Guess where the following extract came from? We’ll be exploring this winning bio in the near future because it reveals some interesting insights into the guy.

Right now, even though they sound like something out of P.G. Wodehouse, we’re not concerned here about the names of the two schools. Those are funny enough, yes.

No, we’re wondering how it could ever be that you’d not know or be concerned about the academic details of your own life:

Having left the school early, I did not earn a degree from The Goodman School, and I have no idea my course status with Normandale. I suspect I was near or had accomplished sufficient credits for a degree in theatre arts or communications, but I know I did not graduate, and have never requested nor had reason to review my transcripts of more than 30 years ago.

There’s lots more funny stuff in there, so stay tuned — like funny ha-ha and peculiar. The rest of its status is “TL;DR” to say the least. No wonder he didn’t get the job.






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55 responses to “TL;DR

  1. Anonymous

    Ludicrous. Will Rogers is the walking definition of “buffoon.”

    • semichorus

      I don’t get the lack of concern for higher education. You’d also think that — moving to California, the land of good and cheap universities — it’d be a driving force. At least to continue a bit and develop your intellectual interests around smarter people, especially with the Previn job. No?

      Instead, flippancy. It’s weird. And didn’t his mother marry into money? Like the opportunity’s there?

      It spells “L-i-g-h-t-w-e-i-g-h-t.”

      I don’t know, I guess I was raised around too many Jews. From previous behaviors he obviously wasn’t. And this is the next mayor of Burbank.

      • Anonymous

        Precisely. But, for Rogers, equivocation = intellect. Clown.

        • semichorus

          I don’t know, the whole thing seems real subpar to me.

          I realize sometimes you have to work and all that, but I know secretaries and receptionists who do the GCC and Northridge or UCLA route. And he was working in classical music?

          It’s also not the degree that’s the problem, it’s the complete lack of interest on his part. How could you not know or remember these kind of details, or fail to take advantage of what California has to offer? Especially late 70s-early 80s.

          Like how about UCLA Extension, and access to the libraries? For starters.

          I guess it’s just so perfectly Burbank now. Pathetic, really.

  2. Mostly anon

    Burbank page is amazing today. Such hateful chickenshits there.

    • Anonymous 3.5

      The funny thing is that most of the city page is all upset Clinton lost while they go after just about everything and everyone esoecially the poor and the homeless. The occasional defense of Trump is met with calls to Scott Talamantes to ban the person from the group. It is a study in intollerance on that page.

  3. Jay

    Seriously the be kind people award ? Serious ??? So they use hip hop music for be kind America month really ? Is that the music that calls women hoes and uses the N word like candy ? LOL this guy talking at the meeting is in need of his own safe space and a dunce hat to wear while he sits there.

  4. Eric

    Be kind project BAAAHHH can he get the unkind protestors to change their signs to some kind messages ? BAAAHH HAAA don’t think they will be kind anytime soon.

    • Tim

      Wow yes the be kind guy reminded me of being in kindergarten all over again yuck

      • semichorus

        His screed against the Berlins etc was due to this piece I wrote here and elsewhere. It’s how he rolls. I hit him where it counts. The Berlins haven’t been an issue for years (they moved down South almost five years ago), and his side won last week! What a gracious winner he is.

        Schmuck. He’s also wrong about the history and their motives.

        • F

          Rogers is wrong on every single thing he says. His self inflated ego allows him to make stuff up as he says err uh err uh. A real twisted mind on that man

    • Tim

      I like that passport thing, maybe I should go get one. They made lots of money doing the passports wow I think the clerk lady is doing a good job with the passports. I was afraid to travel because there are terrorists but if we get rid of the terrorists I maybe travel to Europe or something and now I know I could get my first passport ever from the clerk.

  5. OccupiedCalifornia

    Look at the chart on this site – Mark Scott was the third most overpaid City Manager in California.

    • semichorus

      Oh sure. The poor guy also couldn’t find a decent apartment for himself in Burbank. They were all too low class.

      • G.F.

