Let’s keep what we have, and then fix it up



If you really want to waste some time today, and if you haven’t done so already — but maybe want to vindicate Dr. Gordon’s claim that not everything about this proposed “replacement” terminal was fully discussed in public– just check out the assorted council resolutions attached to tomorrow’s Measure B vote. They’re on the city’s special webpage on the topic, and with all of the relevant Exhibits easily attached in one place.

Such convolution never leads anywhere good, and in this case, to what purpose? First they want an adjacent property terminal, then at the last minute we hear that maybe they’ll put it in a Southwest Quadrant one on their own property, and if so, they’ll use the adjacent property instead for ancillaries and general aviation, which doesn’t bode well for the neighbors if we start to compete with Van Nuys for more of the private traffic on this larger site.

And then there’s the proposed 14-gate terminal that for some reason has to be almost 50 percent larger than the 14-gate one we already have –wherever it’s going to be — and when we already have one. Oh, and then it won’t ever be expanded in the future because the law says that Burbank has the final say on any such change in plans, and that Burbank would never would change the current plans anyway unless we get a new city council that wants to, which we’re assured would never happen. Don’t forget too about the vaunted “supermajority”; or a possible future public Measure B vote if a discretionary matter ever arises over expansion or anything else, even though the agreement explicitly nixes such a privilege in the bud and the city attorney can’t define right now what that could ever be.

Enough. Small is always Beautiful. We don’t need a new airport terminal in Burbank, especially one that we’re assured will be the same basic size and capacity of the current facility (with shops and restaurants), and still retain the “beloved” boarding method  of a George Burns and Gracie Allen movie. Like what’s the point then of all this bureaucratic complication and chancy experimentation over our local future?

We like the Airport the way it is. So do most people. The better idea then is to keep it around and fix it up.

This is an easy one, really: it’s “No” on Measure B. To vote otherwise is taking too much of a chance on nothing. Or at least nothing right now…




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80 responses to “Let’s keep what we have, and then fix it up

  1. Manny Ramirez

    You sucking on Dixie Flyer or Nolans smelly kool aide Jimmy boy

  2. Art

    I read on facebook where Gary Birck said it has to be bigger for more resturants because you can’t expect people to bring brown paper bag lunches to the airport. So there you have it we need bigger to avoid brown paper lunches I guess.

  3. Taxpayer

    Short flights don’t need brown bags. That is what Burbank Airport was designed for — short runways, short flights! We don’t need a mini-LAX in Burbank.

  4. Burbank Voter

    When you have controversy on any issue just VOTE NO on measure B.

  5. Anonymous

    Maybe Gary Bric is wanting a new shiny international airpot, so brown bags could become a problem

    • Van Parker

      Gary “thick-as-a-” Bric is still hung up on $99 Topless Maids.
      Remember how he pushed to outlaw them?
      It took effect in Burbank.
      His Bar is in Los Angeles (Sun Valley).
      For some reason, he wants to be loved by others.
      That means more and more sucking sounds to entice the current
      staff to recognize his self.
      Too bad for the “thick one”.

      • Anonymous

        Gary Bric went after the topless maids because they refused to clean his house. He asked, the maids looked and said ” WE DON’T CLEAN ANIMAL HABITATS” After that poor Bric just did not take rejection well at all so he went after their van.

  6. DEM’s Against Measure B

    Here’s what the Burbank Democratic Club had to say about the Vote NO on Measure B Facebook group. I’m a life-long Democrat and I’m disgusted by these people. Anyone know who runs the local Democratic club? I want names!

    Burbank Democratic Club:
    This is not a credible source and most of the information it provides is incorrect. I am automatically suspicious of something that doesn’t state who produced this video. We need to stop giving in to the fear mongering. There are so many holes in this argument that I don’t have time to fill them all. This is not worth my time.

    Burbank Democratic Club:
    Good grief-either have control of the location, plans. and tax (YES vote)… or give up all control (“no”)… on a project that is going to happen anyway, one way or the other. What is the money trail behind a “no” push?__L

    Vote No on Measure B:
    There is no money tail. I produced this video with my own research and on my own time. My name is David Spell. I am hiding nothing, nor am I profiting in any way shape or form from this endeavor. Many of the images you see in this video are DIRECTLY from the Airport Authority or city’s website and documents. Try and smear us all you want – we’re making the developers in this town nervous obviously. And whomever posted this is making Dems in Burbank look terrible. Who the hell posted your response anyway?

