Yeah, fuck you too America



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36 responses to “Yeah, fuck you too America

  1. chad

    So, we are going to have someone who makes W. look like Churchill as POTUS. I’ll give the Republicans and their electors all the credit for consistently voting in some crazy-ass, below grade loafers. NEXT!!!!

    • semichorus

      Yeah, and I love how the media is trying to claim that this is about “change” and “populism.” It’s not — it’s about hatred, bigotry, and stupidity. The media’s been whitewashing this sack of shit from the beginning, just like they’re doing today.

      “Let’s bring the country together!” Yeah. Under a hard-right Republican ideology. Little mention either that she won the popular vote. That means nothing.

      This country’s doomed. From now on I’m going to be spending my time in a sane town somewhere near Room 315 studying the greats and the learned. Fuck Burbank and all its many low-class idiots and failed mediocrities, and fuck most of the rest of this truly rotten America. You’re all chickenshit, subliterate assholes, and I’ve wasted most of my life trying to deal with you.

      • mostly anonymous

        Throughout 2016, the city of burbank Facebook page has acted as a lesson in the how’s and why’s of the result of this election. We are truly a country whose bulk is stupid, white, racist and angry. Absolutely zero surprise or shock here.

      • Ed

        The Right wing Republicans opposed Trump during the primary. I don’t think he is right wing.

  2. Al in SoCal

    Please don’t suspend comments – this is a great free speech zone and wholly unique. Partisan banter back and forth is good for the republic …

    Also, there are so few places for our community at large to go and vent – either side.

  3. Anonymous

    Hey Al,

    I agree with you this time. What happened to your predictions of a Hillary win ?

    • Al in SoCal

      You know – I think the comments might be turned off – but I fully accept the election – just as I know you would have – had it gone the other way.

      Thankfully we live in a Democracy where (all) our voices should / and for the most part do carry the same weight.

      No partisanship at the moment – I hope Trump really does follow through with promises of unity and I hope we as a nation do well in the next 4 years.

      Election fever strikes me every four years – my hyper-partisanship goes way up and I become a little obsessed .. I’m glad it’s over even though my “guy” didn’t win.

  4. chad

    In the words of Bill the Butcher, “It’s a great night for America!!!!”

  5. angthetang

    Thank you for the Strauss, it’s perfect for today.

  6. How is it legal for the community development department to donate $50,000 to the Yes on B campaign. Our tax dollars have been used to campaign for airport expansion. Am I getting something wrong here?

    • semichorus

      If they did, it’s not.

      • Under the guise of the Burbank Hospitality Association a.k.a. Visit Burbank they donated $50k. Campaign disclosure paper from 9/29

        • semichorus

          A sleazy town. If these expedient assholes were winners in life they wouldn’t be living in Burbank.

          I get great satisfaction in that. They have no taste, no class, and no education of any real kind. What ever any of them DID have they lost long ago. They all belong in Burbank.

      • I just did some digging on the city website. “Visit Burbank” a.k.a. Burbank Hospitality Assoc. donated $50,000 to Yes on Measure B campaign. Guess where their offices are? City of Burbank Community Development Dept.

        So a city agency donated $50k??? 

        • CornFused

          That’s incredible. “Sleazy and Ignorant” – the new Burbank.

          • Jim

            If you guys ever achieve justice over the Community Development Department using city funds for the airport, can you get back the one and a quarter million that they blew for the Magnolia Park P-Bid? They flagrantly blew the funds while business people openly opposed their misuse of funds.

        • Jennifer Jean

          Tela-fuckface-mantes our residing Mayor.
          Is a traitor to all the Burbank citizens who
          Believed in him for fair and honest
          Governing in our city of Burbank!
          Was it legal or ethical for the city to take
          City funds? $50k added to a budget already
          In the Red! For a YES on measure B?
          Plus the $30k he waisted on MPMA .Equals
          $80k? Tacked onto a hemorrhaging city
          Budget with all kinds of expenditures
          Snuck into a budget they passed!
          Wake up everybody Talamantes is a
          Total sellout to the city he took an oath
          To serve in the best interest of Burbank!
          Not just the elite fat cats ! He needs to
          be voted out next city election!

  7. Anonymous

    if you hate Burbank so much, why don’t you move ?

  8. DixieFlyer

    Mr. semi,

    You’re not to leave town without getting a decent haircut!!!!