        The only thing government does for the citizens is rip them off with over taxation so they can over pay inept people that do not even know what they are doing. This state needs a good overall house cleaning. Not doing it soon will leave our children in one helluva mess. Our city manager gets more than Beverly Hills ? That’s fucked up and shows how incompetent our council is.

  6. Roger

    Problem with watching council meetings on tv today are what you see.

    1 Fruitos kissing ass an butt

    2. Rogers saying ah ah and going on and on with no complete thoughts.

    3. Luddy overstating how great she is over and over

    4 No substance and no intellect ever from the three of them

    Just think they are running our city. We are doomed.

    • Jennifer Jean

      You forgot one ? TALAMANTES !!!
      He’s the worst of the the dreadful four.
      he’s abrasive and rude to public comment speakers
      Luddy is a legend in her own mind .
      Rogers is as dumb as a fence post!
      Frutoes is the lap dog for the developers.
      They all need to be voted out as they come up
      for re- election !

  7. Howard B.

    Last night at the city council meeting did you hear Will Rogers
    bring up the proposed new Target Express??
    They want to put the Target barely North of Magnolia Boulevard
    on Hollywood Way.
    There are only forty some parking spaces? It’s only one half block
    from Porto’s parking nightmare!
    Porto’s people park in front of this proposed sight now !
    This Target Express is going to be only a few thousand square feet
    smaller than the Ralph’s grocery store located at Buena Vista drive
    and Victory Blvd. What wasn’t mentioned last night is that the Ralph’s
    store has at least ten times more customer parking spaces !
    The city planning board member responding to Rogers questions said
    that the “Target Express” is under review to be ( Grandfathered In ) !!
    If that’s the the case? You can’t fight it, and No Parking or Traffic impact study’s will be required before permits and licences are issued!!!
    Can someone please help me GAG?
    That intersection is ten times busier now than it was ten years ago.

    The City can deny anything that is unsafe or grossly inappropriate
    for a certain spot !
    Once again:
    Screw the neighboring homes and businesses.
    Also, Target has already donated $2000.00 to Magnolia Park
    Merchants Association !!
    No wonder Assley Erikson is courting them.
    She has no vision of retaining the “Vintage District !! ”
    The chemistry of the Boulevard is changing rapidly and at least
    twenty five stores have had to leave!!

    • semichorus

      They can’t grandfather it in. Akron’s been gone for 35 years. It has to go through the normal process.

      • Joy

        They can gtandfather Target because the new merchants association supports it because Target gave them two thousand dollars to pay to be grandfathered in. Typical for sale and corrupt Burbank. Maybe the city can give Target half of Hollywood Way to add to their parking lot. Just reduce that block of Hollywood way to one block each direction. The two thousand was a gurantee they will go in.

      • Howard B.

        Romancing The Bean Caffe
        Was grandfathered in with
        Zero parking for customers!
        Kerry Krulls partner at the
        Beginning went back through
        The records to come up with
        A Deli that was only open for a
        Short time!
        In the early 1940’s before
        World War Two!!!
        And that was good enough
        For Frutos and the gang of three
        To override the mayor Dr. Gordon!!
        You watch . Target will prevail!
        In Burbank it all boils down to
        How well you are connected
        With City Hall!!!

  8. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    It’s Wednesday , so :
    1) The LeaderLess has 3 ,THREE, pro-airport stories in Today’s issue.unreal

    2) The State of The City speech is a PAID event(?) Folks have to BUY tickets to hear the Mayor speak.. pathetic

    • semichorus

      Wouldn’t it be great if we had a Burbank mayor who said the state of the city is bad?

      I can only imagine what that crowd-on-the-make was paying for.

  9. Orbell

    Anybody out there???
    Who is Kevin Harrop?
    Wasn’t he the original partner of
    Kerry Krull at Romancing the Bean?
    I’m reading that he is a S.O.B. ?
    Who is tho guy???

    • Willie Watcher

      Kevin Harrop is the guy who told your friend that he was anxiously waiting for the vintage stores to go under – one by one. He said the next one to leave would be the bookstore and he was right! He very callously pointed out that people don’t want the retro stores and as they leave and better stores move in, that Romancing the Bean would do even better.
      Jerks are born every minute. It’s not surprising that he partnered with Romancing the Bean. Watch who he buddy buddies with on City Council.
      No wonder members of City Council are not making fair decisions. They are hanging out with the wrong crowd.