    • semichorus

      The money trail. Hilarious.

      No terminal’s going to happen “anyway.” If it was, it would have.

      The more these guys try to denigrate me (for instance) as being an antediluvian moron — which is the standard script here in Burbank from the Rogers’ crowd, and Rogers — the more I’ll pull out the 19th-century motets.

      They’ve got nothing over me — they don’t even know how to dress.

      • Fred

        are these not the same Dem Club that used to be called the water throwers ? Bunch of loons they are

      • 91505

        This Burbank Establishment needs to be over thrown big time. Bye bye Dem club , Bric, Rogers, Frutoes and the list goes on. We need to take back control of our city from this establishment group of trolls

    • 91505

      David Spell is a patriot.

    • Burbank Insider

      You want names? I’ll give you names: Dave Dobson, Kevin Harrop, Dave Golonski, Char Tabet, Lee Wochner. They’re all part of the Gatto crowd. Rumor has it they’re planning to run Roger’s sidekick Harrop for Council next year. Good luck with that.

      • Bob

        Kevin Harrop for council LMAO that guy is scary.

      • Anonymous

        You left out Inglesbe, she’s a real jewel. NOT don’t forget her Burbank Insider

        • Burbank Insider

          Your right Anonymous, how could we forget Shanna “I sued Walmart ” Inglesbe? Such a class act she is. Hope she enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame paid for by the Unions. And a shout out to Larry N., Thomas S. and the rest of gang.

  7. Mag Park Resident

    If the old terminal is dangerous in a quake, when was Brics restaurant built because I doubt it is earth quake safe and I remember a car coming off the freeway smashing into it so it can be classified as an obstruction to traffic. I say tear it down.

    • Chuck

      You are spot on Mag Park Resident. Brics restaurant-bar is almost falling down already one good shake quake and that thing will collapse. We should demand he build a new earth quake safe bar because he is so into safety and so afraid of quakes. He could also make it bigger so other eateries could go in there and offer some real food.

    • Anon

      Yep tear down Brics bar

  8. Burbank Dem

    As a Democrat I can tell you that there are thousands of Democrats in Burbank and something like 30 of them who belong to this Democratic Club. There is a reason most of us have nothing to do with this club. Most of us are not certified insane.

    • semichorud

      Isn’t it also on-again, off-again? I had thought it never recovered after Rogers.

    • Al in SoCal

      Well – if there are only 30 – then you only need a group of 10 to 12 to basically take it over. This was my argument for the Magnolia Park folks who were complaining about that business group. Simply organize – get a solid group together and take the group over. It is simple if you work within the bylaws of the group and I’ve seen this tactic used plenty of times to force changeovers.

  9. Anon

    Many of us know who the Dem Club of five is, say hello to Dobson, Inglesbee and the rest of the kids.

    • semichorus

      Is it even still around?

      • Sandra

        Oh yes the Burbank Democratic Club is still around but it would be better for all of us if they folded up their tepee and went away. Semichorus you should pay your 1.50 and become a member. They would freak and say it’s not a place for you just like they tell most Democrats. They love Luddy so I would guess they hate you and feel your not a real Democrat.

        • Al in SoCal

          Their “tepee”?? Most Democrats, not all, are FAR more accepting of differing opinions than Republicans. Doubtful they “hate” Semi because they “love” Emily.

          Try publicly disliking Ted Cruz at an meeting of Evangelicals .. or Dr. Ben “Pyramids at Giza are storage containers” Carson. LOL … if you survive to tell about it I would be amazed.

          • Trump/Pence 2016

            Dr. Ben Carson is a Brain Surgeon. How about you?

            And what’s with all this HATE for Republicans? You have issues dude.

            • Anonymous

              So true Ben Carson is a brain surgeon and Al of So Cal is what ? It is silly to question the intelligence of a man who one day may operate on you and save your life there Al, further we know why the fact that he is a brain surgeon doesn’t matter, It’s because he is a black American right there Al ? Fold up a teepee last I looked is just a saying while talking about a black man who is a brain surgeon well that is rather racist Al

              • semichorus

                You wanna know the truth? For a graduate degree, medical school is not considered to be too hard mentally. It’s just a lot of time and work, and the students actually study out of page-by-page workbooks with big print, just like second-graders do.

