM” label – but you complained nonetheless. So apparently businesses opening in Burbank are a bad thing? I must be reading the tenets of the GOP “faith” incorrectly.

          Here’s a tip – if you dislike CA’s and politics so much – why stay? Are you just simply addicted to complaining about every aspect of life in Burbank / CA? A line from the Republicans. Take some personal responsibility for your city, county and state. If you don’t like them – find a place to be happy.

  2. Claudio

    Just had a chance to catch the Shitty Council meeting on repeat.
    One of the comical acts wasn’t by Rogers this time,
    it was from Amy the Albino.
    When the Council was asked about the 10cent bag deal the priceless
    answer came from the runt.
    Since she obviously didn’t have an answer, and never says she’ll look into it or look it up, she babbled about MARIJUANA?????

    How was it that she’s so “up-to-date” on Grass????
    Just might explain her babble, and Rogers.

    • Al in SoCal

      I’m confused – I thought after paying 10C we were going to get the reusable plastic bags like Glendale? Instead I’m paying 10C for the same flimsy one-use plastic bags?

      I voted against that proposition because I wasn’t sure what it would entail … I along with most dislike the vague wording of our propositions.

      • Irwin Fletcher

        At Pavilions- 10c gets you a stupid paper sack.

        • Anomymous

          people voted for it and its just one more rip off

          • Al in SoCal

            The proposition system – for lack of a better word – sucks. Had I won the lottery my first order of business would be to put out two propositions:

            1. Take AZ’s lead and get rid of the daylight savings time – whose time has long since past.

            2. All propositions that follow this election will need a minimum of 66% of the vote to succeed.

            This will ensure there will be no more lame propositions and no more even lamer (word?) time changes.

  3. chad

    Sometime I’m VERY proud to be Irish.

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