Because they are our Most Important Americans


The ones who count. And the news media is right: they have suffered so much. That’s what this election is all about.










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16 responses to “Because they are our Most Important Americans

  1. Mike

    Yes the problem is liberal elites and wealthy celebrities that think we should all obey their every demand or they throw hissy fits. I am very happy with our new President. We needs jobs and to bring back the economy for everyone. The end must come to the hopelessness created over the last 8 years.

  2. Anonymous3.1

    Word from those safe spaces this week

  3. William

    Oh come on people why do you care about honesty or integrity these people are just plain nuts

  4. Anonymous 3

    You were right about Trump, damn you.

    Wrong about the airport though. Turns out not everybody likes it as it is.

  5. chad

    Within two years Pence will be the president. It’s clear Trump does not want to actually work. He hasn’t in years. He’ll come down with some mysterious illness and step down.

  6. chad

    Anon 3, I completely agree. His body language said it all. This is a job where you have to take constant criticism and get real time feedback. Trump is a guy that has surrounded himself with sycophants and yes-people. He will wither under the pressure.

    • Rob

      This meltdown over Trump being elected is such an indication of just how weak we have become as a nation. Our schools have failed and our society needs to turn around or we will fall further into decline

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