Desperation Time: Burbank Leader tries to masquerade an opinion piece as a news article


We weren’t big fans of Dan Evans back when he ran the place, but he would never have pulled such a blatantly hyped-up stunt as this:




The sky might fall! The sky might fall!

We’re not going to get into the specifics of this faux news article about the supposed history behind Tuesday’s vote. There’s not one declarative statement in it that’s true, and it all obviously comes from the boosters’ propaganda sheets. The paper even adds a few more historical lies to the mix — we’re especially fond of how “beloved” the old-fashioned stairway boarding has suddenly become to this group of local shills and outside business interests, not forgetting about how this same crowd has always reviled it as the No. 1 reason why we need a new facility.

Look, even if you think we need a new airport terminal, there’s no doubt that this proposed Measure B “agreement” is not a good deal for Burbank. It gives away ALL of this town’s discretionary power over future airport development, and in return for only a temporary limitation on “gate” numbers but a 50 percent increase in actual terminal size. For starters.

Twenty years ago the courts handed Burbank a great victory over control of the newly vacant Lockheed B-6 property. Let’s not give it away so easily or so permanently. Just this predicament alone is reason enough to vote “No” on Measure B.





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20 responses to “Desperation Time: Burbank Leader tries to masquerade an opinion piece as a news article

  1. Anonymous 3.5

    Gee the Los Angeles Times building could be damaged in a quake. Should it be replaced ?

  2. Anonymous

    Anybody that looks for the Burbank Leader to get any news needs help. That paper is not a news source. The self appointed important people like Brick and Luddy don’t want us reading this blog because they want to fill us with their importance reading that stupid society page in the BurbanknLeader. Read this blog for the real news.

  3. chad

    This was an unfair campaign from the get-go where monied interests completely out-maneuvered people in opposition to B. We were all mailed glossy pamphlets supporting the damn thing and 200 grand was spent to rush it to the ballot. Political favor and cronyism was in full display here. I am struck by the people who came to Council meetings in favor of B. They tended to be the rich and those who have something to financially gain, Georginos, or former power brokers like Mary Alvord. The people who came out in opposition to B tended to be “average” working people who had a genuine interest in trying to preserve some measure of control over their city and didn’t seem to have much to gain politically, economically, etc.. aside from trying to preserve property values I suppose.

    • Chad, you’re right about the makeup of both sides. Many of us on the no side have spent hundreds of our own dollars fighting this let alone scores of hours shooting videos, going door to door. What do we have to gain? I can tell you from my perspective I wanted to take a stand against B because of the arrogance of our city council (Gordon not withstanding). They are giving way too much away and are participating in the “sales pitch” for the Measure and refusing to answer questions now that people are paying attention. I want a new terminal personally, but cannot support this level of deception. The best thing about this activism, win or lose we are fired up for the election in February.

      • Anony Miss

        Burbankviewpoints, your comments are just so great. The paragraph you typed should be read by anyone who cares anything about Burbank. You even said that you personally want a new terminal but you want to be able to trust your representatives. This airport situation is showing the public that if you don’t agree with the people making decisions in Burbank, they will (as a group) do whatever they have to do to get their way. This issue has been handled the way most smaller issues are handled in Burbank. The residents are ignored and scorned until they go away or lose. This situation however, required that they get their “Heavyweights” out of the closet. They are so angry that the residents have a chance to overthrow their desires. It should not even be on the ballot yet. People should not be expected to cast an educated vote until they are totally informed!
        All those residents at the past city council meetings posing questions was astonishing. The city council answered people who were inquiring about other matters and virtually ignored the residents. I’m actually surprised that there is not more of an uprising over this.

  4. Anonymous

    And the problem is that the media is for sale to the highest bidder. Pay the price and the media changes the news story to whatever you want.

  5. DixieFlyer

    Questionable that the follower is still qualified to carry Legal Advertising from ANY agency or person.

    They now print only 5,000 copies and have NO racks.

    Saturday they had all pictures above the fold on the front page.

    Then a political ad (FOR Measure B) for the bottom quarter.

    Inside (page 2) one-half page ad for Measure B.

    Where-o-where is the NEWS?????

    You must subscribe to the LA Times to get a copy.

    • CornFused

      I was raised in a “newspaper” family and when I see the struggles that industry is facing, I always feel kind of sad. Just seeing the whole business running out of time. But when you see how easily they’re manipulated by power/money, not so sad any longer.

      The Leader’s been gone for a while now. It’s just an opinion piece for sale to the “most influential” bidder no matter the message.

      The “MyBurbank” article last week was a laugher as well. Some little local news source that seems to see some cash it can grab.

  6. chad

    You’re right DF. Yesterday’s Leader look like a children’s coloring book on the front page.