      • semichorus

        That’s an awful sentiment to possess. Such stupid cynicism, and it misunderstands the nature of that area and what it can support. These “yuppie” businesses won’t last as long.

  10. Kim

    Semi, I tried to post this response
    On the Target Express survey
    By Ashley Erikson.
    I guess she only publishes responses
    That she spproves!!! I’m a small retail
    Merchant on Magnolia Blvd. I feel my
    Response should have been allowed.
    Here it is….
    Last night l tried to pull onto Magnolia
    Blvd. then turn North on Hollywood Way,
    I realized how outrageous it is to even
    Think about putting a Target on
    Hollywood Way by MagnoliaBlvd.
    The traffic was backed up several blocks.
    People are waiting to cross the street.
    It’s even dangerous to turn right there
    on a red light as a pedestrian could
    Step right into the crosswalk with so
    Many pedestrians out of view .
    If Target is put in so close to this
    Already over congested intersection,
    cars will be pulling out of the lot, trying
    To turn left into the parking lot, etc.
    as traffic is already backed up.
    I feel terrible for Rite-Aid. It’s almost cruel.
    Why would the city even think about
    Target there?
    The city has told so many great places
    ‘NO’ on Magnolia Blvd.
    I suggest a spot with less condensed
    traffic and not so close to the
    dwindling old part of town.
    I won’t be surprised if a bank leaves on
    Magnolia Blvd. and they let a 99 cent
    Store in?
    Today: a pedestrian was hit by a car
    Right at “Bell Cottage” on the corner
    Of Lima and Magnolia Blvd,
    She was lying in the street when the
    Ambulance took her.
    That intersection was supposed to get
    a traffic light years ago. People went
    To city council for years only to be
    Blown off as usual .
    It’s the regular Bull Shit!
    Traffic is out of control . How about
    Throwing a Target in the middle of this
    Huge Problem?
    These people (Ashley Erikson , Talamantes,
    Luddy , Frutos
    & Air head Will Rogers.
    Are all sick!

  11. Howard B.

    Semi : F. Y. I.
    After checking with the city of Burbank.
    I was told that per city code requirements
    for a retail store trying to come in .
    The required amount of parking spaces
    Needed to open a new business (Target)
    whose 29 K approximate estimated square
    feet should have at the least ’96’ parking
    Spaces per current code requirements!
    The code requires 3.3 parking spaces
    For every thousand square feet of retail
    Space! Their Fifty spaces short???
    This rule has been put in place because
    this amount of parking spaces has
    been deemed necessary.
    The proposed Target Express has
    only forty some parking spaces.
    The grandfather clause can be broken
    only in extreme cases.
    This parking problem is excessive
    and too close to other existing problems.
    The only person I know who thinks this
    is a good idea is?
    Someone who doesn’t have a car!!!

  12. Burbank Bill

    The Target folks were courting the public tonite on Magnolia at holiday event. A booth and everything. I’m sure they could negotiate the size down for the Express store. Problem is trying to make left turn out of that parking lot. Good luck. Traffic is really bad around there. Especially when someone is trying to parallel park at Portos. Instant gridlock. I have no problem with the mini target. Just not sure about the turns and parking outta that lot. Love all the hysteria on the Burbank Facebook page. They all think some regular size target is going in and the pitchforks are blazing.

  13. Voter of B urbank former supporter

    Vote No on Bob(two-faces)Frutos he is NOT for the people of Burbank.

  14. Family who will no longer attend FOOD TRUCK NIGHT OUT.

    FOOD TRUCK NIGHT OUT. What happened to Holiday on the Park ? We used to enjoy the home atmosphere of all the little shops and home made
    cookies and we spent money in these stores. Now it’s all about food trucks,

    At the cities cleanup expense. Why not have topless maid trucks come help cleanup too , Trashy!