  9. chad

    Raoul Coutard did.

  10. John

    Burbank View Points if that is true that is one big stack of cash to secretly influence an election slipping out of city hall. That would reveal who the real ratz are in Burbank.

    • semichorus

      It’s from the Tourist T-BID, which staff must think is private money. It’s not. This T-BID is made up of taxes on the industry collected by the city GOVERNMENT to use for promotional use to benefit this same local industry.

      The fact that a “committee” makes these spending decision does not take away from the fact that it’s now City of Burbank money. I’d file a complaint about it with the appropriate state fair practices agency (the FPPC most likely). It’s not private money.

      The question for the state agency is simple: can city funds that are collected and administered as P-BID money — as these are in Burbank — be used for campaign purposes? Can the city actually be a voting party to this action? Did the city help juice these funds with extra Community Development money?

      • Furminda

        “The fact that a “committee” makes these spending decision does not take away from the fact that it’s now City of Burbank money. I’d file a complaint about it with the appropriate state fair practices agency (the FPPC most likely). It’s not private money.”

        Why don’t you simply file said complaint? Seriously.

        • semichorus

          Because I’m not going to steal away someone else’s issue.

          The better question is, why don’t you give a fuck about this obviously unethical stunt? Did they even take a vote among the merchants?

          • Nancy

            Semichorus your most recent post seems to infer ‘quell’ means some sort of facist tactic and I am not surprised YOU would assume that given your refusal to END people expressing their thoughts here with comments turned off. You need to look into a mirror because your latest rants are ubchallenged propaganda and at least to date Trump has done nothing to quiet anyone it is you who have done that.

          • I am seeking legal counsel and at the very least will file a complaint with FPPC. Wish I had discovered this weeks ago.

            • semichorus

              Yeah, good work. The simple question to ask the attorney is, can P-BIDS in the state of California make political contributions?

              I’d be interested in knowing what the FPPC considers P-BID money. Staff obviously thinks that “public funds” means money from and to everybody, and that money only from this part of the public is private. And thus legal to campaign with.

              The city’s defense on this would be interesting to see, unless there’s already some FPPC case law there, in which event this could be a fabulous political “slush fund” loophole if generally allowed. If P-BIDS are allowed to make political contributions like this — with clear city involvement — then the sky’s the limit. You’ll have million-dollar P-BIDS passing money around with direct city employee oversight. (And who oversees them? Elected and appointed officials.)

              I obviously consider this T-BID and its particulars a city program paid for by enforced revenue collection, at least the way Burbank runs it. Let’s see what the FPPC thinks.

              I also suspect this “contribution” has been juiced up with CDD money, in which it’s clearly illegal, and even a laundering of sorts to hide the city cash.

              My general philosophy these days is if you can’t affect change and win, at least make them look bad.

  11. Anonymous

    I see the blog has taken a rather facist turn with political comments and the comments of others turned off. It is a direction of let’s spread our agenda and there is no discussion about it at all. People fear Trump ? Seems more and lore like it’s the anti Trump people who refuse to discuss anything at all. Very sad.

  12. Terry

    The warning label now belongs on this blog that posts garbage and does not allow any comments in response. Tells me you know this has become a blog of idiotic rants that you are unable to defend. I am removing the book mark you are just like Fox News.

  13. Barbara

    Looking here today and yesterday with headlines like Fuck You America It makes me ashamed to have even voted for Hillary. Looking at what is being said and done now by the Hillary supporters is making me see where the real hate and intolerance is centered. You are part of a movement that I am not interested in because this is the time when after an election we come together and I did not see this behavior from those who did not vote for President Obama but what I see now I aee as real hate and bigotry. It us very sad that this movement has turned out to be the thing I fear and regret.

    • Jay

      Amen Barbara Fuck America is a bit much.

    • Al in SoCal


      1. It was written approx 10 hours post-election
      2. Almost every poll had Hillary winning – so not many were prepared for a Trump EV win
      3. Trump didn’t win Popular Vote – unfortunately stoking anger for some of us that did vote for Hillary
      4. Some Trump supporters were stoking civil war claims before the vote regarding a Hillary claim

      So – I suggest you try some empathy (seeing it from someone else’s shoes) rather than making judgments like “bigotry & hatred” that only serve to fan the flames of the anger.

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