      • Anonymous Burbank

        The Burbank Democratic Club is like a zit, it needs to be popped. I went to one of their meetings a few years ago and they make any real Democrat ashamed and ready to change parties.

  10. Dwayne

    Why do some people always think new is better. We have seen a lot of new things yet everything keeps getting worse. No plans to see so no on measure B

  11. Angela

    Just drove by Brics bar and he has 3 yes on B signs. They won’t come down after the election I swear to God they look like they are holding his building up. What a dump and get this no cars in the parking lot so where are the drunks ?

  12. Follow The Money

    “What is the money trail behind a “no” push?” –

    I don’t know but how about we FOLLOW THE MONEY on the YES on B push. Let’s start with the $200k “gift” to the City to cover the costs of rushing this onto the November ballot instead of our local elections. What gifts have been promised to our Schools? Why are so many current and former School Board members like Char Tabet, Applebaum and Kemp supporting this? Why are Teachers like the 2 clueless fools in the Yes campaign video trying to sell us this snake oil? How much has the Airport spent on all those glossy brochures they’ve mailed out? How about all the paid Canvassers and Phone Bank people who can’t answer basic questions about Measure B? How much is our former Airport Commissioner Sue Georgino being paid now that she’s a paid “Consultant” for the Airport. How much money have they spent on Advertising with those MyBurbank “sell-outs” and the missing Burbank Leader (Follower)? Inquiring minds would like to know.

  13. Burbankian

    Your neighbors and friends mobilize to spread the word NO ON MEASURE B

    • 91506

      That is a great video. People need to take to the streets more often against our corrupt city hall.

      • I have a feeling they might just do that.

        • Al in SoCal

          It’s a Constitutional right that is constantly under attack. There should, however be consequences when you say things that are .. wait .. here it comes … OFFENSIVE to others. It’s perfectly your right to do so – you won’t get arrested, but it may lead to getting fired, boycotted or simply not spoken to.

          • Anonymous

            Oh Al so typical if it offends you, which often means it is simply the truth that you want to hide from then why there should be a law to protect you or a safe space right ? Get over yourself you are not the model of all things and everyone does not need to use politically correct speech just to protect your sensitive little feelings. You need a few weeks of therapy with Mike Nolan, he could teach you to grow up and grow some balls.

        • Carol

          I hope Burbank really stands up against the crooked self serving establishment this niext city election. It really is time to stand up against all of their developer giveaways ( Like Frutos gave a city street to cusamano for the talapia) and the liars from City Hall. Burbank is far better than our current leadership or sell outs we have as leaders.

  14. Al in SoCal

    So … are all Trump supporters / commenters that browse this site still living in fantasyland thinking “The Donald” will win?

    My real question is what you will do with yourselves when she’s nominated her 3rd liberal justice to SCOTUS and the new blue Senate is ready to confirm – after stripping the GOP’s power to filibuster judicial appointments – ensuring a 30+ year liberal-majority Supreme Court?

    • Anonymous

      Al in SoCal says
      November 7, 2016 at 6:26 pm
      My real question is what you will do with yourselves when she’s nominated her 3rd liberal justice to SCOTUS and the new blue Senate is ready to confirm ”

      My question for you Al, is what will you scream, when Hillary, metaphorically speaking, sticks her hand in your pocket and squeezes your testicles while demanding mo money? …..well providing you got a pair! ….guess that’s up for debate!

      • Al in SoCal

        Interesting – no doubt psychologists are examining the small & insecure people who are voting for Donald Trump. Making fun of the disabled and forcing yourself on women must come naturally to men not comfortable in their own skin. You think Melania likes Donald for his great charm and good looks – LOL .. right .. no doubt he tells himself that at night.

        At any rate … so glad you all live in CA where your vote makes absolutely no difference whatsoever. =)

      • Anonymous 3.5

        Al of so cal has testicles ? Thought Golonski took those off him years ago.

    • Screenlander

      The same thing you did when your boy Golonski lost – go on with life.
      Looking forward to reading your pathetic and predictable anti Gordon letters in the Leader soon. Do you just recycle them every 4 years? Say “Hi” to your friend Pat and be careful not to breath in too many fumes from that gas station below you. Loser!