    • Anonymous

      Magnolia Blvd. was closed off for an amplified Truck Night for Christmas. Why would the Magnolia Restaurants want food trucks when the locals would eat in their places instead? Very few goodies in stores, merchants complaining, overall, an exceptionally boring event.
      Very disappointing.

      • semichorus

        How was the turnout?

        • Scrooge

          A lot more people than Ladies Night out. People were complaining because the food trucks were put in spots where each truck was allotted all the spaces to the alley (approximately ten spaces). So, a lot of public parking was used for the trucks and people had to walk far to get to Magnolia.
          People were very disappointed with the lack of things to do. It was truck night basically. Magnolia was closed after noon on Friday. Thus, sales were very weak for the merchants during the day due to the no parking.
          It’s definitely a divisive event to have for Holiday in the Park. Some stores flourish on Truck Night and some do not. The holiday party is not the time to cater to some and not the others.

          • semichorus

            The food trucks I’m sure weren’t from Burbank, either.

            Where’s there to go now on this evening? It used to be fun to go to Dutton’s, and then walk down Hollywood Way to the nursery to see all their Christmas stuff. There’s nothing cozy or particularly holiday-like now in closing down Magnolia.

            What kind of businesses are these coming in? Seems overly commercial to me — or wannabee slick.

          • Irwin Fletcher

            The setback for trucks was stupid not only for limiting parking, but also, you couldn’t see the truck at all from the street. You had to walk all the way down the parking area just to find out what truck was there, only to turn around if it wasn’t a truck you wanted. They should park them right near the intersections and give back the parking spaces. Romancing the Bean was packed- but sadly, Simply Coffee was closed. P.S. RtB has the worst Latte in town- not sure what their water source is, yuck!

            • semichorus

              I love Simply Coffee.

              Anyone else remember when actor Luke moved there from Coffee Bean as their barista in the morning? The women all cried when he moved away.

  15. Family who will no longer attend FOOD TRUCK NIGHT OUT.

    FOOD trucks on Magnolia Park circling all the stores. What Happened?
    THis is supposed to show Christmas Hospitality for the Neignborhoods and the small business people. It was ruined for me this year.

  16. DixieFlyer

    At OUR expense the Mag Park Merchants BLEW it Friday night.
    Yep, WE paid for it.

    Poor traffic controls, starting early afternoon.
    Confusion reigned supreme.

    Rerouted buses took 43 minutes on Chandler from Buena Vista to Hollywood Way.

    Three or four cars per signal cycle.

    DO NOT patronize the OVER Priced Food Trucks!!!

    What has happened to SUPPORTING local merchants???

    “Buffoonery from Ashley”–at OUR expense.

    STUPID council members spent OUR money.

  17. Jennifer Jean

    What has happened to “Holiday in the Park?”
    NOW it’s all about food trucks!
    Up until a couple of years ago before Ashley
    Erikson . Holiday in the Park was all about
    The neighborhood residents visiting all the
    Small mom and pop stores on Magnolia Blvd.
    The store owners and merchants would have
    a platter of homemade Christmas cookies
    and treats for the kids! With punch ,cider or water for the visitors and potential shoppers.
    A warm hearted family event!
    Now it’s a cattle run with everybody hitting the
    FOOD TRUCKS! at 6PM. standing in lines
    Getting their food fix!
    After getting their food they turn into looky Lou’s!
    Ashley Erikson and her organization
    Magnolia Park Mercants Association, who
    Personally has never been a retail sales merchant
    With ZERO business experience!
    She has after this past Friday night ,
    The “Fifty food trucks ” that she made $100
    Per food truck! She’s a self centered
    Greedy Bitch ! Who’s only interest is Making
    MONEY !!!
    At the cost of changing the complete
    Chemistry and landscape of the old neighborhood!
    With help from her personal “lap dog” Frutos!

    • semichorus

      I don’t get the point of bringing in out-of-town trucks to celebrate a Burbank neighborhood and its businesses.

      The city helps to financially support this venture? Through an outfit that now (apparently) lobbies for pay?


