Why does the Burbank Unified School District violate Ed. Code 49065?


Even worse, how come no one in this lamebrain town has ever said anything about it, and least since the illegal practice began? You’d think someone would gripe who’s directly affected, like the parents.

More on this soon. What is it Dr.Phil says about rats, that when you see one running around it means there’s lots more hiding in the walls?






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11 responses to “Why does the Burbank Unified School District violate Ed. Code 49065?

  1. Anonymous

    We need to drain the Swamps in California and Burbank is one big swamp

  2. RINO Poacher

    copy that!

  3. HF

    What is code 49065 ?

  4. Penelope

    We all know that shit floats!
    Talamantes, Luddy, Frutos &
    Rogers are floating right on top
    of our political swamp!!!
    They all supported measure “B”
    Which soon ,everybody will
    Realize that it will Dramatically
    Change the way of life in our city!
    ” I’m Just totally Disgusted!!!!
    Please vote them out when they
    Come up for Re-Election!!!!

  5. TJ

    Face it these government types are only into screwing the taxpayers and California is one of the worst. Every year the schools want more money from us and they under produce and try to charge for everything on top of it. Government in California is just plain corrupt.

  6. Anonymous

    So what idiots voted in that Tabit woman and that Applesauce so what did they expect ? Honesty ? What a laugh. When you voted for those two you voted to get screwed and lies to. Not one shred of honesty between the two of them.

  7. Betty

    It’s all good coming soon are school vouchers and watch the exodus from these Burbank schools.

  8. DixieFlyer

    At the next School Board meet the question needs to be asked for a clear and concise answer.

    “Justify Common Core for Burbank students, please.”

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