      • Al in SoCal

        It’s unfortunate the Leader went behind a paywall. I’m not really a fan, but there is little else – other than creating your own blog I guess …

        As for recycling complaints – all I need to do is turn on the City Council meeting to see regurgitated arguments year after year after year after year. You might have gotten the Trump-like Optometrist in, but you’ll never get more than 2 on the council …

        Love that you closed with the word Loser – I expect you see the word quite a bit as a Republican here in Burbank, CA. Loser in federal elections, state elections, county elections, and city elections. Personally I don’t even see why you bother .. wait let me guess your hate-based echo-chamber you visit on Sundays tells you your vote means something? Hint: it doesn’t here and it won’t for decades to come … I could play the elementary schoolyard name attack .. but I’ll go to bed with a smile knowing that your vote is already nullified by the millions of early and absentee ballots cast for (gasp) a woman who will finally lead us into the future of minority-majority rule. Night.

        • Anonymous

          Al, your anger toward people (who don’t agree with you) is cranked a little high. Are you related to Anonymous 3? Nepotism is very abundant around Burbank.
          Your rants are for the sole purpose of pissing people off.

          • Al in SoCal

            People like Mike Nolan and the rest of the Tuesday night complain-aholic crew think their opinions are of such high importance that they must be publicly streamed weekly. I’ll give credit to Dr. Gordon – he ran (and won). Otherwise, you at the podium – you don’t speak for me, you don’t speak for a majority of us who voted for the “other 4” successfully and with a majority.

            I’m just a little sick of the crazy amount of entitlement I see here – and on the podium on Tuesday nights. I do however, notice you rather politely ignored the contents of the post – all of which is true.

            Should you think about moving since all I ever hear from most of you is complaints about CA, about Democrats, about everything that makes California – California, I would suggest a state more inline with your beliefs. States whose pols make it difficult for the tepee dwellers to vote.

        • Measure B

          Al, the topic of discussion is Measure B, not Trump, not Republicans, not Dr. Gordon. So, YES or NO on B??? Tell me so I know what to vote on this.

        • Catholics For Trump

          Holy Father, please forgive Al for his many SINS – his HATE against you and your Church, his HATE against Burbankers who support Councilman David Gordon, and his HATE towards Republicans and our chosen leader, Donald J. Trump. May you grant him repentance that he may not Burn in Hell for eternity with the sexually immoral, swindlers and all liars. Amen.

          • semichorus

            You must be talking about Trump there in that last line.

          • Al in SoCal

            I see your outreached arms giving comfort to those you disagree with all the time – that’s why you childishly boo people on Tuesday nights? Right?

            I have nothing to be forgiven because I see the REAL sins of our voting population – like the absolute HATRED of immigrants to the US. Please don’t try to rationalize .. we know know what it’s about and we know just what you represent.

        • Anonymous

          I just love how Al rationalizes things, a rather sick mind he has. Just who says everyone that disagrees with you is a Republican ? Oh I forgot Al you think that. Face facts I am a Democrat but I am not a corrupt or blind one like you are.

    • Yolo

      I along with alot of America will pop a bottle of beer tomorrow night while watching Trump win. You have no idea how many of us see the entrenched political establishment sell us out, call us rats and deplorables and suck us dry with taxes. You have no idea how much of America is ready to end the establishments kool aide party.

      • Al in SoCal

        Deplorables was really right on target. I’m not sure why anyone was offended – wasn’t Donald Trump (past tense – because he’s over now) all about being non-PC? Do you need your safe-space to run to as people tell you exactly what you are without the need for the protection of one’s feelings (Trump’s recipe).

        • Anonymous

          When anonymous 3 was blogging, you were rather subdued. Was he taking your negative spotlight? I see that you are really stepping your nasty thoughts up. Spew more hate. Get it out of your nasty soul so you can at least be mildly relatable.

    • Screenlander

      Hey Bob, Thanks for coming. Traitor!

      • Corn Flakes Only.

        Fruitloops should be able to get Mike Elman to read the Tea Leaves
        for him.
        MORE than one time too many Bob let the Good Folks of Burbank DOWN.
        Into the dog house with you, and enjoy Bric’s Ramp.

      • Al in SoCal

        So – do you ever not end a comment without a lame name calling? Matches the intelligence level the man you are voting for tomorrow. Now – when you use the word “Traitor” are you talking about Republicans who have a newfound love of Mother Russia?

    • Robert

      Thanks for the warning, I see that Bob Frutos sign and wonder what he will give away at our expense next to his favorite developer friends.

    • No fan of Frutos

      Frutos for City Council, he will make every developers dream come true and screw every citizen !