    Two of my neighbors just stopped by to tell me they are leaving Burbank .Ciggarette butts on their lawn, trash from food trucks, they have had it. Neighbors who have always gone to Holiday in the Park. They are disgusted with the obvious change taking over Magnolia Park. Whoever is responsible won’t be happy until all the little business merchants are out
    of business.

  19. Concerned Neighbor

    many neighbors are afraid to complain, it is a waste of time to challenge the Council for help. The Council continues to patronize and then humiliate them on almost every issue. Their personal opinions at our expense are getting old. we need help on Magnolia, return the family healthy experience we once enjoyed instead of conjestion and un -fairness to the small merchants.

  20. Concerned Neighbor

    Thank you, Semichorus, for always spreading our views and getting everyone’s comments out into the Public.

  21. Faux Fuddy Luddy

    I went with the family . Very little Holiday or Christmas spirit. With everyone walking in the street, the stores suffered. When everyone is crammed on the sidewalks, you are almost forced to go in the stores to check them out. It was just too spread out, stores were empty.. And yes, too many foodtrucks.. It wasn’t special like it used to be , with the firetrucks w/ Christmas lights. etc.

    • semichorus

      Yes, there’s nothing festive in wandering around the middle of the street.

      I don’t get how food trucks = Magnolia Park.

  22. Penelope

    Last Friday nights ‘HOLIDAY IN THE PARK’ was a total disaster !
    Anybody at city hall who had anyhing to do with this terribly
    failed event should be ashamed of themselves for destroying a
    Burbank tradition that was enjoyed by the local residents and
    neighboring community supporters for many years.
    Magnolia Blvd. was closed down at NOON ! 4 PM. should have been the closing time ? At 5 PM. there was nobody on the street !
    That would have allowed the small merchants and dealers customers
    to be able to drive in and park for early potential Christmas sales.
    For ASHLEY to add 50 FOOD TRUCKS and take up all the parking
    between the alleys and Magnolia Blvd. that took away over a
    hundred parking spots for potential Christmas shoppers? Was wrong!
    At 7 PM. I walked up and down the street.The stores were virtually
    empty! All the people who showed up so far were at the FOOD TRUCKS !

    SO, with financial gain in mind, ASHLEY brought all the food trucks in to make this event like all the rest on the last Friday Night in the month!

    QUESTION? How can the city allow this GREEDY, SHORT SIGHTED
    ASHLEY IS as they say in SCOTLAND….” NUMPTY !!!”

    • semichorus

      I have to admit it — I’m the main person who years ago encouraged Ashley to get involved in MP. She was looking around for something to get into after Northridge, and I thought it was a good idea.

      She was though always interested in monetizing the venture.

  23. B attery Charger

    My grandson and his friends have used the Roller Rink on Victory for years as have thousands of families. How is it ? that Burbank council has in the
    budget $20,000.00 to clean up after outside city food trucks on ladies night
    out and Holiday in the Park and can’t find $ for repairs and maintenance
    for this Rink ? MPMA has a real “CASH COW’ here, what does the city get out of it ??

  24. Road Wonk

    Is this the area on Mag that mike Nolan has asked for painted crosswalk?
    Now an old lady is dead. Thanks Ron Johnson or whoever runs traffic crap these days.
    Police today sought witnesses to a fatal vehicle-versus-
    pedestrian crash in Burbank that took the life of an 86-year-old woman.
    Burbank resident Arzelia Pisani was in an unmarked crosswalk when she
    was struck at about 12:30 p.m. on Nov. 17 at the intersection of Lima Street
    and Magnolia Boulevard, police said.
    She suffered “a significant head injury” and subsequently died at a
    hospital, according to Burbank police Sgt. Claudio Losacco.
    Pisani was crossing Lima Street and was struck by a black Dodge Charger
    driven by a 32-year-old Sylmar man, who stopped at the scene and cooperated
    with investigators, the sergeant said.
    The Dodge driver was going northbound on Lima Street and preparing to
    make a right turn onto Magnolia Boulevard when Pisani was struck, according to
    Losacco, who said neither alcohol nor drugs were factors in the crash.
    Anyone who witnessed the crash was urged to call Burbank police
    Detective Sam Anderson at (818) 238-3103.

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