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  1. chad

    I’ve been saying that for years Patton Oswalt.

  2. chad

    That’s right he voted for Hillary because she was intelligent and near human.

    • DixieFlyer

      Please don’t blame Patton, chad.

      He meant well, just like our friend semi.

      On January 20th you can witness semi getting a haircut.

      It will keep both of you busy and take your minds off of the festivities.

  3. chad

    Clinton is up right now in the popular vote count by 338,134

    She lost Michigan by 11,837
    She lost Wisconsin by 27,257
    She lost Pennsylvania by 68,236

    Disperse her popular votes into those three states and Clinton wins the Electoral College vote with well over 200,000 votes to spare. By time we are done the counting the CA vote, her lead in the popular vote will be much bigger.

    • semichorus

      I know. I agree with Boehlert– the other way around and the media would be calling it a Constitutional crisis.

      I’m so sick of this pobrecito white guy narrative going on right now. They’re not suffering, they’re just hateful, chickenshit bigots. All this “Rust Belt” angst we’re suddenly hearing about now as some huge factor in people’s lives occurred at least 30 years ago!

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