  7. Michael P.

    The Burbank Leader hardly prints any
    Criminal activity in Burbank anymore !
    They used to . Why so little now?
    F.Y. I.
    What I’m writing started on October 17th
    Approx. 2PM. on a quiet afternoon in
    Magnolia Park.
    A lone young black girl in her twenties
    Went into Bell Cottage located on the
    Corner of Lima & Magnolia Blvd.
    The girl was in the shop checking out
    Designer Necklaces and Bracelets on
    Tables for hands on viewing . The store
    Owner noticed her scooping up the
    Necklaces and bracelets and dropping
    Them into her bag ! The owner got
    Intimidated when she realized the girl
    Knew she was being observed taking
    The jewelry. She ran out of her store
    Next door to “Junk for Joy.” She told
    Them that her store was being robbed.
    Call the police! They called it in then
    ran outside to see the girl get into a
    New white car with dealer paper
    Plates on it! The owner from Junk for
    Joy estimated the heist between 5000.
    And 7000. Dollars! Three weeks later ,
    Mums the word ?? Nobody on the
    next block has a clue about this
    Mega Heist!!!! Ashley on her What’s
    Happening in Magnolia Park news
    Letter that approx. a month or so ago
    said a single bracelet was stolen from
    Bell Cottage and made a big deal
    About it? But not a word about
    The Mega Heist ?
    I think Ashley Erikson has a duty to
    Inform all the merchants about
    Crime happening in Magnolia Park!
    Also, where’s FRONNIE??? She’s
    Now a merchant in the area impacted ?
    I also just read an article in the
    Los Angeles Daily Newspaper!!
    Not the Burbank Leader?
    The paper posted an article about six
    Burglaries ending on the 20th of
    October . Here’s the list of businesses
    Broken into and burglarized.
    1)Store to door liquor Deli
    3801 W. Magnolia Blvd.
    2)Gondi Thai Restaurant
    4017 Riverside Drive
    3)Century Dragon Chinese Restaurant
    3711 W. Magnolia Blvd.
    4) San Marcos Coffee
    401 N. Glen oaks Blvd.
    5)Papa John’s
    904S. Glen oaks Blvd.
    6) Tony’s Deli
    1100 block of Magnolia Blvd.
    Don’t you think all merchants in
    Magnolia Park vicinity should be
    Informed ?
    Is Ashley snubbing the majority
    Of Merchants?

    • Mr. BurBUNK

      Just read details of these burglaries online. Three businesses were hit and then three others were hit a week later. I’ll bet the three businesses hit last had no idea about the first ones getting hit the week prior. No chance to be extra cautious. Forget the neighborhood watch meetings. This is a perfect example of so many authorities dropping the ball. Business owners should not have to dig deep to get information. This is utterly ridiculous.

  8. Voter

    As I recall, the soil report for the airport was that it was less likely to have earthquake damage than the media district where all the high rises were built. I forgot the name of the soil, but there is no liquifaction at the airport and it’s everywhere in the media district and magnolia park.

    Just another scare tactic! Probably better tear down City Hall too since it’s really old if you use that analogy.

    • Robert

      When they tear down city hall make sure Luddy, Talamantes, Fritos and Rogers are inside and go down with the not so earth quake ship.

  9. Taxpayer

    Yeah, maybe if that is the new criteria, because it is old and not safe for earthquakes, maybe Warner Bros and Disney would have to tear down all their old buildings. And, I guess any old homes and apartment buildings built before the new earthquake standards would all have to be torn down. That would really cause a stink, Cusumano has a bunch of old commercial buildings and apartment buildings that would have to be torn down. I guess all of Magnolia Park and downtown business districts would have to be torn down too, even the mall.

  10. Kip

    The news is right here and on Burbank Viewpoints. Forget the media and let them go the way of the dinosaurs


  11. Dennis

    Anonymous ! Don’t forget Talamantes ?
    He is the public ring leader on Tuesday nights.
    He’s a no conscience abrasive thug !
    Looking down on everyone who opposes
    “Measure B”. It’s disgraceful how he tries
    To Bully Dr. Gordon. Who fights for all the Burbank residents asking important questions about measure B during public comments. They’re being snubbed by the
    rest of the city council members? Except for Dr . Gordon ! Thank god he
    Is thick skinned. He rolls with all the punches Talamantes hurls at him!
    Next FEBRUARY, Talamantes needs to be voted
    Out of city council and ran out of town on a
    Rail ! Talamantes is as big a pompous Ass Hole
    as Gary Brick ! Who we all know Gary is a few bricks
    Short of a full load!

  12. The dude

    Shame u would speak about the former mayor that way, he did a great job some years back. Maybe u should follow the yellow brick road…

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