  15. Burbank Democrat

    I’m a lifelong democrat and these people don’t represent democrats — they only represent 4 or 5 people. I’m VOTING NO on Measure B and encourage every Democrat and Republican in Burbank to Vote NO unless you want a Mini-LAX. If Measure B passes the next name will be the Hollywood International Airport.

    • Al in SoCal

      Local issues usually cut across political lines … the name choices were terrible. Reminds me of the name “Camelot” when the valley was thinking of ditching LA.

  16. Anonymous

    “Burbank Insider
    November 7, 2016 at 2:39 pm
    Rumor has it they’re planning to run Roger’s sidekick Harrop for Council next year.”

    Oh goodie, a weenie roast! His acerbic fb posts alone will sink him faster than the titanic. Please, oh please, let him run!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Irwin Fletcher

    So, if no tax dollars will go towards airport expansion, they say that those costs will come from traveller’s ticket prices? People always talk about how they use LAX because it’s cheaper and has more flights than Burbank- so how will raising ticket prices or parking prices help anything? Can’t have it both ways.

    • Jake

      pLUS Irwin they say no tax dollars but they plan to get federal grants and that’s federal tax dollars and we pay federal taxes. They lie, lie and they lie
      VOTE NO

  18. The Truth

    So glad Al in SoCal, better known as Alfred Abouslaad, has popped by the Angry Blog to share his wisdom with us all. Let’s have some fun.

    “Most Democrats, not all, are FAR more accepting of differing opinions than Republicans…Try publicly disliking Ted Cruz at an meeting of Evangelicals .. or Dr. Ben “Pyramids at Giza are storage containers” Carson.”

    Complete BS. Try putting a Trump lawn sign up or sticker on your car or walk around town with a Make America Great hat and see how accepting Most Democrats are. Wikileaks has already proven HRC and the DNC paid protestors to incite violence at Trump rallies. And no one has ever been assaulted at a Cruz or Carson meeting of Evangelicals – what a stupid, idiotic thing to say.

    “Those who say things that are OFFENSIVE should be fired, boycotted or simply not spoken to.”

    GO crawl into your safe-space precious. You just offended me so you should be FIRED, boycotted and not spoken to. And “Hi” Mike Nolan.

    “no doubt psychologists are examining the small & insecure people who are voting for Donald Trump.”

    Small & insecure eh? Like you and Golonski? Psychologist are examining those who in the weight of overwhelming evidence are still voting for the most corrupt pathological liar ever to run for President, HRC. That includes anti Wall Street Bernie supporters and Never Trump evangelicals.

    “You might have gotten the Trump-like Optometrist in, but you’ll never get more than 2 on the council …”

    So Gordon is Trump-like? I see where this is going. You just gave away the anti Gordon campaign strategy. Good luck with that. The only similarities between Gordon and Trump is they’re both outsiders hated by the establishment. Drain the swamp.

    • Make America Great Again

      Al in SoCal, I know you’re afraid of a Trump Presidency but don’t be. He’s probably not going to deport YOU, just young male Muslims from Syria and Iraq who haven’t been properly vetted and hate America. And maybe some of your illegal alien friends at the local Home Depot day labor center, but only if they’ve committed a crime. And He LOVES Gays! The Clinton Foundation pay-to-play scam took Millions from Saudi Arabia and other places where you would be Stoned to Death. But Republicans and Evangelic Christians are the biggest threat to America in your eyes..that and Global Warming. Don’t worry, if Trump does win you can always move to Canada. And you can take Golonski with you!

  19. Carlos A

    Election Day … Let’s do this

  20. Steve

    The Burbank Democratic club is a joke. Remember seeing a video posted by Peter Murserlian when he tried to visit one of their annual picnics in McCambridge park with a camera to ask Mike Gatto a few questions. Mike didn’t want to talk, so they have their THUG Kevin Harrop stand in front of Peter’s camera to block him from filming. This is in a public park mind you. Then Dave Dobson tells Peter to F-off and throws his water bottle at the camera. Peter calls the Police, Gatto sends a letter to City to try and get Peter fired…total BS. Then Dobson runs for school council with Tabet. What a great example he is. These are the people who gave us Golonski Gabel-Luddy and Tabet. Most Dems don’t want to have anything to do with them.

  21. Deplorable Juan

    Deplorable Juan just got out from voting for Donald J Trump and NO on measure B. For our country and for our future we need to unite and send a message to the establishment. We the people. #MAGA

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