(No comment about this right now, it’s just that we wanted to beat the Daily News here with the headline!)


Long, long lines at polling places in Manhattan, which means that Hillary will get a huge number of popular votes today regardless of what happens with the Electoral College. New Yorkers aren’t voting for Trump, despite the efforts of CNN this morning to portray the constant booing and jeering of him at P.S 59 as “balanced out” by a couple of “construction workers” applauding him from a nearby building.

Trump was even heckled by the crowd inside his polling place, and contrary as well to the news networks, this was not a “typical” New York scene in acting up, as if what happened there was like something out of a Chazz Palminteri movie, which never happens any more in NYC anyway, if it ever did. P.S. 59 is located in an extremely affluent residential neighborhood in Midtown off of 3rd Avenue, and these were white people. Mostly professionals waiting in line.

There’s also quite an ugly crowd gathering in front of Trump Tower a few blocks away on Fifth. The Trump people have been busing people in for weeks to harangue the passer-bys, and it could get fun tonight.


And a salute to the Republican brain trust:


Trump’s grandparents were born in Germany and Scotland, which means he wouldn’t be able to vote. His mother was born in Scotland as well, so his kids wouldn’t either.



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7 responses to “Pussywhipped!

  1. Bryan

    I am Gay, I am American and I do not trust the media. What the media does is feed us lies to try and get us to believe what is not even true. I don’t know about you but all these self proclaimed media ‘super brains’ talk about their polls and there this and there that but I have never been asked and nor has anyone I know. Today is election day and today these self proclaimed brains that make millions of dollars trying to control us really don’t matter anymore because today we get to vote and we get to speak for ourselves. I am Gay and I am an American Latino and today my voice has been heard I voted Trump and I voted NO on this measure B. The people speak and the self proclaimed experts can sit silent and watch what we do.

  2. Sharon

    You are so right Bryan. I am over these paid experts and no I have never been asked in any poll and like you or has anyone I have ever known. Digby must ask his cat or something and the rest of them maybe they ask their parakeets or look in a mirror and just ask themselves.

  3. Scott

    To your point Bryan look at the most recent Burbank Leader. That is certainly media at it’s best and remember we live in the media capital of the world. Not a word about the election just paid advertising from the airport pretending to make paid for positions and paid advertising into news. They really think we are stupid but the fact is many of us are seeing how corrupt it all is. The best and only place to get news today is online at blogs like this one right here where some paid expert doesn’t tell you what people think people tell you themselves what they think and why.

  4. Carlos A

    Today it is important to vote. It is important to remember those who died to give us that right and to remember what an important obligation it is because all Americans and the future of America counts on us to stand up and be counted. We show respect by voting for our country and not our own personal interests it is a day to confirm that we are a nation of the people, by the people and for the people and remember how many times we see leaders think only of themselves and not of America, I have voted and my votes are not fist and foremost what is best for me it is what is best for America. God Bless America !

  5. Marcos

    I voted and I voted for freedom. I don’t want more taxes and I don’t want more laws that take away the freedoms of any American. Rich or Poor, Black, brown, white or Asian, Latino none of that matters anymore than how someone says something. What does matter is that we feel proud to be Americans and we stand for the freedom of all Americans and not just the freedoms of a few insiders. I don’t live in the inner city but I know how bad it is and I want to see the inner cities rebuilt, I want them to have good jobs and I want them to have good schools. I want things to get better and more free for ALL AMERICANS.

    That was what I thought about when I voted today


  6. chad

    Patience everyone. Patience.

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